Official Firefall-Esque Weapon Requests Thread

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Ronyn, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Biz

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    Since no one else seems to want to post it:

    Bolt Driver aka *Bio*Crossbow (* - Rail/Gauss if propelled by electromagnets instead of preasured gas)

    Very accurate weapon that fires fast-moving, physical projectiles (hallow bolts) with a slight arc. Static targets as far as 150meters away can be hit accurately and consistently, on moving targets one has to adjust the aim ahead of the target to hit it. Magazine size varies from 12 to 24 bolts. Rate of fire is low - 750 ms between shots, but damage dealt by every bolt is significant, rivaling that of sniper rifles and possibly some directed energy weapons.

    - Reloaded by inserting new set of bolts into the internal magazine.

    - Weight, hardness and shape of the bolt's shell gives makes them superior as penetrators, easily piercing hardened shells of xenofauna, releasing their payload once set depth is achieved or time after impact has passed.

    - Length of the bolts should make them less prone to yaw in dense substances. Also making it possible to fire in, out of water as well as underwater without losing much of the projectiles energy.

    Method of propulsion can vary from electromagnets to pneumatics. Bolts themselves can be used to deliver everything from caustic chemicals to harmful toxins to the target without lessening their ballistic properties. If you feel particularly evil you may even infect the target with nanites that multiply inside of the target by consuming its flesh as raw material for their own creation, dealing exponentially more damage as times goes on or until suitable raw materials in the vicinity of the entry point are consumed, leaving a gaping hole where bolt struck the target.

    Secondary fire removes the delay on the impact fuse inside the bolts thus turning each bolt into a miniature explosive, that showers the target with shards of the bolt's shell as well as giving a chance for the internal payload to spread over a wide area.
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  2. Earth_Soldier

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    Cerebral Bore!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Description: It was a ball with a drill in it and when launched it would seek out an enemy and latch onto their skull drilling out their brain.

    I know it's not a FireFall weapon but I have no idea how many tons of grey matter I've drilled (pun intended :)) when using it and how satisfying it was earing that nice drilling sound , my god the eternal evil laughs of mine were great. If some similar in concept weapon were ever created for Em-8er I know it'd be my main weapon!!!

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  3. BunnyHunny

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    The reason this post was made is gone.
    Therefore... assess chaps!
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  4. ddrfr33k

    ddrfr33k New Member

    I'm going to go a slightly different route. One of my favorite weapons from Unreal Tournament 99 was the Ripper. I would love to see a weapon with ricochet mechanics in Em8er. It could make for interesting design space, especially in valleys or areas with close combat.
  5. Nalessa

    Nalessa Member

    The LMG from the Awsenal.

    I just loved that gun so much, great range, great RoF, medium damage and good accuracy and a really cool sound aswell!

    Can fire pretty precise bursts of fire onto long range, or go full auto at nearby targets.


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  6. Drakin5

    Drakin5 Active Member

    How about those Kanaloa dropped weapons like the volcano HMG, smoldering sniper rifle, inferno cannon, and what was the engineer and biotech versions?

    They had different effects though like the the sniper rifle leaving a puddle of lava after a kill and the volcano HMG had a shotgun like grenade launcher as its alt fire.
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  7. zdoofop

    zdoofop Active Member

    did anyone mention the grenade launcher? You could make that really interesting. its main fire shot one, three, or four grenades that detonated on impact, or you could even mod it so that it detonated in midair and dropped dozens of miniature explosives, and alt fire launched a timed explosive. In em8er, you could make it so that it shoots different types of grenades depending on the module. That'd be cool.
  8. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    like this?

    I loved this game so much. Everyone plays on the same level, it's only the crafting and your skills that sets you apart. So sad that the Loadout died. Playing the game didn't raise you vertically but instead gave you points to use to unlock stuff in the crafting menu which did not just give you a +1 or +2 in stats but changed how a part works in a gun. Module based crafting done extremely well. Everything was module based. Even the ammo could be altered!

    It's still F2P and apparently 127 players still play this arena shooter! Which is sad since it was so much higher way back when.
    commercial success it wasn't sadly.

    Then they added vertical progression and things went downhill. Things just got worse and worse...
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  9. Nalessa

    Nalessa Member

    I liked the grenade launcher ... and then they introduced the Rocket launcher secondary weapon, hnnngggg!!
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  10. Crystalbeam

    Crystalbeam New Member

    Not limiting the creative bounds of what weapons can be in this game, some from Firefall-inspired ones would be great.
    But if no one has mentioned, AOE type weapons would be good too.
  11. Thunderstrike

    Thunderstrike Player One

    Not an FF weapon but we've already broken the rules a few times in this thread so WHY NOT?

    The one,

    The only:



    The XVL 1456 Tau Cannon is an experimental energy weapon developed by the Black Mesa Research Facility, using electromagnetism to propel Tau particles at enemies. Running on depleted Uranium 235 (and three AA batteries?) it is one of the deadliest weapons in Half-Life, but requires skill in timing, aiming and ammo conservation to use effectively.

    The Tau cannon has two fire modes: the standard fire is a rapid-fire semi-auto shot that deals moderate amounts of damage for a high cost of the energy. While weak, it's capable of quickly taking out even armored opponents very quickly in this mode. The alternate fire charges the weapon's capacitors, storing more energy than the standard fire but with a significantly increased damage output, making it capable of one-shotting vehicles such as attack helicopters.

    The longer the alt fire is held down, the greater the damage until the weapon is fully charged. Upon release it pierces through enemies and terrain, creating an explosive burst of Tau particles on the other side when doing so. If the energy is not released in time the weapon will overcharge, killing or significantly wounding the user and anything around them (obviously not allied players and such, that's an open opportunity for griefing). According to the Combine OverWiki (here) the recoil from fully charged shots was used in multiplayer deathmatch games in a way similar to rocket jumping.


    A demonstration:

    I love the idea of experimental weapons and the Tau cannon has some really cool mechanics behind it. There's a lot that would need to be changed, especially the visual style of the weapon, but it would be perfect for the module system with possible attributes like increased charge rate, increased charge duration (charge for longer periods for more damage), lower energy costs, etc.

    If a player is being swarmed by enemies a fully charged shot the recoil could be used while jumping to knock the player back from enemies, while piercing through the horde dealing moderate splash damage as the particles build up and burst through their thick hide. At distance, it's precision accurate but with a narrow cone of fire, and takes up large amounts of energy, quickly draining reserves. It's reliable as both a primary and secondary weapon, a great pick for snipers or heavy demolitions. Due to its status as an energy weapon it could optionally run off of an Omniframe's own power reserves after expending its own, increasing ability cooldown times or disabling jets if overused. Special restrictions for Light, Medium and Heavy Omniframes could take shape from this in the event of an emergency, allowing for some attack power if all other weapons are depleted, while individual power cores would prevent Light Omniframes from going to town with a high-damage superweapon. The Tau Cannon is a high-skill, high-reward type of weapon and I think it would be a great addition to Em-8ER.
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  12. Rvali

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    I want something like the firecat weapon, but I also has fuel lines. I want to be able to set things on fire. With fuel. Or something. Splash something everywhere if I want to around my thumper and if something steps on it FWOMPH IMMA BLAST YOU AWAY WITH MY AOE FIRE SHOT EXPLOSIONS! Fire and explosions. Yessssssss.
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  13. Mahdi

    Mahdi Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R.

    Torgue, you didn't say you had a cousin around here.
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  14. Drakin5

    Drakin5 Active Member

    There are a lot of good stuff of ideas down here ranging from a giant vacuum blender to weapons harnessing the elements.

    That said, why not an actual weapon, but a pet? Maybe a trained kaiju/tsi-hu under your command?
    This one's a stretch, but you get the idea.

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