Omniframe Hard Driver Mode - NEW art

Discussion in 'Ember Art & Design Updates' started by Grummz, Sep 8, 2016.

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    This I'll reply to, when I get back home ^^
  2. MattHunX

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    But it has a bit of a bust, at least. :)
  3. MattHunX

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    Oh, just so there are no misunderstandings, the second, slimmer version isn't meant to override the first one, @Grummz . :)

    The slimmer version is how I imagine a modded frame will look like with the most basic, weight-reduction, mobility, light-plating...etc. mods.
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  4. Manwild

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    Ok. If it's no trouble for you guy's, I'm in.
    You still have an option to go permanent transparent shielding as well. Best of both ideas. Add shades of coloured hews and contrasts, while still seeing the pilot.

    If not to adopt last idea.
    On Auto. This could be a great benefit to the whole matrix of the game as an early warning mechanism.
    While in open frame, any damage you attain will raise shields, as a threat.

    Normally in most games there's an early warning glow/flash screen appearing as you are fired upon as well, if you have headphones and music playing, it's the only sign of impeding danger for those not on auto.
    Auto as Default?
  5. LupeFuentes

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    Though I am slightly saddened by that, I can completely understand it if it comes down to a cost saving reason, Therefore sadness gone?
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  6. Maginus

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    My first thought when I saw the frame was, wow that's a big frame or is it a frame. Kinda looks more like a mech.
    I cam from Global Agenda and I loved that game but didn't have enough content, so I looked around for another game that had jet packs and I found firefall and I fell in love....till recently that is. I really hope Ember is going to be something I will love but I am worried it might move in the direction of mech's rather than suites after seeing the first frame. Crossing finger's
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  7. Pandagnome

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    I too loved global agenda and firefall when it was happening.. until it went deep into an alternate dimensional orifice :eek:
    I'll have to admit that i am encouraged by the process and progress the ideas/feedback shapes how the game could be. With that said very excited by it all as a lot of us are, and we wont be disappointed because with the community putting their heads together it will be one special game just my thoughts
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  8. Krhys

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    When the art for the omniframe was first posted a lot of people commented on it some positive but quite a few negative but I don't believe anyone at this early stage actually expected it to change at all. That Grummz and his crew decided to throw in this option now was their choice. They decided to react to the feedback given and do something about it here and now. The team is very focused on their goals and while these forums are set up for feedback and ideas they are not under any pressure from 'whining' ppl to change anything.

    Besides, who says we'll have both options available in any sort of demo or mockup straight off the bat? It's great to see that they are looking at customisations in an attempt to please more players out there at this stage but all it is currently is an adjustment to an already drawn up picture that I don't believe took the really small Ember team long to produce.
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  9. Grammaton

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    Yes! Thank you! Something like this is exactly what I was hoping to see following the initial unveiling for the Omniframe. Looking good! :D
  10. eRuss

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    Cool, I'm enjoying the fact that the feed back in the forums is making a difference. raw.gif
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  11. NightStroke

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    My only wish with the omniframe is that there are more lights/glowing parts added to the frame. Something firefall did well was combine bulk with reactor lights, something that looked absolutely gorgeous during the dark nights. Watch this video:

    The contrast that the lights bring is absolutely beautiful and makes your character more visible during the night, especially with high-saturation colors for the lights.

    This is what the hard-driver mode of the omnimek would look like in a dark night. I went with the hard driver mode for the sake of argument, since it has more lighted parts than the normal version.
    omnimek lights.jpg
    Not very exciting :/

    Here is my edit with more lights and stuff :p I can attach a version without the darkness, so you can see what the lights would look like in the original lighting.
    omnimek lightseditdark.jpg
    Here is what the open-cockpit version would look like; The omnimek image i used for this one was higher quality so I worked on the head a little bit here as well.
    omnimek without shell, light edit darkness.png
    EDIT 2: Adjusted some lighting placement, got rid of most of the ring lights, and added some to the legs and wings

    omnimek without shell, light edit2 darkness.png
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  12. Astro

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    I'd love to go and accumulate all of the numerous quotes from a few certain people that spanned multiple threads, from the initial release of the original image to this one, especially one that I read that said they wouldn't fund the game because an open omniframe mek was just too unrealistic, but I no longer have the desire to try and explain to anyone the point I was trying to make.

    Grummz and Ronyn already settled my concerns.

    End of discussion.
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  13. Mahdi

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    I'm not big on orange, but this is sexy as hell looking. I like how you kept all the lights to the black only. Nice combo while leaving the orange as an accent.
  14. Btabc

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    If I remember correctly they weren't meant to provide "lift", but instead give a gliding ability? I understand where you're coming from and I like your ideas, but just thought I'd comment on that part :)

    Also... sorry if this has already been answered... I have not had a chance to read the rest of the posts
  15. 203

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    ✀ SNIP
    Those appear to be "ballistic" wings, like on a bomb shell or a jet fighter's cannard wings.

    I always thought of those as "hardlight".

    We don't have any models yet, of course they artist won't be happy if the majority wants retractable flaps when he didn't include it, but we should sit back and wait a bit longer before we ask questions with the pitchfork.

    My 2 cents
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  16. Bl4ckhunter

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    Same thing, lift is the vertical component of aereodinamic force, gliding downwards is just what happens when the lift is less than the weight force, otherwise you have an altitude increase, everything depends on the thrust/weight ratio, what can make you glide can also make you fly with appropriately increased thrust, you don't really need wings either as technically you could fly with pure thrust but drag (the horizontal component of aereodynamic force) is essential to stabilize flight asset and that's what those wings are for i think.
  17. 13umbleBee

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    This reminds me that despite all the technology we had in firefall, we did not have frames with working night vision enhancements
  18. Krhys

    Krhys Player One

    Yeah, the recon frames were in desperate need of this! Maybe a module of some sort for the omniframe?
  19. 13umbleBee

    13umbleBee Emberite

    where did you think the term "Chosen Sniper Mortar" came from?

    lol..the AI was so strong that once you got tagged, they are able to hit very accurately you across mountains and you had no way to disappear :)

    ah..good times.
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  20. Despair

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    As long as i can play a female character my mind will be at ease
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