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  1. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    Greetings Reapers,

    As you know, Em-8ER is being built on the same founding principals that Firefall was originally based on. Em-8ER is both the spiritual successor and the evolution to the core idea. Loking back, many of us have different opinions on what was the best time, best version, best feature and best area of our beloved firefall. One thing we can all agree on is that there were some amazing weapons of all sorts of varieties on the battleframes in Firefall, so lets dig into that!

    So here is the plan. TELL US which weapons you'd like to see for the Omniframes in Em-8ER.



    Each weapon request requires a clear description, visual representation and preferably a video displaying it in use.
    Any requests without sufficient description or visual representation will be deleted to keep this thread clean and organized, as the devs looking have limited time to search. So lets do this together. Lets be as clear as we can to get our favorite weapons in this game!

    There were many different versions of firefall. A single weapon may have had five to seven iterations over the lifespan of the game, so when you mention a weapon we need as specific information as possible to know which version of it you mean. That is the best chance we have at being able to recreate it. We cannot promise that Em-8ER will have any particularly weapon, but we do promise to look closely at these requests.

    There is some more info in the spoiler below, or go here to the web site or here to a vision book section to learn more about them!

    Em-8ER is a true shooter that requires skill! Players can succeed by crafting and building frames and bases - but players who want to test themselves can use their skills to maximize their abilities. The THMPR encounter is designed to reward skill by granting rare resources for “pushing the limits”. Similarly, many weapons and abilities have an additional skill based component. Higher twitch skill, reflexes, and timing will give extra benefits to using many of these weapons and abilities.

    Omniframes are lightweight MEKs (Mechanically Enhanced Kinetics) that are fast and agile. They can jump-jet, skim, and glide over long distances. Omniframes are needed to battle the strong and fierce Kaiju that attack regularly. Omniframes are the only line of defense capable of protecting a human from being shredded or bitten in half. Omniframes are upgradeable and collectible. Players can have as many as they can build, outfitting them in different ways for different mission roles.

    Instead of confining players to “classes,” Em-8ER lets players define their own role. Players start by selecting one of the three frame-type variants: Light, Medium and Heavy. There is a common pool of crafted upgrades and components shared by all frames, as well as collections of upgrades and components that are exclusive to each
    frame-type. Building an Omniframe may remind players (loosely) of building a small “deck” for a collectible card game.

    A: There is no leveling in Em-8ER. Instead, advancement is more about giving the player options, rather than huge power increases. You can level up your Omniframe’s abilities, weapons, and armor as you progress - both individually and as you help advance the world state.

    Abilities and weapons are arranged in tiers. Each tier gives more options, and sometimes more powerful upgrades, to craft. Players unlock tiers by gathering resources and using them to reach higher tiers up to the maximum. The maximum is determined by how far the players have progressed in the world goal.
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  2. EvilKitten

    EvilKitten Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    (copied from


    Key components:
    Extremely accurate (back in 0.6-0-7 it was the most accurate weapon outside of a scoped sniper rifle) out to medium range. It did moderate damage per shot but made up for that with a fairly high rate of fire. This weapon was the perfect support weapon for picking off smaller mobs while remaining at a tactical distance and still be effective. Secondary weapon was by default a close range shotgun blast which used up multiple ammo rounds bit inflicted significant burst damage.

    (can't save a specific time so skip to 3:19)

    One thing to note in particular...when I say extremely accurate, the reticle is a single pixel dot that barely gets large enough to form a circle under sustained fire mode. It is in essence a scopeless sniper rifle.
  3. ShikuTeshi

    ShikuTeshi New Member

    I don't know how the PvE aspects of EMBER is going to be like but if it's going to have a large mob density, then I would like to see something similar to the Heavy Plasma Machine Gun in Firefall.
    It's basically just a Minigun with explosive rounds with a slower rate of fire than all the other machine guns in its class with hard hitting shots that explode on impact. This makes the weapon very effective at clearing a large density of normal mobs but is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to dealing with boss type enemies.
    The projectiles are also one of the more range limited projectiles in the game. With a slow velocity and a pretty steep bullet drop rate, it makes the weapon difficult to use at long range.
    In Firefall, the weapon also had a secondary function as a shotgun to compensate for the poor single target damage, but it just didn't feel right.
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  4. vernes

    vernes New Member Base Commander

    I so loved the engineer's manned anti-personnel turret.
    If that skill became available you knew that a sudden surge of attackers would no longer be the end of your team, it mean it was time to plunk down your manned turret and spray the swarm down with some soothing bullets.
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  5. Jag

    Jag Member Kaiju Slayer

    It has to be... the engie rifle. This is however more of the form of the weapon rather than the weapon itself - so although it may not be exactly what was asked for, I felt this was still something I'd want to bring up.


    The driving factor for this, at least for me is the feeling of how the weapons are attached to the frame rather than being a weapon that could simply be dropped, and the animations that are involved with this.

    The specific form of this weapon, be it used as an arcing energy weapon, assault rifle or a shotgun - either way I would love to see this in place. It is more of the structure and animations of the weapon that made me fall in love with it.

    Unfortunately there aren't any specific videos regarding this animation but it is rather simple where it just mechanically rises from the arm of the would be mech.

    The weapon itself would just follow the standard characteristics of a normal assault rifle, shotgun, grenade launcher... whatever the case may be.
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  6. luigisnipes

    luigisnipes Emberite - Firstclaimer

    I love mammoth
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  7. NightStroke

    NightStroke Deepscanner Base Commander

    Firecat Fuel Thrower
    (its not the thing in the thumbnail, but rather the first weapon showcased) at 55:13 and 56:49
    The alt-fire spews patches of oil that can be ignited by the primary fire. The fuel can be sprayed directly onto enemies or the ground. The primary fire is a stream of fire that does strong damage with a short range(both fuel spraying and fire throwing are about 40m). If an enemy is hit with oil and gets ignited, they take DoT until the fire extinguishes (this can be extended by reapplying oil).

    Additionally, the weapon has an overheating mechanism. The primary fire does high burst damage but if it is held down for too long, the weapon overheats and is unusable for a duration, as seen in this video
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  8. luigisnipes

    luigisnipes Emberite - Firstclaimer

    but with a better Aoe dmg or more spread in the sence the splosion should be bigger in FF that boom nvr hit any one else.

  9. Solid_Snake3133

    Solid_Snake3133 Firstclaimer

    I would love to have a large magazine weapon for suppression fire to support like the LMG that was used on the Arsenal Frame from Firefall. (Low Damage, Medium Fire Rate, High Magazine Capacity)
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  10. Mahdi

    Mahdi THMPR Inbound - Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    Give me my anchor point on a base wall and turret mode with my heavy frame.

    Thank you! And good night baddies.
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  11. DinsdaleP13

    DinsdaleP13 Firstclaimer



    Since we're going to be able to melee, we might as well have some melee weapons. A stick would be perfect. They're brown, heavy, and their bark is worse than their bite. I imagine they'll be pretty rare, at least to start off with. Plus, they have multiple uses. Ball stuck in a tree? Stick it. Not sure if an animal is dead? Stick it. Having trouble climbing that snowy mountainside? Stick it. In the following video, you can even see the beautiful Rutger Hauer use one for its God given purpose.

    (Skip to about two minutes in. I can't get it to jump to the right time for some reason)

    Remember kids, don't bring a knife to a stick fight.
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  12. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    Bio-Injector (shares model with Bio-Needler)
    Pinpoint accuracy, low fire rate, low mag size, low recoil, medium dmg, potent and long DoT
    Secondary: healing injections with pinpoint accuracy, medium heal and increased ammo use

    was quite awesome for my biotech dmger build.
  13. zdoofop

    zdoofop Terraformer

    wrong thread. Plz like my post on the abilities thread if you want turret mode in game.
  14. PIghead Elderberry

    PIghead Elderberry Active Member JUMBO KAIJU SLAYER

    I have mentioned this in other posts, but I had not video of it.

    I also really enjoyed this original Nighthawk rifle with the HIGHLY rewarding "pop" at the death of the enemy. I never found that the AOE damage really did much in most circumstances, but I LOVED the "pop" at the end for one shot kills.

    It was super super super rewarding to have one shot kills with the glorious "pop" as the dead enemies exploded at the end.

    The HKM for a long time had bugs such that it did not detonate properly when it hit or it would pass through things like Brontodons and explode behind them - so the HKM was not my favorite because it was so long broken. In principle, the HKM was also fun, but with the slow slow shot time the HKM for Raptor was sooooooooo much better than the NH HKM looked bad in comparison for damaged and AOE room clearing.

    The "shoot, die, pop", "shoot, die, pop" repeat repeat repeat was wonderful!

    It was slow and methodical shooting from afar - and it was a pure joy to perform.
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  15. PIghead Elderberry

    PIghead Elderberry Active Member JUMBO KAIJU SLAYER

    I really liked the Bioneedler. I do not have a video, I fear.

    It had a nice feel to it and the little sound effects and visuals matched up perfectly with the feeling that it was indeed a 'needler'. It felt really agile. I liked the shotgun alt fire (could have been a bit more powerful).

    That captured with the sound and visuals a nice overall feeling of a little 'pew, pew, pew' bio gun. It might return perhaps as a SECONDARY WEAPON like a BIONEEDLER PISTOL BUILD?

    Would that be possible, to see this guy return as a secondary weapon pistol?

    I would like to see this guy a secondary weapon pistol BUT with the alt-fire of the Bio-Injector!

    This hybrid "NEEDLER INJECTOR" could be a wonderful side arm for everyone to keep in their side pocket a little pistol that can "pew pew pew" with the best of them for some DOT chemical damage and then be switched to the alt-fire for some on the spot healing.

    I propose the:


    Primary Fire: Bioneedler
    Secondary Fire: Bio Injector
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  16. luigisnipes

    luigisnipes Emberite - Firstclaimer

    Yes i agree 1000% with you that pop meant EVERYTHING!!!
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  17. Ill

    Ill Deepscanner

    Would love to see a weapon similar to the Beta-era Nova/Plasma Cannon make an appearance. Only definitely not with the super-slow, direct-moving alternate fire - Just give us a charge up shot that creates a larger/higher damage explosion (at the cost of reduced fire rate/charge time, increased ammo cost) and the players will make money with it.

    The Arsenal's Shoulder Rockets and Combat Shotgun were pretty sweet. The latter definitely needed a far smaller ammo pool, but it felt very right in terms of recoil/damage per shot.
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  18. 0V3RKILL

    0V3RKILL Terraformer

    I wouldn't mind seeing this guns again.

  19. Serevn

    Serevn Firstclaimer

    Charge Rifle anyone? That weapon with Raptor was fun as heck. Looked pretty slick too.
    The options to fully charge it, rapidfire it, or anywhere in between was appreciated. Going from sniping into rapid firing death gun with Overload/ Power Field was great.
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  20. PIghead Elderberry

    PIghead Elderberry Active Member JUMBO KAIJU SLAYER

    I enjoyed it a lot. It had the 'feel' of being very precise and quick which made it a wonderful contrast to the also fun NH Sniper Rifle (which was fun with the AOE pop at the end as the big reward).

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