What can Em8er learn from Firefalls' model?


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Jul 27, 2016
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I totally agree, adding to list,

- If the game is based on PvE add an open world area without restriction on PvP
.......If I want to craft and thump fight the NPC Invaders, so be it, but when i want to get into a fight with friends gimme the land to do so, not some little area you think would make a nice mini game area. Let clans,guilds or what ever you want to call them claim and own bases in these areas with rewards for owning these bases

- Always look back at what started the frenzy and remember not to loose that feeling!
That sounds great if it could be done that would please the majority, i am more towards the pve but pvp and taking over bases and all does sound fun too! I wonder if in pvp mode people could have the option to play as the aliens and consider using different strategy than their human counterpart?


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Jul 26, 2016
+1 the recommendation of a dev approved player base cosmetic shop; AND
+1 the recommendation of a SWAG SHOP
WTB: Brontodon plushie (I don't care if it's toxic).

On the idea of a dev approved player base cosmetic shop: I'd love to see a discussion as to how that can be done in a way that gives more to the game than it takes away. Which is to say, cash in the pockets of creative people is great and all, but it should always give to the game first and foremost. There has to be a way to do this.

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Feb 6, 2017
Absolutely disappointed every time I read an opinion advocating for making the players experience worse for any reason at all. If you can't find ways to convince people to want to spend their money on things without shooting them in the foot and expecting them to pay for some first aid then you don't belong making design choices for a game.
Jul 28, 2016
I never understood how Firefall made a dime, with the way they had things set up.

I understand that Em8er will most likely be a pay to play title with a cash shop for cosmetics etc.
It absolutely will be.

I believe the p2p cost for Em-8ER will be around $24.99 - $29.99 (my own opine/guess).
FYI, it was $35 to get a copy when backing. I'm not sure what that says about a final cost.

- If the game is based on PvE add an open world area without restriction on PvP
No PvP. Not anywhere for any reason.

Let clans,guilds or what ever you want to call them claim and own bases in these areas with rewards for owning these bases
No. No tribalism. No locking players away and making the game a ghost town for new players.


Jul 2, 2017
Just want to point out something from the original post. You said you could get pretty much whatever you want simply by buying it from other players using the in game currency and that it does not help fund the game at all because your not paying any real money to play the game and get things. Well that player you bought it from did have to pay real money in order to obtain said item that he then sold to you.

I see no problem with cash shop only items being sold to other players for in game currency because it allows you the option of either spending your money or your time to get what you want. In the end that cosmetic item you bought for in game money still generated real world money when that first player bought it.

I would argue that it would generate even more money for the game since people who cant or wont spend money on the game will just buy items from those that are willing to spend real money to make in game money.
Jul 27, 2016
No PvP. Trying to have pvp exist at all detracted from firefall and will do so here. While I'd be okay with a separate pvp zone, you're going to get people shouting that it's not balanced sooner or later. Just avoid that altogether by not letting it exist. Period.


Jul 28, 2016
What worked to me : Also these experiences can get to be very old, probably only very old Firefall vets will understand...

I guess one of the things I truly liked from Firefall was the freedom. Before it got screwed up, Firefall was all about Open World events. People were constantly moving around the map with bikes, gliders, etc... from waypoint to waypoint, to reach their objectives, to participate in missions. It was a constant source of fun, and people in the chat were all the time updating on what big thing was going on in the world. Everyone wanted everyone to help.

Whenever there was an invasion, you would see people crossing the whole map just to reach that city. You would be alone in that bike from Thump Dump heading to Sunken Harbor´s invasion, but along the way there would be other 3 people on bikes heading there too. And then you would turn around and see people using gliders, everyone heading to that invasion.

You would log in one day and spawn in a watchtower, and outside there would be a Thumper on a cliff, and then a bunch of monsters down there, and you would see a bunch of random people helping for the sake of fun, not for the rewards, because if you were not in the group, they would not be that much. But seeing things rolling around, those dinasours sprinting and making people jump, seeing a bunch of shooting effects everywhere, that was what made people stay helping that thumper.

Doing ARES Missions alone and then ending up with 5 different random people, all cooperating to get that mission done, that made my moments in firefall truly happy.

Seeing people cooperating for an invasion, then losing it, and then seeing everybody running away from that city as the melding was taking over, that was epic.

Exploring an abandoned city, the one next to sunken harbor, reaching to the top of it, admiring the beauty of Coral Forest, and then gliding all the way down. Sometimes people would try to get over the melding, to discover other cities that people could not reach, but that feeling, the feeling of ''One day we will be able to play there, and live these experiences in those maps'', that also was something I had never seen in any other game.

When I once logged in without reading the patch notes, because for some reason, I truly loved to do that with Firefall, sometihng I never do with any other game. But I didnt this time. I log in, and then I see this melding tornado icon in my map. I head there, and the closer I get, the windier things get. The more fog I see, and the more wavy vegetation gets. I was very interested. Then, bettween two mountains, there was my first tornado event ever, then a bunch of people on top of those mountains shooting. I climb up and I end up in front of the tornado, and I see these shards people are shooting, and I do that too. eventually things start getting messier, people cant just stand and shoot anymore, now people have to run and move, as melding creatures were spawning. That was... something I had never experienced in any other game, ever.

Now, baaaaaaaaaaaaack then when firefall was very beta, when I played the closed beta,probably it was the alpha, actually, the only map I could play or anyone could play was Copacabana. There were only 2 things to do, An incursion that would spawn over and over in the same place in front of Copacabana, which was extremely, EXTREMELY, hard to do, and people would all the time stick together as it was very easy to die. And Thumping. People would constantly call down thumpers in the same spots outside of Copacabana, And you would see a bunch of people helping each other, with chaos everywhere, everyone supporting and helping each other.

And a bunch of other things I loved frm Firefall that people have already mentioned, Bikes, the story was awesome, jetpacking, etc...

And I also loved the old progression system. It was awesome to be able to level up characters with other battleframes. Thats something that a game is doing today that I love playing, and it is Dead By Deadlight. Also, the old progression system was awesome itself too, Weight would make you slower, CPU for abilities, and PWR for strenght. I loved that progression system.

Firefall was back then a fast paced shooter, were you were constantly having fun, meeting new people, having new friendships, cooperating with the stranger, etc... Firefall had a number of unique things, unique experiences... Firefall was awesome. I had never spent so much money, time or effort, in any other Online game.

So yeah, thats what made Firefall to me. I had epic memories that I wish I could still live.

Also this is the first time I make such a long post in Em8er forums haha, back to Firefall old habits I guess :D


Aug 5, 2016
all I want is for ember to never make the same mistakes firefall did. not the financial stuff. I'm talking about the engine being so behind. If unreal4 supports vulkan and dx12 implement them in ember. firefall performed really bad when the battles were huge. specially on warfront and so on. I want ember to be smooth and fast.


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Jul 26, 2016
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Don't worry about the engine this time. Grummz has made multiple statements regarding the issues from firefall and how much better Em-8ER is going to be in development.
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Jan 6, 2017
One thing I truly hope will be a thing aswell, the ability to play with people from EU or NA, no matter where you are, with no lag or anything.

That was one of the things that still baffles me about Firefall, I could play with Arkii and Foonii in one group, and none of us would lag at all, no stuttering, nothing, it was just amazing how that worked.
Jul 26, 2016
I'm going to stop you right there hoss. FireFall had many issues, some mechanic, some financial in nature, but most stemmed from internal company problems. The story has been told over and over, in forums posts, interviews, and chat discussions.
Please follow one vision and stop letting other groups within your company reinventing that vision.


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Jul 26, 2016
I wasnt part of Firefall...was the community as involved in the game developing process as they are here? And did this change in the course of the years?
Sep 1, 2016
I wasnt part of Firefall...was the community as involved in the game developing process as they are here? And did this change in the course of the years?
involved enough in that we gave lots of feedback and had a lot of discussions in the forums. we voiced what worked and what didn't even to the point when devs couldn't really give us what we want because management wanted something else entirely

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Jul 27, 2016
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I never understood how Firefall made a dime, with the way they had things set up.

No PvP. Not anywhere for any reason.

No. No tribalism. No locking players away and making the game a ghost town for new players.
I agree with the no PvP because I have a handicap that prevents this on many platforms, I don't PvP,
Nothing wrong with guilds and never said anything about shutouts, many games have guilds and clans without shutouts of land or resources. But what ever, your the main voice of Em8er I guess so it matters not to me I am vested in the game and will be playing, eyes wide open.