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  1. HeineSnow

    HeineSnow Active Member Base Commander Omni Ace

    Watcha think? Sorry if I made it un-announce as a doodle. ;) 14114779_984863794944774_3865854261970366955_o.jpg
  2. HeineSnow

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  3. HeineSnow

    HeineSnow Active Member Base Commander Omni Ace

    These aren't official, I'm having a lot of fun modelling its. Cheers~! Enjoy!
    Side note: It model with Autodesk Maya 2014 ;)

    Ember01.jpg Ember02.jpg Ember03.jpg
  4. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    Darn good stuff!
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  5. HeineSnow

    HeineSnow Active Member Base Commander Omni Ace

    You're welcome ;)
  6. PlzBanMe

    PlzBanMe Gatestrider Ember Moderator

    If you don't mind me asking what is your polygon count at?
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  7. Nakiato

    Nakiato Moderator Ember Moderator

    The cell shaded look makes these models look flipping awesome. Great job!
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    DARKB1KE Well-Known Member

    Those chains are going to be a real problem rendering anywhere in the game (what are they attached to?), I wonder if it's situational art.
  9. NanoTechnician

    NanoTechnician Emberite - THMPR - Deepscanner

    I thought the chains were like it's broken free from where it had been created in that realm and now float freely. Perhaps the alien was incarcerated and now has escaped captivity.. the possibilities :)
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  10. HeineSnow

    HeineSnow Active Member Base Commander Omni Ace

    Come to think about it, I haven't got the chance to check my polycount yet. lol

    Thanks, I too particular love those like style of render.

    We could make the low poly chain with simulated physic, without melting a year 2000-ish generation computer. ;)

    I base it on the original artwork, might need to ask the artist why it was there though. For me, I just think it to amphasive the energy contain in the creture itself. :p
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  11. DARKB1KE

    DARKB1KE Well-Known Member

    Yeah but that guy in the picture transforms into this beast, meaning he can walk anywhere he wants. This is the alien race's "beast mode"
    We can have this discussion in another thread, I think it'd be best :)
  12. SunderPlunder

    SunderPlunder Well-Known Member

    0_0 this is some cool sh1t mate!
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  13. HeineSnow

    HeineSnow Active Member Base Commander Omni Ace

    Thank XD
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  14. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

  15. Nubilus

    Nubilus Gatestrider Base Commander

    Very awesome models you made there!
    Is this a hobby of yours or are you actually working as a 3D-Artist?
  16. NightStroke

    NightStroke Deepscanner Base Commander

    @Grummz looks like that's some of your modeling costs out of the way! :D
  17. NightStroke

    NightStroke Deepscanner Base Commander

    They could simply be treated like capes and scarves in other games(e.g. Warframe's synadanas). They would just carry momentum and swing idly based on movement.
  18. ObsoleteVodka

    ObsoleteVodka Active Member

    That looks sick man, great job! I only have an issue with the worm-like tail, i believe something in the lines of the Xenomorphs tails would work better. Just my two cents. :)
  19. Btabc

    Btabc Active Member

    Hmm... what do I think? Does "I hate you so much right now" sound good?! ;)
    LOL Jk, good job, Heine!

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