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Should there be some sort of competitive aspect to the game?

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  1. Nalessa

    Nalessa Member

    You can have PvE competitive.

    Diablo leaderboards for example are all about just PvE.
    Or the guilds in WoW trying to get first world kills on mythic bosses.

    There's bound to be a bunch of crazies in this game who're gonna try and solo kaiju, or last as long as they can anyway and compete with the other ones as to who can do it first. :p
    Or who can mine the most, frag the most enemies, find new enemies/locations the first, etc etc ...
  2. 0V3RKILL

    0V3RKILL Member

    I agree with your post, that is my fear. I don't want the pvp to affect the pve in any way. if they have a way of separating the nerfs they do I wont mind at all. Load into pvp world and all the stats and changes take effect for that pvp world alone not pve. What they did with firefall was horrible. They ruined the pve to balanced the pvp and in the end no1 was happy not even the pvp players...they left to play the new counter strike game and that was it. So, the pve players were left behind with a messed up game and that I don't want. Cause we may have a lot of shooters and pvp games out there. But we don't have many mmofps
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  3. Arca9

    Arca9 New Member

    I would love to have something competitive. As a matter of fact this is the sole reason why i have nearly 500 hours in overwatch. Because i want to play to improve.

    You can only improve so much vs PVE characters that are designed for normal gameplay. We need a zone that takes pve to a new level for players to test their strength and skills. (And gear)
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  4. Despair

    Despair Death Reaper - Frame Founder

    And i would really love to see what level of competition can be reached in PVE
  5. Degiance

    Degiance New Member

    That 500 hours seems like nothing when compared to people who stick with PvE content expanding to 2-15 years.
    Competition doesn't improve the games longevity* and more often than not it's there to satisfy the needs of people who just yell the loudest. (There being this Finnish saying how empty vessels make the loudest/most noise.) Then the moment the previous set of competition has gotten out-dated or repatative so there has to be constant updates, balancing just to keep these arbituary folk satisfied that will leave the moment the wind blows another direction. (Im fairly certain everybody has met these guys more than once. Their like locusts.)

    But if you really really really have to shoehorn in PvP competition at least cut it in two. Indirect PvP (Where people compete againts each other indirectly like stats or scores or kill count in gauntlet like events people could maybe bet on. Cause where is competition there is always gona be people betting on it so why not aswell beat them to the punch?) and then Direct PvP where players are actually facing each other in either serious or non-serious manner. (I'd prefer the non-serious kind since it seems to diminish the rage factor quite alot. Like the Unreal tournament football thing except maybe you could do massive omnirframe tackles assisted by jets. Or some type of ridiculous form of martial arts where you cannot fly and your put in this small square ring and you need to blast your opponent off with this massive wind blower like Omniframe sumo wrestling.)

    *by longevity i mean you can look at all the competitive games and how they are in this massive witches wheel they just have to keep feeding it to keep things going. That is sure way for a game to burn out especially if its just starting.
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  6. AdmiralStryker

    AdmiralStryker Active Member

    The main competition of this game should be provided by the AI enemy that should adapt to counter us. While indirect PVP is okay, direct PVP should not ever be a focus of game development. If it's going to be implemented, give it a Sunken-Harbor style arena and leave it. Don't balance it. It should not be paid attention to. It's not a point of this game and should not be a selling point of it either.
  7. zdoofop

    zdoofop Active Member

    this. If you want to pvp, there are plenty of other game to do it in. If you want to play em8er, play em8er the way it was meant to be enjoyed: as pve.
  8. EvilKitten

    EvilKitten Gatestrider

    Um...Not to be Evil but...where is the evidence for this? I enjoy shooters and I hate PvP, and I suspect that there are many others like me. I'm not sure making a statement that "most" shooters prefer PvP, should be made without some hard number studies to back that up.
  9. Torgue_Joey

    Torgue_Joey Emberite -Death Reaper


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  10. pinkish

    pinkish Member

    PVE first, and then we'll talk PVP
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  11. Juggernaught

    Juggernaught New Member

    While you are correct that I should provide numbers, I will not be providing them. At this time, I'm on my phone and won't feel like doing research for such a mundane reason. Instead, I will have you recall the overwhelming number of players who choose to continue playing against other players despite the repetitive nature of the game. Take Call of Duty, for example. People keep buying the games, and it's certainly not for their beautiful stories.

    Let us also extend our range from shooters to games in general. Humans are, by nature, competitive. It comes from the"survival of the fittest" that is life in the wilderness. This is quite visible in the general popularity (despite the generally unpleasant community) of the MOBA genre.

    I will not be providing numbers, but it's quite clear that fair competition is what keeps online games growing.
  12. pinkish

    pinkish Member

    I'm not against PVP, but one of the things I found to a problem with Firefall's PVP system is that player A with a level 10 can be challenged by Player B with a level 8 frame. And then before the match starts, player B quickly goes and switches to a level 25 frame and wins the match. I'm not sure if this was ever fixed, but I hope this doesn't become a problem for Ember. So I hope that after Ember polishes the PVE to it's prime, make PVP as fair as possible to avoid things like that.
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  13. Juggernaught

    Juggernaught New Member

    You are referring to the duel system. Standard PvP and the duel system should be discussed separately. There was instanced PvP and open world PvP, both with their own very different set of problems. The duel system was just a little bit of fun to be had whilst waiting around, although I will say that some frames dominated in that particular aspect.
  14. AdmiralStryker

    AdmiralStryker Active Member

    There also shouldn't be as much of a power gap in Em8-er. There will be a gap, but not the kind that existed in Firefall's leveling system. Frames being designed for it will be hard to avoid though.
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