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  1. HeineSnow

    HeineSnow Member

    To answer your question previously, I've check the poly count it around 111k with chain included.

    Thank you! Usually a proper model will take a longer time to complete, since this was a doodle and wasn't constrain by the modelling principle. It took about 6 hour to make a no UV map model and poseable rig build.

    3D-Artist and a Rookie Lecturer in the same field. ;)

    Yeah, I really love Xenomorph tail too. The tail design base solely on the illustration, would definitely like to take on the alternative changes. ;)

    Thank you! Looking forward to see your work too.
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  3. HeineSnow

    HeineSnow Member

    Thank you
  4. Btabc

    Btabc Active Member

    Heine, you make it really hard for me to hate you... you know that?! ;)
    LOL Thank you, I look forward to blowing you out of the water with my tribal designs!!!!! :D

    P.S. Looking forward to more of your things :)
  5. HeineSnow

    HeineSnow Member

    Bring it on! Cheers~! XD
  6. HeineSnow

    HeineSnow Member

    Should I made a 3D Version? XD

    Of cause I won't 100% similar if the part hinder the bending joint. XD
  7. Btabc

    Btabc Active Member

    we get it... you're good at this!!!! XD
    I'd say the first and second one I'd probably sculpt. I don't know about the third one?!
  8. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    Whoa you are killing it with these sketches! I Look forward to seeing a 3d model of any of them.
  9. HeineSnow

    HeineSnow Member

    I would love to sculpt them if the software wasn't a pain on my little pc. XD

    I'm going to start making them, while everything still hot. ;)
  10. Maven

    Maven Boss Boss Max Kahuna

  11. neonserge

    neonserge Well-Known Member

    I like them all and would say make them all...yeah i am greedy :p
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  12. Deso

    Deso Member

    Guess who's back! Back again. :)
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  13. neonserge

    neonserge Well-Known Member

    welcome back today is a good day
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  14. Joe Solo

    Joe Solo Well-Known Member Ember Dev

    Looking really good!
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  15. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    Oh snap! Art praise from the mighty Joe solo.

    That's no small thing....
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  16. HeineSnow

    HeineSnow Member

    Thank you ;)
  17. Joe Solo

    Joe Solo Well-Known Member Ember Dev

    NP, Your gestures when you layout a drawing looking pretty solid too. I construct my drawings similarly. Keep on arting it up!
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  18. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

  19. NightStroke

    NightStroke Active Member

    Just curious if you have already modeled the whole thing would Kern be able to import it and use it as a headstart on modeling the omnimek? Great work btw.
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