1. HeineSnow

    HeineSnow Art Related??

    Watcha think? Sorry if I made it un-announce as a doodle. ;)
  2. NightStroke

    NightStroke's Sketchbook

    Newest art! Whenever I get excited about a game and the ideas behind it, I usually draw stuff from either concept or notion. My first entry is my design of the omniframe, based on Kern's description of the mini-mech that Kern describes it as in the discord channel.The idea is that the omniframe...
  3. Btabc

    Tribal Designs + More

    So I decided to go ahead and post what I'm going to be doing.... tribals *gasp*!!!! I know... shock LOL. This thread will serve as a corner for what I'm going to be doing. I've already started "tatting" up a "personal" MEK-A thumper and so far it's looking interesting. I was also thinking of...