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  1. und34dmuffin

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    Morgan/Comm Tower - The Burrow

    "No. That is all I require from you."

    Morgan's brisk dismissal of the offer for help was tossed over her shoulder as she turned around, coat clanking in the stiff breeze as she began her descent. She paused after a few steps, looked back at the man and frowned even deeper than before.

    "Tell anyone about this SHADE and I will find you and kill you. That is all."

    Seemingly satisfied with those parting words, she continued down the staircase, leaving the duster man and her expertly thrown roll of very stale and highly dense bread alone to get to know each other better.
  2. Sandersaen

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    Sanders/The Burrow

    He hadn't bothered trying to listen in on whatever was going on up there, assuming that he didn't need to know what was going on if he found something obviously important. Nevertheless, as soon as Morgan stepped onto the staircase, Sanders immediately stepped to the side, next to a small, unused service door, and busied himself with the heavy duty smart-device linked with the Grand Tiber, casually exploring a satellite view of the surrounding area to familiarize himself.
  3. SgtSavage

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    Todd/The Burrow

    He continued down the street, taking several turns at random. He was early, as usual, and it was always a good idea to take a look at the area.

    "I'm sure that you're well versed in my business practices, given that I'm currently providing a service to you and that you have free reign to browse the files on the device that you reside in currently. Other than that it might be most beneficial for you to observe and ask questions later."

    Todd checked his watch again. It was almost time for the meet.

    "I'm going to move you into my arm because I'll need the use of the tablet you currently reside in."

    He slipped the bag from his shoulder, reaching inside and locating the AI chip by touch. Todd undid the top few buttons of his shirt and inserted the chip into its new home. After putting his appearance back together he turned around and backtracked down the street towards the meeting.
  4. Karnivorous

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    Red / The Burrow / Shawshank Mechanics

    Red raised an eyebrow at Renalin's attitude, her lips then curled into a smirk as she saw a little humour in Renalin's bluntness "Wow Lucy, play nice now. Carson's new here, first impressions and all that." Red looked down at the items Renalin had placed on the table "If there's one thing you Siero's have a knack for its weapons. I've had a few pass through my hands before, always get a good price on 'um." She looked back up at Carson with an almost smug grin "And you needn't worry about anything like that mate, I have all the warrants and such, well, for most of them. Once the transactions done you'll be a rightful owner. Authorities haven't got any grounds to 'ave ya for it. I'm the one who does all the worrying, trust me..." she laughed at herself, she doesn't half get her fair share of worrying situations in her trade "...but thanks for your offer of assistance, I'll keep that in mind. Of course it's only fair I offer my hand to you, if you ever need help with anything 'round here like just give us a bell." She glanced at Renalin, maintaining her smile. She knew Renalin was aware of her trade but she didn't necessarily trust the girl. Still, she appreciated her taste in weaponry and she wasn't as bad as some of the local residents. Not by a long shot.
  5. Simon K

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    Bradley | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    "Good, then," she says, smiling fully now at Renalin, then Red and Carson in turn. Bradley scoops up the two revolvers and the two modules* adroitly, then retires to the rear of the shop once more to continue her work.

    *(Would you mind explaining OOC if you could what the two new modules are? So that Bradley knows what she's dealing with, without having to outright ask?)
  6. Hoopdy

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    Carson | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    The man almost fully lost his attention from the distraction of his comms device seemingly letting off a consistent sound within the transmission static. Three taps...three scratches...three taps. He isn't quite sure of the significance of that sound, but it repeats itself...taps, scratches, taps, all in three.

    "Hmmm? Uh, oh, ahh, sure, I'll keep a lid on it," he mentions in a vague direction towards Lucy, still nursing over his comms. Then the sound starts again. Three taps, et cetera, repeat. It sounds familiar, somehow. Maybe it's a glitch? I'll ask her...

    "Eey, ah, Bradley...? Not to question handiwork, but..."
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    Duke/The Burrow

    As she took her leave he sighed and watched as she went giving a wave and a smirk as he brings his rifle back up Shoulders it and starts down the side of the other side of the building down a drainage pipe instead. On arrival to the ground he decides it's about high time to find himself an engineer or someone in general to associate with in order to fix his ship up as it was needed. Making his way through the streets with more of a knowing step he walked forwards through the streets now trying to get a better grip on the ground level works. Alleyways, side shops, before ultimately ending up in front of a place called Shawshank Mechanics, it had been looking rather busy from his upwards perch and as he arrived it was about the same time that the man said something about handiwork.

    Instead of moving forwards he just remained at the doorway of the shop quietly looking between the three individuals letting them go through their own business before he would bring up his.
  8. The Cyan Dragon

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    Kavadas - Corporate Transporter SN-4553 -> The Burrow

    It had been a long, boring flight from the Sol colonies, and Kavadas found himself jarred awake in the middle of his nap as the ship touched down, and several customs officials boarded the cargo hold. Naturally, they saw him and started to protest, rather loudly, his sleeping in the hold, either droning on or outright yelling about "numerous safety violations" of having passengers alongside large cargoes. He stood up and mumbled something under his breath before he politely looked at them, flashing his best 'oops' smile.

    "I'm sorry, officers. I had been working on these vehicles for the excavation team and after the prep work and inspections, I guess I just passed out. Can't blame a guy, right? Doing prevenative maintenance on 6 armored ore carriers, 3 light-ground transports, and a personnel carrier takes it out of a guy..."

    One of the customs officers looked at him and sneered, either not buying the story, or fed up with his work shift already, and motioned for him to begin assisting in offload an inspections, being the ship's mechanic. He sighed, and started undoing straps and starting engines, unable to help but smirk at himself at the sight of the cargo door dropping, and the various vehicles, supplies, and gear being hauled out. His smirk was short-lived, however, as he realized just how daunting of a task lay ahead of him.
  9. Simon K

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    Bradley | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    Bradley returns from the rear of the shop, carrying the now-upgraded pair of revolvers for Lucy. She sets them down on the counter, clearly waiting for Siero to produce payment, but her focus is on Kleiss and his strange expression.
    "Eey, ah, Bradley...? Not to question handiwork, but..."
    "Yeah? What is it? Are your comms not working?" she asks. I can't have screwed that up, can I? she thought to herself, making note of the man standing in the doorway of her workplace. Maybe I over-corrected the frequency differential....
  10. Dreadnought

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    Zion/ The Burrow/ Workshop

    I spend half an hour making the walking cane and the sign. Checking the quality of the item I just made, I praise myself for the condition and quality I dished out. Most of the time in my mission it's just shooting and supporting cover fire, it's been a while since I hold these tools. Gotta say it's a refreshing feeling. I cleaned up the tech table as it were before. Making sure everything is proper, I grab my tools and the stuff I just made and head out to meet the owner.

    "Yo Nutter, I'm done working with my stuff. Good job making everything so tidy, I know for a fact that ain't a small feat especially with everything is happening around here." I praise him, he appreciate the gesture. "Thanks man, hearing a compliment like that makes it worth it. What're you making anyway?" He gaze on the stuff on my hand.

    "Oh, I'm making a sign and a walking cane." He raise his eyebrows at my answer. Hey I wouldn't judge him cause the stuff I'm making is very odd. "It's for old man Nicholson, he ask me some stuff for an information I need" I told him nonchalantly. He already guessed I'm some kind of excavator or something along the line. "I see, I guess the cane is for the old man. What about the sign?" He point at the sign. "Long story" I really don't want to say anything about this. "It's fine, I don't need to know. Probably later when we're at a bar or something." He raise his hand.

    "Sure man, probably after I checked some stuff around. Oh and here's some for the hard work" I put down my stuff and tap on my datapad. What I'm giving ain't much but I guess this'll do. "Woah, you sure you wanna give this much? I barely do anything but keep things in order ya know." He's surprised with that amount of credits I'm giving.

    "It's because things in order people come here in droves. Tell you what, keep up the good work and one day you can buy some of the higher tier tech tables. If you do, you'll make more money than what I'm giving you. Besides keeping them in order and working is all that experience you got. Experience don't come easy, it takes time to hone that skill." Nutter looks pleased at my words. "Heh, compliments like that is rare nowadays. Oh and if you need any help regarding some geographical stuff come find me, I maybe a grease monkey but on my free time I took some lessons on groundwork. I'm no expert tho." Groundwork? Wow that's a field that I really need some help on.

    "Sure, I take you up on that. Here's my number in case some stuff going around" I tapped on my datapad and send him my contact number. I probably gonna call him sooner than he might think. "Got it, I'll be around here....mostly." I kinda guessed that. "Nutter come quick I need some help on this." Some guy screamed inside the shop. "Well gotta go man see ya later" He bolted inside with a medkit and a toolbox in tow. I should probably go to the old man house and drop this off, wouldn't want him to wait longer. I started walking to the old man house and while I'm walking I notice a lot of the military personnel wandering around. They aren't using top tier weapons but they can be considered heavily armed. What kind of creatures dwells in these areas that not even them would dare to touch it. I started to contemplating whether checking out these place is a suicide or not. I have to find a lead but this is good as any.
  11. Nunaden

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    Larulir | The Burrow

    "Welcome in my Inn" She could hear a voice of a woman. "How can i help you?" The woman stood already behind the counter, even when she just dropped the broom against the next wall. "I would like to rent a room." She replied and pulled apart the holopad. "A big one or a small one?" "Rather a small one, I don't need much place."
    "For the registration fees and admission fees it'll be 100 credits and for living it'll be 40 credits per day, breakfast and dinner will be prepared." She nodded and proceeded the transaction. "Payment received and here's your card" She handed over the card and smiled.
    "Thanks, love! Hell... didn't see such cards since i left home. Heh..." She said while disappearing though the next door with a wave.
  12. und34dmuffin

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    Morgan/The Burrow

    She clanked down to the bottom of the fire escape, steel-toed boots giving her ringing echos that reverberated throughout the entire structure. Although she noted the fact that the bulky figure of the man who transported her was lurking in a nearby doorway, Morgan had spent enough time tracking targets to know that she was bound to pick up a tail of her own sooner or later. It never turned out to be worth the effort to be rid of them.

    They made such wonderful hostages.

    Without a word, she turned on her heel and made her way in the direction of the suited man that the duster-clad weirdo had indicated, the overcoat ringing like a steel bell in the breeze.

    Shade/Todd's Sack -> Todd's Arm - The Burrow

    "Ah, but I won't be able to-"

    Shade's protest about the fact that cybernetics usually lacked any sort of recording device was cut off by him being promptly removed from the dataslate, the geometric avatar fading slowly as he was inserted into the prosthetic. On the bright side, it gave him time alone with his thoughts.
  13. Hoopdy

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    Carson | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    "No, no, I don't..I don't think they're not working, it's just..." He's trying to remember the significance of the sound, as he knows there was...something. Something significant. Three taps...three scratches...three taps.

    "Can't be that archaic old morse, could it...?"

    He's muttering to himself more than anything, giving the comms a quick smack with his hand. "Ziegra. Ziggy! You hearing this too? Ziegra?"


    Carson sighs in frustration. "Damnit...interference from another signal. Guess the comms must've thought it similar enough to pick it up." He thinks over the sounds for a minute; morse is a very dated code, though some still use it. He sorts it out in his head, almost completely clocked out from the conversation altogether. "Could it have been...no, no, that would be...the taps, that would be an S..."
  14. Hotshot007

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    Duke/Shawshank Mechanics/ The Burrow

    His brow raised as he heard the man in front of him say something about Morse code. Something he used often for those times when there was a prying ear or your survival depended on the simplest means of communication. Speaking up he tried to use his intuition.

    "If yet getting Morse and the beat is three taps three flats thats an SOS friend. Meaning whoever is sending is in some serious trouble. That or playing an overly elaborate prank. Though I'd wager it's the former."

    He stated this all nonchalantly like the possibility of Someone dying wasn't a big deal. And truth be told he didnt care all that much considering he didn't know the man in the slightest.
  15. Luran

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    Renalin 'Lucy' Siero | Shawshank Mechanics

    Renalin puts the amount of credits for the upgrade on the counter. Being glad Bradley works quite fast so that she can soon be gone from Red. "Thanks, this should be it right?" She asks taking her guns and putting them back in their holsters. She completely forgot about Carson, not like it would really bother her eitherway, she was better off alone.
    "Aren't ya one of the least persons to want to contact when tryna to stay legal, Red? Bit like me if ya think about it. Oh right I'll be getting a new prototype in a few days, thought that may be something ya would like to hear." Renalin says, smiling a little mischievously. She had something for going against Red like this, perhaps someday they would be rather fine with each other. But as now it didn't really seem much
  16. Simon K

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    Bradley | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    "Good afternoon, sir," Bradley says, sparing a glance for the newcomer. What, more cowboy types? she thought. Well, can't say as I don't like their aesthetic. "If it is three short, three long, three short, then yeah, he's right," she says to Kleiss, nodding at the duster-ed fellow. "Some of the Reaper Teams around here use that signal when they're in distress, and all they can get out of their comms units is basic dits and dahs."

    Bradshaw reaches under the counter in front of her, and pulls out a wooden and matte black metal beast, a rifle that seems far too large for her small frame. A slight smile tugs at the corners of her petite mouth. "Is it a rescue mission, then?" she asks seriously, chambering a round with the bolt-action and a ka-click-chunk.
  17. Hoopdy

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    Carson | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    Looking to the stranger, he too can't help but notice the duster. His thoughts about Duke are pushed to the side, however, as his eyes blink in a bit of shock with the revelation of the meaning behind the frequency. "...shit. Isn't most of this planet still uncharted? What blind fool would..." He trails off into some muttering, drawn back to attention by the click of Bradley's rifle. He cocks his head to the side a faint bit, looking at the peculiar but welcomed sight.

    "That'd make me grateful, Bradley" he begins, "but I'd need to know where this signal came from. Scrappin' down this armor here took out a lot of the finer features; signal tracking being one of them." He grabs the magnum from his holster and idly thumbs at the chamber, whilst giving it a few twists in his hand as he speaks. All the while, the chamber on it hums a dull blue, glowing brighter as it turns. "I figure Ziegra could do it, but not sure how accurate she'd be from off-planet and without working data for the immediate area."
  18. Simon K

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    Bradley | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    She sets her rifle down on the counter (safety on, of course, and pointing away from everyone else), and reaches out her hand to Kleiss. "Give it here," she says, referring to his comms kit. "I can determine the frequency, then dial it in to my comms receiver and try to localize the signal by using hyperbolic navigation, narrowing it down to two possible locations."

    ((fun fact, that actually wasn't space mumbo-jumbo or technobabble. hyperbolic navigation does exist with radios, and, assuming that our comms tech isn't instantaneous, can be used when given another location that is transmitting and then compared to the unknown location. in reality, if you combine this with something like triangulation or trilateration or multilateration, you can determine an absolute position: however, having multiple possible positions is more fun))
  19. Hoopdy

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    Carson | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    He head-tilts a little further to the side this time; while no buffoon to high-grade technobabble, hyperbolic nagivation, as Bradley calls it, is something beyond his scope of knowledge. "Aaahhh....you do not cease to impress. Guess this is why I let Ziegra handle the technical matters," me mentions off-handedly, making jabs at his own lack of understanding. He hits a few switches, and a Cli-chirp can be heard as the module is taken from its slot. "This thing ain't centrally-powered, so let's move quick, else this thing die on us."
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    ((uh, Hoopdy... you made your header my header XD))

    Bradley | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    She snatches it from his hand and slots it into her comms unit. After a few determined button-presses, her own device, which is fashioned after an archaic form of head-mounted speakers, gives a faint click. Bradley pulls up one side of the headset to listen, then nods.

    "Here ya go." She unslots the comm and hands Carson back his comms kit. "My 'bike's out back. I can give you a lift, unless you've got your own ride." In the face of a distress beacon, her normally sunny disposition is replaced by a calm determination. She picks up the rifle from the counter and slings it over her shoulder.
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