One more month until world war 3

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    If that's the reason you don't want Hillary, you shouldn't want anyone. Some people wanted Hillary because she's a woman. Some wanted Trump because he's a white man. Both groups are minorities, so do they represent everyone? No.
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    I'm from NYC. I know exactly the type of person he really is. Which is why I wasn't surprised at all to see all the anti-Muslim rhetoric ripped off his website. I got a dysfunctional mayor that only won because he went to every side and promised to be their "man." People stupidly voted for him believing he would be on their side. But he can't. So of course he's pissing people off with his decisions. Trump sort of like that... except he learned how to be success at it.

    what? no... I voted for her. After reviewing some stuff she did, I figured her work weren't that bad while she worked for NY. How bad could it be if she was president?
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    can i ask you to walk my europeam pokemon around central park?
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    Liars liars pants on fires its one huge lie thats what i think of politics

    they do some good and the rest is aload of pies

    I wonder when the first A.I president will be president though hmmm
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    Reminds me of Gerhard Schröder in Germany. He didn't wanted to be Chancellor, he just wanted to be voted ^^
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    I believe the same applies to Trump. I'm highly sensitive. Meaning, i can read people's emotions pretty well. It's like a superpower for retards. Same reason i don't trust Hillary either. Imo, he didn't want to be president. What he'll do now, is anyone's guess. So far, i don't like the setup of his "fantasy political game" though. A lot of closed minded people.

    He probably has a plan but i doubt that plan is truly humanistic. Trump doesn't come across as the humanistic type. No really. "He didn't care about you", if this was the lesson learned four years from now, would this really shock anyone? In a sane world Trump wouldn't even have been considered a candidate.

    Only thing it shows, is how crazy this world has gotten.
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    One of the things that made Donald great is that he went against the establishment.

    Robbin Hood, Jesus, Jan zonder Vrees (a local hero), Moses, William Tell, Johnny Appleseed etc. Does Trump really fit in that picture? To me, he is the embodiment of the establishment. Those whom those characters fought against, not the cure.


    It's sad when the US public votes for a person, who personifies everything that's wrong with their country. Power, money and corruption.

    But... I may be completely wrong.

    All hail the king. Trump is the new Robin Hood. All hail... wait, where are you all going?
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    Rethinking the American Union for the 21st Century is worth reading as it deals with exactly why we are so divided.
  9. Sn0wfIak3

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    Eh, look at it this way, he opened the door for non politicians to become president.

    My top three presidents for the US:
    • Sam Harris. Extremely rational person, his ability to reason borderlines on the creepy. Once a hard atheist, now a "spiritual skeptic". Once a bridge burner now a bridge builder. Still very young, his mind is nothing short of impressive, as long as he could keep his personal opinions separated from his job (which he would imo) he would make for an awesome president.
    • Bill Gates. He is everything Trump pretends to be. I think that says it all.
    • Neil Degrasse Tyson. Not a lot to say about him other than that he's smart and charismatic.
    That's imo the biggest problem with politics all over the world. It is not run by nerds, it is run by bullies and used-cars salesmen.
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  10. NoahDVS

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    I don't think Bill Gates would need Trump to run first for him to be elected and I wouldn't say he's all Trump pretends to be. He's an order of magnitude better than Trump and he has more than enough resources to run a fairly successful campaign if he really wanted to. I'm not sure if he'd really be the populist Trump was trying to be and Microsoft has used some shady tactics in the past, but I'm not sure if that was while he was CEO.
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  11. Sn0wfIak3

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    Probably. It's a cool idea though. Gates as president of the US.

    One can dream...
  12. Torgue_Joey

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  13. Sn0wfIak3

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    No didn't. Downloading it right now. Trailer looks cool.

    I see the rotten apples as us, not so much the ones in power. Consumerism is to blame, not capitalism. We are spoiled. Politicians won't change sh*t. People will. That's how a virus works, it destroys you from the inside out.
  14. NoahDVS

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    I think he literally means Apple.
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    Lol. Gates is indeed probably too pacifistic but we could use a little pacifism in this day and age.

    I don't hide the fact that i'm min-/anarchistic. For the past year or so i've been forced to live a more alternative lifestyle. For one, i've been dumpster diving. The stuff you find in supermarket dumpsters is disgusting and i don't mean that literal. At first you're ashamed for doing it, after a while you begin to realize they're the ones who should be ashamed for trowing it out. I found an entire dumpsters full of soda ffs. Soda. I eat better than i did before. If you'd have a decent freezer, you'd never go hungry again.

    A friend of mine squats a villa. He simply made an arrangement with the owner and maintains his property. It's a win-win situation. Living there for like four years, rent free, giant ass villa. Guy even has a horse on the property.

    They're simple examples but they show what's imo the real problem with society. Politicians are good at blowing hot air. Everyday people however, have a lot more power to change things for the better than they think.
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  16. NoahDVS

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    Yeah, it's amazing how much is thrown out by restaurants too, though a lot of that stuff goes to food pantries and discount grocery stores. My dad lives in an area with one of those discount grocery stores and he can get premium restaurant quality food for next to nothing. The defects that make restaurants throw things out can be really small things like dents in the container, stuff spilled on the outside and being just a little past the date, but perfectly fine.
  17. Sn0wfIak3

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    The food production industry throws out food because it's "aesthetically unappealing". Insanity. It's insane, knowing that the majority of the world's population is in hunger and we, as so called civilized people throw out tons of food every day simply because it looks unappealing. Not just at the restaurant level, this starts even at production.

    The insanity of it all.
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  18. Mahdi

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    Can't argue with that Snow. I work at a bakery and if a box is damaged, we take it off the pallet and dump it. Can't send it to the customers. Nothing is wrong with the product, but into our bins we have set up to be delivered as animal feed.
  19. Torgue_Joey

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    economically: It's cheaper to throw them out, than giving it away for free. Dunno about in other country.
    But in Germany, company and such can earn extra bucks for proper sorting for recycling.

    For restaurant, there's rules (depending of typ of restaurant) and laws.
    example, if you're managing a 5 star sh*t, and don't buy grocery daily, just 1 packed meat in the fridge is enough to lose 1 star instantly.
    If you save leftover (still fresh or not), you can kiss 2 stars goodbye.

    even fast food restaurant has a law, where you HAVE to switch out vegetable and sh*t HOURLY.

    Rat/Mouse sh*t is enough reason for the "bureau of health" to close your business FOREVAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
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    I've seen the dumpsters, have been living of them for almost a year. The stuff that gets thrown away is nothing short of jaw dropping. Some of it might end up in animal food. Some, certainly not all. From my perspective it looks like very little. I could feed a village from the stuff i find.

    Yeah i agree Joey, it's simply cheaper and better for their business to throw it out.

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