1. Soul

    Blast from the past: Brontodon King [Firefall]

    I was looking through some of my old content and stumbled across an old video of mine from Firefall! Thought I would share, was fun to see the game back when it was thriving again. Also happened to be using one of my favourite classes, the Dragonfly!
  2. Remixthispurple

    Em-8er Update April 2021

    Hope you all don't mind me posting these updates here. Feel free to DM if i'm violating any TOS. Hope you enjoy!
  3. SeductivePancake

    Em8er Missile Full Demo (No Commentary)

    This is my Demo Video but also a performance benchmark for those of us who don't know if they should support the game based solely on their hardware. As stated on the video title, im using a GTX 1050ti 4GB GPU, an AMD A10 7800 CPU, and 12GB RAM This is how well the game looks and runs with...
  4. SirSoda

    Video Media/Game Trailer Creator

    Hello! My name is Karmine (aka Soda). I'm a student from Ontario Canada interested in creating video media, such as trailer's, particularly for video games. I am greatly interested in doing so for Em8er. I really appreciate what the team is doing here. I was a huge fan and backer of firefall...
  5. Silv3r Shadow

    Firefall - The Scarlet Dawn [Video] + [Bonus Em-8er demo!]

    Hope you all enjoy, watch till the end and Happy B'day Grummz! Feel free to like/sub. Ps. looking for other games with replay features also, suggestions? ^.^
  6. Terricon4


    Just some stuff I started this/last weak (I forget). Messing around with possible ideas for THMPR movement/animations. EDIT: Updates from later posts in thread (this might get kinda long) ----------------------