Video Media/Game Trailer Creator


Jul 28, 2016
Ottawa Ontario Canada
Hello! My name is Karmine (aka Soda).

I'm a student from Ontario Canada interested in creating video media, such as trailer's, particularly for video games. I am greatly interested in doing so for Em8er. I really appreciate what the team is doing here. I was a huge fan and backer of firefall and was sad to see it get run into the ground.

I wouldn't be asking for any kind of pay, but instead for it to be treated as a form of internship. With the proper tools provided such as a freecam and some sound/music assets, I could put together some pretty awesome gameplay trailers to be put on steam, social media, or other online platforms. Again, I'm not asking for any form of pay, just the experience and opportunity to work with some dedicated developers who have a vision.

A vision that I'd like to help you show the world.

All I ask for is a freecam, and a chance.
My portfolio can be found here:

Karmine (Soda)