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  1. NightStroke

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    Loved this weapon a lot. It was very versatile as a sniper weapon and felt very satisfying to use (that noise it has). The only reason I haven't suggested it myself is because the weapon came with a lot of balancing issues because of its versatility. People would always mod it to adjust charge rate in ways that made the dps peak and often led to broken gameplay, especially against bosses. The devs, if they include this gun, would need to find a near-perfect charge-to-damage equation that encouraged both patience and haste with the gun. Since you didn't include a video, here's some gameplay with the gun.

    Gun is pretty simple: you scope in, weapon begins charging to a point. The charge rifle can be fired at any point in the charging process and it will do damage correlating to its charge value. So a shot with no charge does minimum damage, a shot with max charge does the most possible damage. This makes the weapon useful against both squishy targets and big ones because doing less damage allows a faster rate of fire but the option of slower firing does the most damage. I'm not sure if I'm correct but the equation for charge-> damage was exponential; the most dps resulted from when a shot was nearly charged up but not completely.

    (Start at 1:23 or so)

    (Do note how amazing that sound is)

    Some versions of the charge rifle allow the weapon to charge while hip-firing, which made the weapon useful for non-sniping purposes (especially when it came to the raptors ult). Earlier versions of the rifle restrict charging to scope-only, which I think is the better choice (So hipfiring just shoots a minimum-damage round) . If charging is allowed out-of-scope the weapon becomes useful at every single range against every single type of target because of the charging variable. My vote is to keep charging limited to scope.
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  2. Terricon4

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    Fusion Cannon

    My most loved gun would probably be the Fusion cannon, from the later versions of Firefall (once it was fixed post 1.6). While there were other fun and more unique guns, the Fusion Cannon was a great weapon that offered a medium rate of fire, high damage, and fairly good accuracy, with just a little AOE. It was the gun that did it all, and since it could also head shot it had the potential to be one of the best weapons for a skilled player, while it's aoe helped it still work for the less accurate, though at less than ideal levels of damage.

    A lot of it just came down to the feel, its projectile was fast but not instant so you did have to lead the targets enough that skill was involved, but not so slow as to be unusable against mobile enemies at range. This was key to letting you exloit your frames mobility since you could find the best range to engage at for any given enemy and then move to what they were weak against (assaults did this in general, but the others had shorter maximum effective ranges).
    It's damage was extremely high with the headshots, but given the projectiles travel time that took serious skill at ranges, and the general body shots were still quite competitive if you were consistent with them. For being less accurate or able to predict targets at range the AOE was quite small and had a low dmg, so it could be hard to use without proper focus.
    The rate of fire was fast enough that it felt like a steadily firing auto cannon, more than like a slow one shot weapon like a bolt action sniper rifle or such. This speed, that wasn't too fast but not too slow made for a very satisfying pacing when firing and timing your shots. Enough time to aim each shot, but short enough that it doesn't feel slow and you are pressured to aim quickly.
    It also had some projectile drop, not a lot but if you engaged at longer distances, it did have to be taken into account. The result was a weapon that very much could reach and hit targets at extreme ranges, but that required skill to do so as long as the targets were moving, especially if you wanted the headshots.

    All in all, lots of things to be focusing on and paying attention to while using this gun, everything from player range, the target, their movement, their critical spot, my ammo, how much health they had left (single shotable without a headshot or not and so something that can push you to gamble on that one riskier shot, unlike miniguns and such you don't plan that part in you just hose them down till they die, trying to aim it towards the head the whole time). And while having all of those parts, it still was usable in almost any situation so unlike sniper rifles I wouldn't end up feeling pressured or out of position/useless when at the wrong distance/situation.

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  3. MattHunX

    MattHunX Deepscanner


    Okay, bear with me, here. Keeping it brief. Up there is the Shock Rail, yeah? We all know how it worked in-game. For Em-8er, I imagine something very similar, both in terms of looks and function. A bit slimmer on the bottom part that attaches to the forearm, perhaps. Less bulk.

    Here's the twist. No illustrations necessary, hopefully. The top bit, with the rotating parts, that is also the gun (could be more pointy), could arch/snap into a energy-sword for melee attacks, in a moment's notice. Energy would envelop it to form a small barrier around it that would be the blade of the sword, obviously. The part that does the damage. One moment, the weapon could be firing similarly to the Shock Rail. Accurately from the hip. Perhaps an alternate, burst-fire or AoE spherical/bubble blast when in iron-sight. But it would have the ability to snap its rotating parts/joints into place (arching a bit, maybe - like a curved-sword) and immediately generate an energy-field, so it then could be instantly used as a melee weapon, essentially making it an energy-sword. Then it could loosen up to turn back into a ranged-weapon, swiftly, fluidly, as fast as e.g.: Omni-Blades can form/flash-forge in Mass Effect games, without any loss of flow or momentum mid-combat. As the animation for our character/frame would play, winding up for either a fast or heavy melee strike, the weapon would snap into a blade, energy surging through it, then hitting the target, all within a second or two.

    Keeping to my theme of 2 weapons in 1, besides the possible alternate firing-mode of an omni-weapon.

    And something similar to Charge-Rifles. Must.
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  4. AdmiralStryker

    AdmiralStryker Firstclaimer

    I'd like to see the Rhino(from Firefall)'s Laser HMG in this game.

    The weapon's primary fire never changed over the course of development. It fired medium ranged hitscan shots at a high rate of fire. Of all the Dreadnought-class weapons, the LHMG had the best DPS. The shots had a longer range than the traditional HMG, but they had a damage falloff.

    My main proposed change is with the alternate fire. Originally, you held down the right mouse button and a beam of energy fired from the weapon to a short range, dealing high damage at the cost of high ammo consumption. The damage was almost never worth the ammo consumption though, and the alt-fire only saw use if you didn't have time to charge the weapon or whatnot.

    I'd like to see the alt-fire changed. It was called a laser lance previously, but I want to see an actual one. I'd like to see it be changed such that it maintains and fires a beam of energy-shorter ranged than before-but with more manageable ammo consumption(or draw on the Omniframe's power core). The damage would be about the same, but what this would do is literally gore enemies. You'd only be able to fire it with an enemy in your crosshairs, but once fired, it would lock you and the enemy to each other for as long as the beam is maintained, dealing continuous damage. Neither of you would be able to take actions(bosses/Kaiju being the exceptions), but the user would be able to move.

    Even moreso, I want to see that lance work on Kaiju. Who needs a grappling hook when you can impale a Kaiju's hand and use it to get a free ride onto its back?
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  5. Jansin3

    Jansin3 Terraformer

    I really liked whole recluse weapon concept.
    Left click for fast precise high damage bolt and right click for aoe gas cloud that had lifesteal.
  6. Meower

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  7. BunnyHunny

    BunnyHunny Deepscanner

    No auto aim, no lock onto enemies.

    Either an energy beam that simply hits one target, or an energy beam that can chain to other enemies, after hitting the initial one.

    Would be cool to see the 1.5 alt fire for that weapon as well.
    It was a forwarding shield that would pop up instantly and absorb a relatively low amount of damage and has a max duration of something like 2 seconds (cooldown of something like 6sec).
    If the shield gets destroyed within its duration, the weapon releases an explosion, dealing damage and knocking back enemies within a cone in front of the player.
    The shield did not disable primary weapon fire and looked like this:

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  8. AdmiralStryker

    AdmiralStryker Firstclaimer

    Considering the frame was the Rhino, I'd agree with removing the lock on/aim and keeping the "gore" functionality. But considering that this weapon is going to be more for heavy frames, I think the shield would be the best(especially if equipping this weapon requires you to not be able to use an offhand shield).
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  9. PeknietyJerzy

    PeknietyJerzy New Member

    Recluse weapon was so original and it would be great if you add it in EM8ER too. It may be on a principle that you deal less damage with poison aoe gass but you have to move well if you want to kill and don't be killed. Sorry for my english.
  10. Kailow_Krow

    Kailow_Krow Firstclaimer

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  11. Soul

    Soul New Member

    Biotech Bio Rifle

    Gun spotlight starts at 1:00. This is the version as I was familiar with it. I used it constantly on my Dragonfly throughout my entire time playing dragonfly (up to max level and beyond). Very useful weapon and highly effective healing/combat utility. It was able to provide supplemental healing to multiple allies when your abilities were on cooldown (short range on the secondary fire, but as a Dragonfly you were moving around a lot anyway so it didn't matter).
  12. Biz

    Biz Member Kaiju Slayer

    Since no one else seems to want to post it:

    Bolt Driver aka *Bio*Crossbow (* - Rail/Gauss if propelled by electromagnets instead of preasured gas)

    Very accurate weapon that fires fast-moving, physical projectiles (hallow bolts) with a slight arc. Static targets as far as 150meters away can be hit accurately and consistently, on moving targets one has to adjust the aim ahead of the target to hit it. Magazine size varies from 12 to 24 bolts. Rate of fire is low - 750 ms between shots, but damage dealt by every bolt is significant, rivaling that of sniper rifles and possibly some directed energy weapons.

    - Reloaded by inserting new set of bolts into the internal magazine.

    - Weight, hardness and shape of the bolt's shell gives makes them superior as penetrators, easily piercing hardened shells of xenofauna, releasing their payload once set depth is achieved or time after impact has passed.

    - Length of the bolts should make them less prone to yaw in dense substances. Also making it possible to fire in, out of water as well as underwater without losing much of the projectiles energy.

    Method of propulsion can vary from electromagnets to pneumatics. Bolts themselves can be used to deliver everything from caustic chemicals to harmful toxins to the target without lessening their ballistic properties. If you feel particularly evil you may even infect the target with nanites that multiply inside of the target by consuming its flesh as raw material for their own creation, dealing exponentially more damage as times goes on or until suitable raw materials in the vicinity of the entry point are consumed, leaving a gaping hole where bolt struck the target.

    Secondary fire removes the delay on the impact fuse inside the bolts thus turning each bolt into a miniature explosive, that showers the target with shards of the bolt's shell as well as giving a chance for the internal payload to spread over a wide area.
  13. Nalessa

    Nalessa Active Member

    The LMG from the Awsenal.

    I just loved that gun so much, great range, great RoF, medium damage and good accuracy and a really cool sound aswell!

    Can fire pretty precise bursts of fire onto long range, or go full auto at nearby targets.


  14. Drakin5

    Drakin5 Well-Known Member

    How about those Kanaloa dropped weapons like the volcano HMG, smoldering sniper rifle, inferno cannon, and what was the engineer and biotech versions?

    They had different effects though like the the sniper rifle leaving a puddle of lava after a kill and the volcano HMG had a shotgun like grenade launcher as its alt fire.
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  15. zdoofop

    zdoofop Terraformer

    did anyone mention the grenade launcher? You could make that really interesting. its main fire shot one, three, or four grenades that detonated on impact, or you could even mod it so that it detonated in midair and dropped dozens of miniature explosives, and alt fire launched a timed explosive. In em8er, you could make it so that it shoots different types of grenades depending on the module. That'd be cool.
  16. Nalessa

    Nalessa Active Member

    I liked the grenade launcher ... and then they introduced the Rocket launcher secondary weapon, hnnngggg!!
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  17. Crystalbeam

    Crystalbeam New Member

    Not limiting the creative bounds of what weapons can be in this game, some from Firefall-inspired ones would be great.
    But if no one has mentioned, AOE type weapons would be good too.
  18. Rvali

    Rvali New Member

    I want something like the firecat weapon, but I also has fuel lines. I want to be able to set things on fire. With fuel. Or something. Splash something everywhere if I want to around my thumper and if something steps on it FWOMPH IMMA BLAST YOU AWAY WITH MY AOE FIRE SHOT EXPLOSIONS! Fire and explosions. Yessssssss.
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  19. Mahdi

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    Torgue, you didn't say you had a cousin around here.
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