1. Salvatore

    3d Game artist

    hello my name Luigi Salvatore Rao, and i am a 3d artist from canada. i have good Understanding of many 3d art tools, from ZBrush, Substance painter, substance designer, world machine, Topo gun2, Photoshop and and unreal, i have been modeling for 3 years and been a blast most of the time. i have...
  2. LordLuigi

    my 3d Demoreel Luigi-rao

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g425yU22ZbUcZIq6z_77GyLDiJ92wfQb < video demo reel luigi-rao.com my website to view models and environments i have made
  3. Terricon4

    Dropship Time!

    What's better than running into battle on foot? Flying into battle on an aircraft! What's better than flying into battle on an aircraft? Dropping into the battle from SPACE! With that general mindset and the idea that the gatestriders would likely be doing lots of regular transportation to and...
  4. Terricon4

    Heavy Omniframe model (probably animated later)

    Among (many) other things I had started work on the omniframe, and decided to do the heavy set of exterior armor/feet/hands first. Was figuring I'd wait to rig and animate it a bit before I posted it but... I feel like I'll be distracted and that that might take awhile so.... here. EDIT from...
  5. Terricon4


    Just some stuff I started this/last weak (I forget). Messing around with possible ideas for THMPR movement/animations. EDIT: Updates from later posts in thread (this might get kinda long) ----------------------