Firefall Credit Program - Em-8ER to offer full credit for founder packs

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Jan 26, 2017.

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  1. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    Now that's funny.
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  2. Crynidemth

    Crynidemth Deepscanner

    @Grummz Some friends who last played firefall about a month after launch, are having an issue with their accounts. When logging in firefall forum, their accounts creation date is shown as today, and as such are unable to claim the Veteran reward. What should they do?
  3. STARSBarry

    STARSBarry Firstclaimer

    thanks for the currency, question do you plan to do any packs for this game and iff so would it be possible to use the currently towards those?
  4. AkiraTea

    AkiraTea Deepscanner

    Thank you for this Mark. I really missed the Firefall as it was in Alpha and Early Beta. When thumping was the core and skills were key. Ready to hop on board again with you to see the game we all saw FireFall should have been come to life.
  5. Bolverk

    Bolverk New Member

    Looking forward to the new game, I loved the old versions of FF. I first started in Nov 2012, playing on a open day (Thanksgiving weekend iirc) then buying a founders pack for full time access. It was money well spent at the time, I still play FF, but its more because I really enjoy the movement and mobility combined with the sandbox world and world events. I could probably do a huge write up of the things current and past in FF versions that I liked and didn't like, especially the advancement and crafting parts.
  6. CrabyCake

    CrabyCake Gatestrider

    You guys are awesome for doing this. Really looking forward to this game.
  7. boundary

    boundary New Member

    Well this is one way to get our attention I guess, still salty about not getting my custom gun made for the resource donation event though (also being listed as "artographer" on the leaderboard) *shakes fist*
  8. Carter154

    Carter154 Member

    Got into FF too late to be a Founder. But claiming vet status worked like a champ.

    Great stuff. Thanks.
  9. JoKeR

    JoKeR New Member

    I'm having a bit of trouble where I logged into my old forum account, flipped on the show founder status, i have visible posts, but it's not picking it up activating here. Anything I can do?
  10. NightStroke

    NightStroke Deepscanner Base Commander

    Thank you for this Grummz.
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  11. elrik95

    elrik95 New Member

    Thank you so much for this.
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  12. General_sTORe

    General_sTORe New Member

    This is a very generous offer and I'm interested in partaking in it! However, I'm slightly concerned about what Red 5 might think about this. Is there a possibility legal repercussions could come about due to our linking to this forum on our Firefall accounts, as well as posting in the off-topic section regarding this promotion? I'd hope the worst they could do is ban our Firefall account, but I worry they could potentially get nastier (at least, from my very limited knowledge about the law).
  13. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    It would be really weird to say "your honer, the defendant took a free offer from my competitor, therefore I am suing him"

    As a former law school graduate, I can assure you you're fine. They could ban, but that's about it.
  14. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    There are many things we can't control. And The9 has messed up the Firefall boards before. Check with @Xeevis in the support channel in the am. Maybe they can work something out.
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  15. Windsar

    Windsar New Member

    Want to say Thank You for this offer. Linked my account with no problems at all. Looking forward to the future.
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  16. General_sTORe

    General_sTORe New Member

    Okay thanks! I thought it wouldn't likely be an issue, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks again for doing all of this, and good luck on getting the game completed! I hope you'll be able to see your vision better fulfilled this time around. :)
  17. Mahdi

    Mahdi THMPR Inbound - Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

  18. Rogilam

    Rogilam Firstclaimer

    This is cool, thank you.
    though i am having an issue getting it to take my founder status. I get to the reward tier and it is not able to verify. i do have my founder badge set to show. any help would be great.
  19. Genobee

    Genobee New Member

    Eh, it happens. I used to play a game called APB. I won a custom gun in it, much like you did on the old Firefall. What I received was a placeholder (albeit a really good one! Thank you a ton if the guy who is responsible ever reads this and knows what I'm talking about) until the actual custom gun could be completed. Sadly they let most of the team go shortly after. From there on out a lot of ideas drifted off into the ether. My custom gun was one of them.

    ..and now I'm all kinds of annoyed for different, yet related reasons. Really used to enjoy being involved with it from a volunteer perspective. A number of my ideas were implemented into the game. A few of which were even monetized! Not to mention countless other memorable moments that are under a rather scary NDA. Such a fun time. Miss it immensely.

    Anyways I don't want to clog up this thread with my stupid ramblings. TL;DR: sometimes life sucks and things go south. I know how it feels. Sorry to hear about it.

    Wonder if once EM-8ER gets further along they'll create some kind of contest reward exclusive skin or something. Right, right... said I'd stop with the moronic nonsense.
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