One more month until world war 3

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    How to kickstart WWIII:

    1. Leave America and Britain out of the world trade.
    2. Iran gets nukes from North Korea making Middle East a nuclear tinderbox
    3. Germany/EU ROFLstomps Middle East with an army of its own.
    4. South America invades the US.
    5. Russia and China zergs the Middle East just for the lulz
    6. Every member of the nuclear club plays Global Thermonuclear War (was this too obvious for you?)
    7. Vatican decides to wipe the world floor with the help of EU
    8. Megiddo becomes a team death match map fulfilling the whole Armageddon thing that everyone feared.

    May or may not be in chronological order.
    Ahh... maybe I'm watching CNN/Fox News too much. Need to get out of the house sometimes.
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    news is depressing most of the time unless its good news
    unknown fish suspected of parting hard at mayors house

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