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Jade Isentry

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Aug 2, 2016
Does anyone remember the name of the Ares Squad in the beta version just before launch (when the story and lore were still good) that ran through a bunch of the instanced story missions with you? And what were the names of their members?

You know, the cocky squad who's leader was full of herself, but was down on her luck until she started hiring 35 to tag along.


Nevermind. I remembered some, and was then was able to find the rest.

Outfit: Devilhawks
- Hobbes (Assault - Sassy squad leader who thinks she's smart, and isn't)
- Frank (Dreadnaught - Big joking gunner who everyone thinks isn't smart, but is)
- Fade (Recon - Devilhawk tech expert who hears all, says little, and never loses her cool)
- Horus (Biotech - ???)

Ahh yes...
"Frank's Sidearm" - The gun I really wanted to like, but that never quite performed satisfactorily.

Ares 35 (a.k.a. My namesake character, Jade Isentry): Furiously grabs Hobbes and Fade by their necks and slams their heads into the ground.

Frank and Horus: Raise their guns at 35 with shouts of alarm.

Aero: "35! What are you doing? Stop! The're jerks, but..."

35 (Jade): "You. HACKED. my. OPERATOR!" Lifts them and smacks them down again to emphasize each murder-dripped word.

Aero: "35! It's OK, I'm not THAT offended about the Midas!"

35 (Jade): "The Midas? Phhh... They HACKED you! NO-one violates you like that and gets away with it!"

Aero: ...

Fade: Tearfully choke's out, "I'm sorry... *hack* ...didn't... want... to..."

Hobbes: Glaring furiously, claws at the hand on her throat with one hand, while trying unsuccessfully to reach for her cannon with the other where it was hurled into the snow. When that doesn't work, tries clumsily to pull her secondary from behind her back.

35 (Jade): Releases Fade. Rips the gun from Hobbes's hand and boots her into Slingshot's dropship with a look of loathing.

Hobbes: Glaring back with bulging mad eyes as everyone climes in, "Never hiring YOU again!"

35 (Jade): Still holding what Hobbes lacks (a gun), withers her with a look that might melt steel and clearly seems to say, "You'd BETTER not."

Next time we see the devilhawks... all dead in Blackwater Swamp...
and Jade weeps softly.

Author's Notes: Jade Isentry was a female character. I made up this short story clip back when I was actually playing that mission (the one in the video).
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Jul 27, 2016
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Jade Isentry

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Aug 2, 2016
We need a Firefall role playing forum for all of us who still feel invested in Firefall's story, setting, and general lore. Why do we not have one? :confused: @Ronyn ? Please?
Hmmmm...sounds more like a fan run forum to me...
Yo! I started something for this in an effort to bring back some of the fun from the fanfic and RP section of the old Firefall forums. Maybe help preserve a bit of its story legacy while we're at it. Here's a linky to my first firefall content on Questionable Questing:

--Melded Horizons [A Firefall Fanfic]--

I'd love to see more Firefall content show up there (fanfics, quests, roleplays, etc.)
Come join me all you fellow ARES mo#$%&fu#$er's! We got some creative writing @$$ to pulverize!