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    Exploration is a cut-throat business. With the number of reachable planets beginning to dwindle, the race to find the last of the galaxy's resources is heating up. Until new tech can be developed to get us outside of the Milky Way, we now have to scavenge even the more remote planets that show little to no promise for resources.

    One such planet, which you have been assigned to, has proven to have some resources; enough to make the excursion worthwhile... if you can bleed the planet dry. One outpost has been established for you already, a medium sized town filled with excavators, military police, and fortune hunters.

    Welcome to The Burrow.

    (For now, please stick to human-only characters. If you would like an AI, it must have a human overlord to control it (the human being your main character).)
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    Carson | Dropship -> The Burrow

    The rumbling noise of the old clunker ship Carson's team was able to acquire never ceased to drive the old fortune-seeker mad. That unsettling mix of sitting there, waiting anxiously, doing absolutely nothing, while that rumbling echoed in his ears...how glad he is that it's finally done with.

    The dropship makes its landing by The Burrow; Carson was given little intel on what to expect out of the locale when he reached it, but he's certain to make use of anything and everything at his disposal. As the back bay doors open, the man can be seen tapping at his wrist, muttering to himself before speaking aloud.

    "Can barely hear you through this. You sure you built this right?"
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    Duke/Spectre -> The Burrow

    There was the obvious warnings within his ship as it flew from orbit into the atmosphere of this planet whose designation the Pilot in question could give less than a damn about to even bother remembering. That said the ship pulled into the landing pads and with a soft thud he was finally on some sort of ground. It'd been some time but he was certain that this Burrow was more than capable of a few credits earned here and there. Who knew People always had some sort of job for a man of his...Talents.

    With a soft his his bay door opens in the back of the ship and he steps out to greet the soft glow of the suns. Shouldering his rifle and patting his pistol softly he secures his jacket and walks out into the air wondering what sort of business he'd get into first.

    .....customs. Always. Customs. He had been standing here about twenty minutes getting the same damned questions as usual. What's my business, what's this what's that blah, blah blah. The man standing in front of him a little speck of a man was going over a data pad as if criticizing everything about him. He had half a mind to just punch him but knew that he'd have to go through this to secure a Landing spot for himself...and so on and on the little man Droned leaving Duke standing there feeling beyond bored.
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    Carson | The Burrow

    "Fuck it, we'll try again later. For now, keep an ear on the local comms. I'll see what I can find out about this place."

    Before long, he too found himself being barraged by the same slew of questions in customs. Standing roughly behind the other individual, and looking a bit tamer in his frustrations in comparison, he answers the many questions in the shining personality he's known for.

    "I'm here to drink and bitch about the weather, what do you think I'm here for?"
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    Sanders/The Burrow

    The skiff lazily sailed into its berth on the landing platforms, Sanders piloting it with a similar nowhere-to-be leisure.
    "Okay, you can get out now, Morgan." Sanders turned around to face his passenger and gave her a stone-walled yet knowing expression. "Are you sure your stuff'll check through customs all right?"
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    Morgan/The Burrow

    "Probably not, but I always have more. If my armory's being taken, I can't help but feel that yours'll be incinerated instead."

    Tall and proud, Morgan rocked up onto her steel-toed boots as the ship came into dock. She tapped her side absently, her bulky black greatcoat clanking as something metallic banged against another metallic object.

    "'Sides, it's not like any of this stuff is illegal. Here, anyway."

    She made her way out the slowly opening airlock of the skiff, pausing only to nod a farewell to Sanders as she marched up behind the duo currently holding up Customs.
  7. Hoopdy

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    Carson | The Burrow

    During what feels like an eternity of questions, and questions...

    "You're really asking me is this is a gun? Do you want to find out?"

    ...and even more questions, the aged man is starting to ponder the merits of his profession if playing 20 Questions is going to be standard practice. He takes it in stride, of course; after all, some grievances always come saddled with any job, as it's important to remember. He glances over at some of the newcomers, fixing a small but friendly grin and half-wave of his hand.

    "I hope you're ready to be asked if the gun you're holding's a gun. Real hard-hitting Customs officer, hmm?"
  8. Dreadnought

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    Zion/ The Burrow

    "Eh I heard worse, there's 1 time where the officer even asked what kind of ammunition I brought, and I have like 3 boxes of them. I guess this would be equivalent to asking Morgan is she's a woman"

    The customs officer seems irked at our conversation and decided to get our attention again and proceed to ask his endless questions to Carson. The question seems pointless and downright idiotic and by the time this Q&A session is finished all of our stuff have already taken out from the ship. Carson let out a big sigh as he march to the others as some of the customs officer are checking our equipment. Seeing I'm the only 1 near the officer, I guess it's my turn. Please lord let this be quick.

    "Officer if I may ask, are you going to ask the same question?"

    The officer just smirk at me and proceed to ask his question. This sonuva... oh you going to feel pain when we're done here man.
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    Duke/The Burrow

    Seeing all of the new arrivals he looks at the officer in front of him and grumbles pushing him aside and just moving past. "y...you can't do that!"
    "why not? you're gonna bother me why not also worry about them Makes yourself a working system or. Take some credits, leave me a landing pad, and more importantly leave me alone." He wandered past him throwing a small satchel his way with what could only be actual credits as he walked on by and into the city itself. Going through his Datapad and locking his ship down he would deal with whatever 'authorities' that would come along. Bribe them too if it came to that though judging by the characters coming in and out of here. It was not the most lawful of towns...just perfect for him.
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    (Just slight aside, do remember the whole bunny-modding rule, @Dreadnought. I know it was small, but please let me handle my character next time, as I'll let you handle yours. Please and thanks. :D)

    Carson | The Burrow

    Thank whatever religious figures they worship on this planet, the tired spacer notes to himself, relieved he's finally out of customs. He grabs his equipment from the officers, proceeding to strap himself back into his suit. A few clicks and whirs later, and the suit is secure to his figure. The shield-comms are next, securing the pieces onto his suit, the faint glow of the shield matrix humming to life closely following. He grabs his magnum, giving it a flourish in the air; as it flourishes, the chamber gives off a stronger and stronger glow, before halting and holstering it. He does it less to show off, and more to check if the kinetic generator on his magnum works. Having finished his equipment check, he taps on his comms unit once more, sighing.

    "Please tell me you finally worked the bugs out on this thing."
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  11. Dreadnought

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    ( @Hoopdy yeah, it won't happen again)

    Zion/ The Burrow

    "So it's that all officer? or do you need to ask me a 2nd time."

    The officer was pleased somewhat with the answer I've given so he went to check my equipments. Everything went smoothly until he saw my custom made gun. His facial expression changed drastically when he saw that and I'm not mistaken I saw his hand slowly to his jacket probably to ask for help or somewhat. I better explain this quickly or I'm gonna stay in lockup for days before they even let me out.

    "Ummm sir that particular thing is a weapon, I made it. It's custom made"

    The officer started to send barrages of question at my direction regarding that gun. Oh boy, here we go again. I'm starting to hate this kind of situation more and more as we kept travelling from planets to planets. Also apparently this guy can't shut up so I can answer his question.

    "Sir if you look at at your datapad you can see my ID and it states that I came from Myris and 90% of the population there is blacksmiths. I'm one of that blacksmiths and if you think my weapon is weird you have yet to see my father collections."

    He look at me with a very frown expression but agree to let this thing pass through IF I fired a round on a target. Deliberating whether I should just follow his order or not it's beat sitting in lock up for days. So I pick up the gun and ask him to show where's the target. Since we're on a landing pad there aren't any target boards so the officer just point at some junk laying around the landing zone. Aligning my sights at the junk, I control my breathing like my past mentors taught me. The officer get closer to me to see how the gun works.

    "Sir, you better step back a little as this gun does roar like a wild beast" The officer just seems to ignore my warnings. "Your lost then" Since this guy is being a piece of shit let's give him a little lesson about humility. So I pulled the trigger.

    "BANG" The bullet went through the junk and..... "BOOM" a small explosion occurred. Hmmm this weapon still pack a punch. "So officer can I- " The officer next to me was groveling on the ground and covering both of his ears. I guess to him it sounded more like lightning right next to his ears. Seeing he won't recover soon I put my gun back in the crate and proceed to check out along with my gears. "Heh 1st day and it's already this interesting, can't wait what's gonna happen next" and I so hope Duke would be less frisky this time with the people around here.
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    Carson | The Burrow

    The grizzled spacer finds The Burrow, as the town's called, rather homely in appearance; it's no Sothor, but it'll certainly do. A quick look around sorts out a pretty decent picture: a collection of buildings, some renovated, some recently constructed altogether to accommodate the surge of chancers and glory-eyed adventurers hoping to strike while the iron's hot. A fair amount of police backup dots the premises, it appears. Of which, a couple-such guards view in the direction of Zion, given the proceedings, muttering. Carson rolls his eyes, walking off to sort out where he'll be staying. First day, and someone's already disturbing the peace. Great..
  13. und34dmuffin

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    Morgan/The Burrow

    Taking advantage of the commotion caused the crazy man in the suit of powered armor, Morgan walked around the distracted customs official, pausing at the edge of the checkpoint to dig around in one of the greatcoat's pockets.

    It clanked.

    She dumped the spare credits she found on the desk by the checkpoint, as it looked like the man was going to need it with the day he was having.

    Now- She licked her lips, shocking blue eyes darting around as she took in the sights of the outpost-turned-town. -Let's get started.
  14. SgtSavage

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    Todd/The Burrow

    The smartly dressed traveler glided into customs with a confident swagger. Rule number one was act like you belong and rule number 2 was to make a good first impression. His suit very likely cost as much as or more than many of the ships currently landed outside by the fact that it was both handmade for him and was produced on Earth itself. The material was also moderately bulletproof although he did not expect to run into much in the way of trouble on his current job.

    The first thing he saw was someone breaking both of those in a spectacular fashion. Things exploded briefly and he took the opportunity to adjust the strap of the bag that he carried over his shoulder. Todd approached a slightly distracted customs agent that was still on his feet and flashed his credentials that suggested that he had done this a thousand times before and that he had no time for any of this nonsense.

    A moment later he was out in the town, wasting not time in finding a secluded spot to kneel on the ground and peer inside the bag.

    "Sorry about the bag, I have it EM shielded for... other reasons. Where to next?"
  15. Sandersaen

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    Sanders/The Burrow

    Locking up the skiff and making sure his bag was prepped for excitement, Sanders glacially glided through customs with the simmering calm of someone who's done this dozens of times before and knows there's no way around it. Acquiring a customs officer much more calm and lackadaisical than the others, Sanders nevertheless spent a great deal of time convincing the agent that yes, he did require all these weapons, no he didn't plan on murdering anyone with it, and yes they were all (mostly) legal.
    Eventually getting through the bureaucratic worrying, he stepped out into the Burrows at large, covered in grey prefab buildings and paved with macadam.
    "Smells funny."
  16. und34dmuffin

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    Shade/The Burrow

    Inside the darkness of the bag, the datapad that the AI was currently inhabiting lit up to show the most genuinely perplexed triangle that had ever graced the frontier town.

    "No worries. Where to next, where to next?"

    The triangle spun rapidly as the AI thought for a second, the datapad flickering as he exerted his power over it.

    "Somewhere where I can view the fascinating infrastructure and colorful locals while you go about your business. I wouldn't want to get in your way."
  17. Dreadnought

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    Zion/ The Burrow

    After all that commotion apparently I gather others attention towards me. Too much attention. Muttering to myself. "Damn I didn't think it would gather this much attention, shit.. ah well I'm not a subtle type of guy anyway if that makes people aware of my presence then so be it. At the very least it would make people avoid us when we 're doing our job."

    After passing through the customs, the view of the town is in my sights. Gotta say it kinda feel like home with all the digging machinery laying around, traders walking about making deals and military presence. Though minus the volcanic ashes, constant grumbling of the grounds and... phosphorus. Damn it sound like I'm homesick, how long has it been since I ever visit back? 3-4 years? I guess doing a bit of house call would ease my feelings.

    "Ok now I gotta find a place called "The Burrow", I wonder who I can ask. With the people are awry about me I guess I should just walk about until I find some guy who just doesn't give a shit. Yay lucky me." Can't blame them though, seeing a 5 ft 10 guy wearing a power armor which would be around 6' 2" it would make me look like a fucking juggernaut and it sure does garners attention. You reap what you sow Zion..... you reap what you sow.
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    Red/The Burrow

    Red had already been around for a little while at the outpost and when she'd heard the new arrivals were on their way she figured it'd be entertaining to set up her camping chair and grab a few cans of beer, enjoy the spectacle of incoming ships and just witness the general goings on of the landing docks. Seeing these poor sods getting rinsed by customs was a laugh, mostly because practically all her goods were illegal firearms that she'd managed to smuggle in before security had tightened up and Red looked forward to shifting some of it.
  19. Hotshot007

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    Duke/The Burrow

    His attention had been only slightly interrupted by what he could only assume was only another trigger happy merc trying to scare their way through customs. None of his business honestly but people like that had a ticking expiration date and then some. His trained eye had easily seen the woman carrying her cadre of weapons behind the coat as well as the slick looking businessman. Having taken up a rather natural spot none to far away to scan the incoming people. As they started to disperse he went his own way looking for a place to roost up a pub, inn, bar, place like this had to have something like that. I mean sleeping in his ship was fine but if he was going to pick up jobs then he needed to keep it capable, modular.

    He explored the city, trying to map it out on his head while trying to also find some key points to use as possible...stash locations. Rooftops, buildings, things of those nature really maybe he'd make some spots for him to camp out if he needed too. But, Priorities. he needn't get too ahead of himself at the moment. Deciding to find himself a data board to see any listings for jobs or general hiring in this area.
  20. Simon K

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    Emily "Bradley" Bradshaw | The Burrow | Shawshank Mechanics

    "New ship?"
    came a young girl's voice. It oddly emanated from somewhere behind the shop's cluttered counter.
    "Uh... yeah. Couple of new prospectors," the townsman answered, leaning over the counter to ascertain the whereabouts of said voice and its owner.
    "How exciting!" The voice showed its owner: a greasy and grimy girl of quite a young age that popped up from behind the counter and directly in the man's face. "How can I help you today, Jax?" she asked.
    "Well, I just need a new auxiliary power coupling, actually--" he began.

    "For your 'bike, right?" came her smiling interruption.
    "Yeah... how did you know?" Jax asked, wonderingly.

    "The noise. Every time you drove by I could hear it whine and grumble. You're not overclocking her reactor, are you?"
    "Well... my son might be..." Jax replied sheepishly.
    "Better get a leash on him, then," admonished Emily "Bradley" Bradshaw, owner of Shawshank Mechanics and premier resident engineer of the Burrow. She reached under the counter, and without looking picked up the aforementioned coupling and laid it on the counter between them.
    "Will do, Bradley." He smiled and picked up the power coupling, and began to walk out the door.

    "Shall I put it on your tab, then?" Emily called after him.
    "Always," came his half-joking, half-serious reply. "Thanks again, Bradshaw."

    "Always, Jax!" She looked down at the beyond-messy counter and sighed. "The things I do for this muckhole," she mumbled, beginning to clean up.

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