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    ((FUCK. I got a bit lazy and tried to copy-paste the header off you, forgot to change the name. :oops:))

    Carson | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    "If by 'ride,' you mean the clunker Ziggy rented to get me here, I don't think we'd get far on her." He chuckles lightly, still maintaining a face indicative of the serious matter at hand. He slots the comms back into his suit, and tosses his magnum up by the barrel, catching it by the grip and setting it back in its holster. With the idle movements beforehand, his magnum appears well-charged, as marked by the fact the chamber hums a high, resonant blue.

    "So, let's talk local critters. I figure something's lurking around if someone's calling for help."
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    ((you bunny-modding bastard =P))

    Bradley | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    Bradley shoves open the door to the rear of her shop. She presses a button beside the door as she walks through, and the front door locks from the inside--any occupants could leave, but not re-enter. The security system also activates: a call would be sent to local authorities should any store item be touched out of hand, and a turret system would sprout from the ceiling above the counter. It would spritely disable the thief by projecting a pair of electrified prongs, similar to a real-life conducted electrical weapon, and then lethally by means of a pair of machine guns should the thief persist.

    The workshop proper (that is, the primary space in the building beside the storefront) is actually quite well-organized. A hoverbike hangs suspended from a slew of ceiling cables, its underbelly exposed. Work tables lay pressed up against a far wall, with all sorts of advanced diagnostic and repair technologies laying on top of them. A scrap heap lies in one corner, and the massive hull of some sort of vehicle takes up most of the room in the huge work space. The hull is bare and wires poke out of every orifice. Bradley's personal hoverbike, with a large "E.B." decal on the side, sits patiently near the almost hangar-sized rear door.

    "The main problem we'd face is molehounds," Bradshaw replies as she makes her way towards her 'bike, "a nasty resident of this planet that hunts in packs and loves to ambush T.H.M.P.R. teams. I'm guessing that they'll be what we're up against." As Bradley makes her way through the workshop proper, she picks up a pair of SOLIS Mark V handguns and her machete from an impressively-stocked gun rack. "They shouldn't be too difficult to take care of, though."
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    Duke/Shawshank Mechanics

    Seeing that these people were apparently about to go on some sort of rescue mission he counted himself out. Walked out the door took a seat on the area just outside and waited. If this was how you were going to treat a potential customer than he supposed he could take his business elsewhere but from the shops he'd seen this one appeared the most capable. Not to mention that bradley kid knew their stuff. He would be waiting then, keeping his eyes on his datapad and any possible job listings or opportunities, and also up on the street for any passersby who looked interesting.
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    Carson | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    "Duly noted." He peers around Bradley's workshop as she's preparing things, nodding in appreciation for what he's seeing; this woman surely keeps a fine stock. He does a quick diagnostics report on the suit systems; solid 97% efficiency across all modules. "So you said we're looking at multiple points, ah?" He asks as he checks over the finer specifics of the diagnostics report. "Don't know if we should separate to cover ground, but the idea's still there if you're okay with it."
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    Bradley | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    "Oh, the two locations are only a few minutes away," Bradley replies. "At least, on my 'bike they are." She steps over to a row of lockers and opens one. "Again, if you've got any sort of transportation that can go around three hundred kilometers an hour, then be my guest." She smiles over her shoulder at Kleiss. "But I doubt it."

    Bradley sets down her weapons for a moment to pull up her coveralls and zip them up. Reaching into the locker, Bradshaw brings out a solid black bodyglove and slips into it, boots and all. She struggles a bit to get to the zipper on the back, her short arms flailing behind herself. "Mind giving me a hand, Car?" she asks, embarrassed.
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    Klaira | Shawshank Mechanics

    For days she's been looking for a simple job. Money's not really an issue right now! She just feels it's time to...not spend all of it in one sitting. Even if it means for survival! Something with decent pay and possible benefits doesn't seem like to much to ask for!

    ... Shawshank Mechanics? Well, she's not entirely knowledgeable with machinery, a crappy engineer assistant... at best... Well, gotta at least try!
    She approaches the building with a positive beat in her step! That is until she stepped on someone and fell on her knee. Frantically, she turns around and her eyes finally focus on the little she can see from the man that she literally stumbled on. He must be wearing a coat or something, it's difficult to tell...
    Klaira springs to her feet and tries to help the man get back on his.

    "Oh my god! I am-I am so sorry! Are you hurt?? I didn't even see you, I'm so sorry, sir!"
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    Duke/The Burrow: Shawshank Mechanics

    He was minding his own business when he suddenly felt a crashing figure on top of him putting his data pad down and looking up and narrowing his eyes. Sighing very deeply he grumbled under his breath as she offered to help him back up and simply gave a shake of his head. "Im...fine and how did you not even see me Im sitting right here..." he says looking up into her eyes before taking a closer look noting that they weren't...normal...they glowed, actually looking mechanical which raised quite a few questions.

    "Never mind that, you okay? You fell over me not me over you." He stood now towering over the young woman and looking down at her. "And what exactly are you doing here anyways?"
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    Carson | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    "Aaaah...eerh.." He sucks in a breath of air to relax himself, ignoring the awkward atmosphere and helping Bradley with the zipper. "One second there." He takes the top of the zipper and holds it in with a finger and thumb, whilst the other hand zips it up. Fairly simple, though seeing the lady looking embarrassed about it can't help but cause Carson to mirror the same embarrassment on his face.

    "Figure we'll want to get moving quick," he mentions to get back on-topic. "I'm sure whoever's sendin' out that distress would appreciate we hurry."
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    Kavadas / The Burrow > Outside of Shawshank Mechanics

    After finishing the offload and inspections of what felt like a never-ending stream of vehicles and gear from the transport, and getting himself cleared through customs, as well as his own personal stuff, the spritely-looking mechanic found himself walking along the streetside, duffel bag slung over one shoulder. He found himself walking and taking in the sights, noting some of the shops around town, and paused for a moment when he saw what appeared to be a mechanic's shop, and a fairly disgruntled-looking person outside of it, fumbling around with a datapad. He wandered over towards them, a mixture of curiosity and sheer-dead tiredness seeming to move him along.

    "Hey, uh, got a question for ya, boss."

    His tone seemed friendly, and his voice could not have sounded any smoother, or suave, though he hoped he didn't sound concieted. He'd had problems with his accent and voice tone in the past, and his brief time in the military didn't give him a lot of confidence in his 'I'm not yelling at you' tone of voice.
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    Bradley | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    Her blush was faint but visible, and she nodded a thanks to Kleiss, not trusting herself to speak. She finishes assembling her armor silently: attaching the UHMW polyethylene composite plates to the bodyglove, stepping into the armour's boots (still wearing her own regular combat boots--the size of the armor was clearly not designed for someone as slight as Bradley, as there are several stitch marks across the bodyglove where fabric had been taken off to accomodate her small size), and sliding on the pair of armored gauntlets.

    Carson speaks, and the awkward moment is past. "Figure we'll want to get moving quick," he mentions to get back on-topic. "I'm sure whoever's sendin' out that distress would appreciate we hurry."
    "Yeah, absolutely." She begins to walk at a brisk pace towards her hoverbike, her boots clanking on the concrete floor. "Need a helmet?" she asks, offering an extra one of hers. It comes equipped with a comms system, already linked to her own helmet's.
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    Larulir | The Burrow | Medeana's Inn

    She was unpacking her things and let run her holopad through the signal frequencies on whim. She lifted one of her ammo boxes out of her bag. It was pretty light, she guessed that it was almost empty.
    Bad for her, she had to get some ammo soon or she would be out of bullets to ruin someones day. She sled the box next to the wall under the window, and put the other box on it. Then she reached for the holopad, there ways only some chitchat on the frequencies, she didn't care about chitchat... but about that frequency filled with disturbing statics that froze her blood.
    Three short, three long, three short, a SOS signal.
    She shook her head and sought with one hand in her pockets for one of the many holopad-modules. She fetched a small module with a blue lamp and sticks it to holopad and lays it aside. She equips her webgear, puts the magazines into the pockets, grabs the holopad, the bag and her helmet, leaves and locks the room and runs of with just one "Cya!" for Medeana.
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    Duke/Outside Shawshank Mechanics

    Waiting for the girl he turned his head looking over to the other man who looked dead tired, dusty, dirty. Mechanic looking type and gave him the once over with his eyes to make sure he wasn't some sort of Bounty hunter or official. His hand not too far from his pistol but making no sudden movements towards it either. Accent didn't throw him off any, you didn't travel this much of the galaxy or other galaxies and have a problem with the way people spoke.

    "Yeah? what can I do for you?"
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    Carson | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    "I'd be fine without it," he notes, "but you can never be too sure." He carefully takes the spare helmet, flipping it about in his hands. "We used to ride Screechwasps back on Sothor all the time without helmets; wasn't the safest thing, but it was helluva rush."

    He sorts out his front from his back with the helmet, sliding it on and tapping at the in-built comms. "Testing, Uno, Dos, testing."
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    Bradley | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics Garage

    "Reading you loud and clear, amigo," Bradley replied, donning her helmet. Suddenly, the petite, bright, and dirty mechanic was replaced with a petite, armor-plated, and militaristic young woman who looked as though she were nonetheless wearing her mother's armor. The proportions of the helmet and other gear, while corrected to fit, were nonetheless markedly... off.

    She climbed astride the hoverbike and began throwing switches and pushing buttons. In a few moments, the 'bike was humming with a faint but insistent vibration.
    "Climb aboard, Monsieur Kleiss. Your destination--er, two destinations--await." Her helmet's tinted opacity switched off at her command, and although you couldn't see more than her eyes, the smile in them was crystal clear.

    ((btw, if you want one of the locations to be specific at all, lemme know. I just don't really know what you've got in mind right now))
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    Carson | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics Garage

    "Alright, good." He does one final equipment check, drawing his weapon and faux-aiming it at the wall. He does a quick test of the propulsion on the back of his suit, the very small and almost unnoticed jets giving him a bit more of a kick to his jump; his armor has a somewhat worn-in look, a natural thing to have given it's been with him for years now. Looks good, he thinks to himself, setting his weapon back in his holster.

    Walking over to the 'bike, Carson does a pat-pat against his own helmet to signal he's ready. He then straddles behind on the seat behind Bradley's, trying to sort out a place to rest his hands. Perplexed, he can't help but ask, "Ah, stupid question, but where do I hang on at?"

    (Detail helps! You can, but by all means shouldn't feel you need to! :D)
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    Bradley | The Burrow

    "There are these nifty handles right h--" she cuts her sarcastic comment short, realizing what her passenger actually meant. "Uh... around my waist," Bradley replies nervously. The smile in her voice returns as she says, "Just don't get handsy. These things buck like a mule if you stop 'em short."

    She gives the pedals at her feet a few gentle presses. The engine hums excitedly as the 'bike rises into the air a few feet, dust billowing out beneath it. With a few taps on her gauntlet-mounted interface tool, the garage door shudders and begins rising, and Bradshaw releases the 'bike's brakes. The pair glide forward, out into the bright light and adventure beyond.

    ((okay. would you prefer to direct Bradley as to the first location? she'll drive where you tell her, so don't feel like it's bunny-modding if you have the travel time in your post))
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    Klaira| Shawshank Mechanics

    "I didn't mean to trip on you- I was just-.... ... -sighs- I just came here looking for a job... I was hoping someone in charge of this place needed someone to do the tedious tasks or anything really. What are you doing here-?"

    Another stranger came up to ask the person she tripped on....a question. She thought he had an interesting accent. Then again, does she really have any room to talk?
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    Zion/ The Burrow/ Old Man Nicholson's House

    Upon reaching the house, I notice the old man is not on the front porch. I can see the chair he was sitting before but he's not there. He's probably inside. Walking to the front door, I knock it a couple of time.

    "Old man, are you in there? I got the stuff you asked for" The door is quite rigid but the age is slowly eating it away. "Is that you kid? Alright I'm coming, This old bones can barely go any faster." I heard the old man moving to the door.

    "Alright don't push yourself old man, wouldn't want you to pop a vein just by rushing to the door" I snicker as I said that."I'm maybe old but I'm not sick, I'm healthy just so you know" The old man replied, I don't want to rush him so I just wait patiently while gazing the neighborhood. From this house I can see most of them at a shop call 'Shawshank Mechanics', something probably happen since it's quite bustling.

    I heard the door open, I turn around and saw the old man walking to his chair. "Here you go old man, the new and improve walking cane. Also the town sign." I hand the old man the cane and lean the sign at the wall so he can see it. "Ah, thank you sonny. This is very strong, quite light too." The old man appraise the cane, he looks satisfied and then gaze at the sign. " You actually make the sign? Didn't actually think you would do that." He snickered after he saw the town sign.

    "Wait you we're joking? Aww hell old man, what I'm going to do with it?" I massage my temples as I heard the old man laugh at my misery. "Heheh don't worry kid. I was serious when I ask you to make it but actually didn't think you would do it." The old man look at the sign and nod. "It's good, you really give it all you have even though it's just a normal stuff." He took the sign and put it next to him.

    "With that the deal is done, here's the location kid. Remember what I say, this locations are known to be dangerous and deadly I recommend you to go with more than 3 people." He hand me a map, a legit map on a paper instead of a data. This thing is like an ancient artifact compare to our tech. But why a paper? "Thanks old man, is there anything else you want to tell me before I went to this so called 'deadly location'?" I grab the map and skim it front and back. It looks legit, and there's a small stamp at the bottom left corner labelled 'Property of The Burrow Land Surveyor'. My eyes widened at that and look back at the old man.

    "I guess you would be surprised, I was one of the surveyor back when this place was newly built. It was an easy job measuring the town and everything, finding a good place to build some foundations. Then people start to ask us to travel around The Burrow to find some rich mineral pockets. Let's just say when we reach those places things went to shit". I was surprised to hear the old man curse, he's really pissed. I want to say something but I better let him finish the story.

    "The 1st time we did it some of the creature attacked us but we only have minor injury, we were prepared for some of the hostile creature laying around if there's any that came to us. As we go on with the task more and more incident happen until we couldn't continue due to either scared of dying or traumatize."
    Traumatize? What the hell is going on in these location? I shouldn't believe an old man rambling but yet seeing his face kinda makes me wary if there's actually monster dwells in these places.

    "There's some weird creature we face on 1 of the location, I already marked it on the map so you better watch out when you decide to go on that one. We don't see the creature itself but somehow it have the ability to enter our minds and start whisper some things. Unpleasant things. It messed up most of my crew when we survey the place. That's the last place we ever did and we stop all activity since then."
    Psychic? What in the actual fuck? For a creature to have the ability to use psychic it must require a very high amount of intelligence. This is not normal. The old man just look ahead with a solemn face. What kind of things they saw when the creature enter their minds?

    "Kid if you're really going to these places, I suggest you bring a gun that can actually pack a punch without sacrificing mobility. You need to move fast and I recommend you to get the hell out of there before nightfall. Things could get much worse if you still in there." The old man look at me with a serious face, he's not joking nor he is lying to me. He's not senile as much as I wish he was. I better take this warning greatly. "Thank you old man, I better get going now while the sun is still up" the old man nod at my idea. I move out and start walking to the inn.

    A couple of steps I heard the old man call for me.
    "Kid." I turn my head and face the old man. "Be careful, I don't want to see you die just because you want to make a living. For all of it's worth, please take care of yourself." I understand his worries. "Will do, see you soon old man." I raise my hand at him and continue to walk. As I walk to the inn, my brain is working at maximum with all the information I got. There's some lifeforms in these place that no one want to find out. One way or another, I need to make a team but before I do this I actually need to go there 1st. Things will get loud and crazy.
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    Kavadas - Shawshank Mechanics

    Kavadas looked to the man, raising an eyebrow as he noted his hand near his sidearm. "Just wondering if you knew anything about this building, if they needed mechanics, stuff like that. No need to get on edge, man."

    He looked around with a sigh and pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, offering one to the stranger before lighting his own.

    "Damned company stranded me here after the offload, and I'm not much good on foot with a gun, so, fixing things is the best I can do."
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    Zion/ The Burrow/ Medeana's Inn

    Since I was too busy pondering I didn't notice I already reach the Inn and standing at the front door for a good minute or two. I notice this after I saw a couple of people gaze at me for some reason, not wanting to attract attention I went inside the inn. First thing I notice is that the lounge is cleaner, it was clean before but now it's like sparkly clean. Medeana is sitting on her chair at the counter, she's looking downwards for some reason. Probably doing some accounting so I shouldn't bother her too much.

    "Hey there Medeana, you busy?" Medeana look up and face me as I walking toward her. "Yeah, doing some numbers. I need to get this place in shape to get more customers ya know. Also do some repairs while I'm at it" She look down at her datapad again. I kinda hope that she was using books instead of that, I guess she only use some stuff for modern tech.

    "Well anyway, I'm just gonna go get my gear and head back out. Don't stress too much Medeana" I left the counter and head to my room. "Heh, my brain still works fine kid." She replied while still facing down and crunching numbers.

    As I reach my room I swipe the card at the door and the door unlock itself, I enter the room and close the door on my back. Immediately I head to the storage section on the corner of the room and pull out the guns that I want. Remembering the warning that the old man gave me, I decided to go with my Laser Minigun. It don't screw with my mobility and it still pack a punch, checking the weapon for any error I notice I lack a bit of ammo. I don't want to take risk so I have to stock up, I guess it's time to visit 'Shawshank Mechanics' and hope they at least sell some ammo. They can fix weapons so I guess they have some laying around.

    I hostler the gun at my back and take all the remaining ammo that I have, done with gearing up I head out of my room. I lock up the room and shake the handle a few times to make sure the door is tightly lock. While moving out I saw Medeana is still busy with her numbers. "Ok I'm moving out Medeana, see you soon." I don't want to stay too long so I just walk past her and head for the door. "Ok, take care of yourself kid." She replied and continue with her duty.

    As I move out I saw a lot more people gaze at me, wouldn't blame them since I'm carrying a gun with me now. Ignoring the stares I mutter to myself. "Shawshank Mechanics here I come."

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