One more month until world war 3

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    I mean...You guys did make apocalypse bunkers, right? Like, I started mine the day he announced he was running, just in case and it tuns out it's gunna come in handy. You can never have too man chainsaws.
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    Oh wow. This topic ! !
    I must have made it a long time ago xD

    I don't really care much anymore.
    For one: I'm just a commoner like everyone else who uses this forum, so big government type stuff doesn't effect me whatsoever. On top of that, all of the other countries were just like " " ...meh " ".

    Pretty much nothing happened and nothing has changed. Still live alone, still go to the store and stuff. Meh, who cares ^_^

    I'm done here, hahaha ! ! !


    Actually I can probably make a weird, crappy proverb to explain how almost nothing has changed after the election:

    " " Though there is a new chief executive: I left the refrigerator door open at home " "

    ---- "" yeah. I'd better close the fridge. ....... Who's the president again? Bush? I haven't had to know that info for like...... 4 months. ""
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    I have to agree that as an anarchist i do agree with a lot of his points. I seriously question the place it comes from though.

    Affordable healthcare is doable, good affordable healthcare however. It's tricky. A lot of money involved.

    Bringing back jobs, again very tricky. Those jobs are over there because they do them for cheaper but this once again brings us back to capitalism vs consumerism.

    Let's take shoes for example, the shoes we buy are designed to break down fast. You could buy a decent pair of safety shoes, they come in pretty much any shape, "safety sneakers" or even "safety skate shoes" are a thing. They're barely, if any more expensive than regular shoes but the build quality is impressive. Plus, you don't want to get kicked by one, i'll tell you that.

    Maybe that's why they call them safety shoes.

    If everyone would only buy the most durable shoes, they would become even cheaper with more choices. The voice of the people. This is where i will always put my foot down. The difference between consumerism and capitalism, is the mindset of the people.

    Consumerism simply isn't sustainable and at one point, we as a species will simply have to come to terms with this.
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  5. NitroMidgets

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    The planet also needs a culling. Regardless our cancer has grown too large. Even if we all cut back our usage, a growing population wipes out any savings.
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  6. NoahDVS

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    Any time someone suggests culling a population or allowing people to die to slow down overcrowding, I can't help but think "You first." I get the reasoning behind it, but nobody will ever want to do it when their own life or a loved one's life is on the line. That is, unless they already don't respect themselves or the people around them.
  7. Torgue_Joey

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    There still a lot of peeps that "want" to die. But are always stopped from killing themself.
  8. Mahdi

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    Nitro: yes, every country should lose 30% of its pop. Seven bil is too crowded. Let's watch what happens to world issues after that takes place.

    Noah: I don't care if im part of it. And I'm quite content with my life. I know where I am going at the end of this one. No I won't respond to further talk on that, worse fight than the dumb political stuff said on here already.

    Joey: I know right? 2 the ranting gryphon had a funny comment about keeping the dumb ones alive. "if a stupid gazelle walks into a pack of lions, it's gonna get eaten." You and Nitro might literally die laughing at that dudes rants. Commercials, English and telemarketing are my favs.

    But on a serious note. Not all suicides can be stopped, but if you do know someone on the fence, just be a friend. You don't have to invest your heart and soul into saving them. Instead of asking how they are doing with a serious or concerned face, ask if they had seen a certain comedy movie. If not, ask them to watch it with you. Take them to a coffee house with two or three other people who are sensitive to hardships but can be easy and relaxed. Not a fail safe method because humans are far too individualized, but a higher percentage of positive impact than someone devoting much of themselves and forcibly turning them away from the decision.
  9. NoahDVS

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    What I was talking about wasn't suicide. I was talking about denying things like food, water and medicine, thus allowing people to die.
  10. Torgue_Joey

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    Already happening somewhere around the world. Other nation barely give a sh*t what happens in other country.
  11. NoahDVS

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    I'm aware. I'm talking about on a larger scale. This is nitpicking.
  12. Torgue_Joey

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    Large scale huh..... How you wanna support them. We barely have jobs for 40% of the World population. I'd refuse to let them live off from my taxes. You can kill 10 million in one night. Friggin world still overpopulated.

    We kill stray dogs and cats because they get over populated. Cool, can i reopen the concentration camps for the same sole purpose to humans :D?
  13. Sn0wfIak3

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    Oeh, Eugenics. Always a fun topic. A case can be made for optional sterilization for monetary compensation though.
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  14. NitroMidgets

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    The alternative is taxation for violating a limit on how many kids you have. Then we would all bitch about our right to fuck our planet into oblivion. You should pay more taxes if you have more kids, not less as we have it now.
    As far as me first. I have been in combat. I am fine with the inevitable happening. A virus or disease is the most likely system as mutations occur and we continue to damage ourselves with additives, chemicals, preservatives and radiation.
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  15. NoahDVS

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    I'm not even sure why the conversation went here. I just said that talk of purging the population is ridiculous because it simply won't work. People will be too resistant and most of the people who show support for doing it will likely end up showing the world that they're hypocrites when it's their turn. Is it that hard to get what I was saying? I'm not saying you should have to pay for everyone else. By the way, you might actually have to pay for much larger amounts of people living off the government within your lifetime, but not as a result of overpopulation. AIs and robots could do 45% of the jobs in America in the not so distant future. Your job could be gone.
  16. NoahDVS

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    They did something like that in China already, so that might work. I doubt most people want more than 1-2 children anyway.
  17. Torgue_Joey

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    Yeah, 2 kids are enough. Can speak for myself xD

    Lol can't even remember how it started
  18. NitroMidgets

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    In a galaxy far far away?
  19. Torgue_Joey

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    In a Galaxy far far away
    there was a moron named Trump
    He just wanted to be President of USA for fun
    but accidentally became the Imperator Darth Trumpatine

    but that idiot Torgue Joe just entered the editor room
    and ruined the entire f*cking panel with his stupid sh...
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  20. Sn0wfIak3

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    Yeah, it doesn't even stop there. The advances they're making in things like genetic engineering is amazing. The bio industry is incredibly wasteful atm.

    At one point we could "brew" (second, third grade) meat, oil, etc. Super efficient with barely any waste.

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