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    When I first started playing Firefall (end of February 2013), my favorite two frames were the Firecat and the Mammoth. Don't ask me to choose, that's like choose between two types of chocolate, lol! :D

    Here is a video of the Firecat battleframe from August 1, 2013 (as close as I can get to when I started):

    Here is a video of the Assault weapon I liked using on the the Firecat. The "Plasma Canon" the date is January 20, 2014 (as close as I could find):

    Here is a demo video of the Mammoth battleframe and the gun I liked using, the Plasma Mini Gun, from April 15, 2013:

    I would like to see something along the lines of the Firecat and Mammoth weapons in-game. These two were my favorite frames when I first started playing because of the AoE plus freedom of movement from the Firecat and because of the tank-like, kill 'em all feel from the Mammoth.

    It wasn't until a year or two later when I stopped hating the Recon frames because I learned to use them and pretty well, I think (thanks to IAmJohnGalt)! I won't get specific about their weapons (mostly because I can't recall which Recon weapon I liked most), but I do know that I'd like to see some kind of sniper weapon with a scope feature in-game too.

    I hope these are specific enough; as it has been so long since I played, I've forgotten most of the details. But I might be able to coax Wyntyr into commenting if more detail is needed (he's better at that than I am). ;)

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    Plasma Cannon.

    One of my favorite versions was the first iteration C0wb0y made. Not everyone liked it but it was overall well received by the testers.

    This was around the time he ruined Firecat for me but i didn't care as i loved what he did to the plasma cannon and the Assault. (They changed it right before launching the update).

    The triple dot alt fire (thermal cannon) was also a lot of fun and great for "death from above" playstyle.

    Fusion bow.

    I always liked the idea for the Fusion Cannon to be more like a bow.


    A pull and release mechanisme to control the DPS and DPR would be a cool addition i think.

    Dual wielded guns.


    What's not to like?
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    for a second I thought this said disco bow. I must be very tired.
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    dragonfly - both versions of the bio-rifle (with heal/link beam) loved the sound effects of primary fire
    mammoth - heavy plasma machine gun
    firecat - the old gun :)
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    what i'd like to drive is a medium omni with 2 P90 SMGs. i like the look of that SMG and if different types of ammo can be used, that's it for me...tyvm...oh, yeah, and twin swords/axes for melee...

    something along the line of this

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