Wacky quests, in-jokes and more


Omni Ace
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Jul 26, 2016
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Okay, as promised, here are a few more submissions, to add to this list, from multiple people in Discord that came out of Grummz's shadowy appearance this evening (Friday June 7, 2019).

@Wyntyr (& Fae) :
It would be hilarious to have one "Derpship" buzzing around and around that NPC's are trying to fix!
Trying to get in and out of Derpships was a mini-game in itself!


@Terib.Shadow :
Have a holographic map of a city somewhere, with holographic dropships flying over it that never land, there's how you can do it easily


@EvilKitten :
I think some posters hidden around the world with pictures from various locations in Firefall would be awesome...make it look like they come from the Gatestrider homeworld or something.

[Grummz: Maybe the posters should reference The9] :D


@Astro :
A Firefall thumper frozen underneath the ice in a secluded location.


Let me know if I missed anything from your ideas above! :cool:


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Jul 27, 2016
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I would think The 9 should be left out of anything here since they did a fine job of ruining our beloved FireFall.
I think there should be a recording lets call it the 6 like the inverted cross but instead is the number of how the 6 plans to corrupt the older exoskeleton models and one of the pilots coming out and making this magical sound after the explosion

Nice explosion sounds

Metal pieces scattering

Pilot not feeling so good

whispers heard "Success these will go in mass production hehehe"

Then it cuts!