Wacky quests, in-jokes and more

Dec 15, 2016
Over the course of Em8ER's development, a lot of fans have proposed in-jokes, quests
“a lot of fans have proposed...quests”
Well then,
You once stumbled across a group of Tsi-hu and their kaiju pets. They saw you alright but hesitated to attack you; they lowered their weapons and sheathed their claws. You kept your distance from them but the aliens ran away by changing to their beast form. At first, you thought to yourself, “Why didn’t they attack me?”.

You continued the chase until you spot them in an outpost but this one’s different. This outpost has a working alien radio tower, a terraforming station and a crudely made omniframe hangar. However your lifesign detector showed live humans in there but there are no cages in that outpost or cotainment for prisoners.

With your hair on your back stood and stiffened, you are left to wonder, what is going on in there?
This mission series is very difficult to do. It is advised that you equip the best loadout and highest tier you can as well as having no pending missions active.
Much of which involves soloing objectives that can normally be done by a squad. Consider this as your content warning.
Lived a horrible social life from childhood to adult, Vindrax Jethir never really had many friends even from among those who accompany him on missions and raids. The freak accident during his grade school years caused by his classmates left him with over half of his body looking like a lizard man. What’s even worse is that none of the culprit was punished for that. This is undoubtedly be one if not the prime reason why he is utterly distrustful of any authority figure or organization be it the police or a well renowned Gatestrider reaper guild.

Mission objectives:
-Leave or get kicked out by your current guild.
-Be guildless for 5 in-game days.
-Gain 95% trust to Vindrax.

->>!WARNING!<<- Initiating this mission as soon as you leave or get kicked out by your guild prevents you from using the Guild, Friends, Voice Chat and Private Messages until you complete the last mission of the series. Also your name tag will be invisible to everyone and will not show up on search as if you were blacklisted by everyone except the Admins/GMs. You can still auto join groups for raids and invasions but you are only limited to using local chat. PROCEED AT OWN RISK.

I don’t trust anyone about my side of the story that easily. You want to know? Do something really ice cold to your friends. Leave everyone behind first and stay off the grid before speaking to me.
As you enter Vindrax’s hideout, you felt like he is about to kill you because you know that no one will be able to know you or contact you far away from anyone. But from all that time living outside the grid and doing errands for Vindrax, you finally knew the truth: Vindrax was trying to help the Tsi-hu refugees for years to live in peace. Many of the aliens were badly wounded from the endless war they fought. One of them tried to reach you out but you flinched. Others were screaming in pain. There were also alien children too. No points for guessing how many were not orphans. Some of your fellow reapers here were...cold and uninviting.

The reapers here show signs of battle fatigue and they give you the thousand yard stare at any time they talk to you. Some don’t seem to notice you yet you see them trying to heal the wounded; human and alien alike. This isn’t a hideout; it’s a bedlam hospital. It’s no wonder Vindrax’s hideout is disconnected from the Gatestriders; many of which were traumatized several times over and no one would ever hear their side of the story.

These aliens were in the crossfire between their kin for being traitors and yours for well...being not human at all. Open communication between them and humans was the first on list. But sadly, at any time one of them tried to reach out and contact the Gatestriders, they were killed on sight. With no chances of ever resolving the war, this would take generations to come even if any reparations will ever occur. Now you know one horrible side of the war and possibly more are there. All alien wars are black and white with no shades in between, right?

Mission objectives:
-Mine and deliver 1,000 Phased Ores to Vindrax.
-Create or steal 100 crates of Tsi-hu medical supplies.
-Create or steal 100 crates of Gatestrider first aid kits.
-Rummage 600 containers for building materials from Category 3 or higher Tsi-hu bases.
-Be warned though, your THMPR mining signature is disabled until you complete the mission series. Yours will not show up on the map for others to see though they can still help you out if they spot you out there mining. Obviously, stealing Gatestrider first aid kits is frowned upon; this will have a serious impact on your faction standing with them should you decide to do this.

You see? See why I don’t just let anyone know? Do you know what would happen if those narrow minded higher ups find out about this? So choose, become a hero fighting an endless war or a pariah stopping an endless war?
Spending a lot of time with the aliens, you decided to help out with Vindrax. Despite the hardship many of you have gone through, none were as ‘your back against a wall’ as this. Nowadays, you felt that you could do most of the chores Vindrax gives you alone despite the fact you needed help with at least three. With so many reapers here were either gone missing according to their friends or gone AWOL, most of them decided not to go back because it is pointless and they just want to stop the suffering caused by the war. Either way, your former side doesn’t care that much.

But suddenly, Vindrax’s hideout has been spotted by Gatestrider scouts but he knew it wasn’t worth the risk of fighting them so he decided to turn off the sensors and hide the thermal signature. It’s a good thing that his hideout is underneath a mountain and with so many tunnels running below. This isn’t the first time it happened.

Mission objectives:
-Prevent the Gatestrider scouts from revealing the hideout.
-Do not let the Gatestrider scouts kill off the wounded Tsi-hu. (0/5)
-Use the Kaiju Mimic to distract the scouts away from the hideout.
-Firing warning shots is encouraged if the scouts go after the wounded but do it too many times and they’ll see you as a threat. (0% ———— 100%)
-Be warned though, most of your omniframe systems are offline to minimize your signature so you won’t be scanned but you’ll be flying blind.

If you fail this mission, you have to wait for 32 real time hours to do it again.
So, how’s it feel to be an exile? Pretty good like a monarch right?
With that out of the way, Vindrax shows you why he can’t go on with you; his only omniframe is badly damaged from countless battles and does not have the required credentials for a proper omniframe repair or even accessing the database for a new one. So he decided to use that as the foundation for his next omniframe but with a different purpose. It’s very risky not because Vindrax would be fighting the aliens to get the parts but because he’d be illegally piggybacking on many raids by the Gatestriders. They will find out why Vindrax went against the Gatestriders.

Mission objectives:
-Deliver 10 omniframe repair toolkits to Vindrax.
-Get a copy of the latest omniframe modeller program.
-Deliver 10 tons of omniframe salvage to Vindrax.
-Deliver 30 kaiju shielding to Vindrax.
-Be warned: salvaging omniframe parts from battle is considered a crime; your faction standing with the Gatestriders will severely drop if they caught you some in your inventory. Also, kaiju shielding is a component for the Tsi-hu war machine and they tend to send death squads on any thieves if they found out.

-After mission completion: Because of your recent actions, you are now a wanted criminal by the Gatestriders on charges of theft, treason and suspected espionage. From time to time, some bounty hunters will come to try to take and arrest you. You can still live off from player bases but with limited access such as repair and craft omniframes but not artillery strikes. You can still build a base but only in limited tech level.

Is being a glorified exile taking a toll on your day to day habits? One day you will realize why my life was silenced by many. Besides, nobody cares about the other side of the story. Only the speakers or the writers of those in high places immortalize the story in one fell swoop and silencing anyone who speak against them.
*You must wait for 3 in-game days after completing the previous mission*
After repeated visits to the hideout, you found out that everyone left and evacuated the place. However Vindrax left a note on the table:

<name of player>,
listen closely. We’ve left the hideout without you because the Gatestriders and the enemy aliens are nearing my location each passing day. We can’t live off in this kind of hunting games anymore
so me and the exiled reapers went to these coordinates I’ve written inside of the envelope. Make sure you are not followed once you get here. Don’t worry, I’ve set up a nice terraformed zone on an undisclosed coordinates so that both humans and Tsi-hu could live in peace that I’ve set up years earlier as insurance.

As for me, well I chose to stay. There might be more alien refugees that I could offer help but I don’t know for how long I could keep up with the charade. Oh and by the way, you might want to grab that map and keycard by the drawer. Let’s just say I buried a treasure for you marked on the ‘X’.

Mission objectives:
-Dig up the ‘treasure’.
-Proceed to the coordinates given by Vindrax.
-Be warned though: up to this point, the Gatestriders stepped up their game as the bounty hunter squads you encounter in the future gets progressively harder for each mission completion.

Rewards received:
Encrypted datapad

Ironic isn’t it? Those who try to stop and prevent wars often are the ones who are taken away. It takes a physical godlike being, an avatar just to even up the score and give voice to the voiceless.
You went to the coordinates given to you by Vindrax but he is nowhere to be seen except for the miles and miles of sulfur snow everywhere. With each passing minute, you felt that someone is watching you. But then out of the blue, Vindrax called through you. He tells you on how to get to his location but it involves going through several unstable time loops near ‘the edge of the world’. Vindrax considers these unstable time loops as ‘blind spots’ because no Gatestrider is willfully going near them as the risk of spawning aliens is very likely. Now you have a choice, either boldly go through the loops and risk getting ripped to shreds by hostile aliens or out in the open where Gatestrider bounty hunters would see you and catch you by surprise.

Mission objectives:
-Go to the updated coordinates.
As soon as you get to where Vindrax tells you, your omniframe sensors suddenly warns you about a massive kaiju army heading your position. This is it. All that time helping out the downtrodden suddenly have fate turn tables against you.

Mission objectives:
-Fend off the Gatestrider bounty hunters and Tsi-hu death squads.
-Remain alive for 10 minutes.
You survived miraculously from overwhelming odds against you. However there is still one more thing left...the kaiju army. Your omniframe can’t take more of this. You can take them all alone right? Actually, you don’t have to. Why? Because the Kaiju army isn’t being controlled by the Tsi-hu but rather by Vindrax and his exiled reapers. Crazy, right?

As soon as you saw Vindrax’s omniframe, you were in awe as his omniframe looked like a half kaiju. Much of the omniframes of the exiled reapers looked like as if the Tsi-hu made them.

Vindrax congratulates you as you faced one of your most difficult trials in life yet more are still to come. You now know how it is like to have your back against the wall and fought for your victory. However don’t celebrate yet as you are a criminal with an ungodly amount of bounty. You must find a way to clear your name.

Rewards received:

Omniframe blueprint builds:
Light omniframe “Monarch”
Medium omniframe “Immortal”
Heavy omniframe “Avatar”

Omniframe equipment blueprints:
Kaiju Brainwave Controller
Neural Hacker
Cellular Metaphaser
Channeler Shield

Omniframe Abilities:
Reinforce Position
Attack Target

There are 2 kinds of life constraints. One is a limiter of strength that prevents absolute corruption. The other is a limiter of potential that prevents you from broadening your horizon. Only the one with the truest of wisdom can tell which is which.
You have finally earned Vindrax’s trust so he taught you how to communicate with the Tsi-hu. First on Santa’s list is for you to help ‘close the wounds’ slowly. However this will earn the ire of your former friends if they saw you doing it.

Mission objectives:
-Assist the doctors in providing medical care to the wounded Tsi-hu. (0/20)
-Assist the doctors in providing medical care to the wounded Reapers (0/20)
-Do not let the infirmary get destroyed (0%————100%)

Ever heard of the Geneva Conventions? That was a long time ago. Even Hitler refused to deploy chlorine gas on his enemies back then. But now ask yourself, if you were a doctor in the military, would you still heal the enemy even if it is against your orders?
*You must have the Kaiju Brainwave Controller and Neural Hacker equipped for this mission.*

The Ruins of Alfadiel was one of the sites where the Tsi-hu experimented on many kaiju breeds before it was raided by the Gatestriders. After it was done, the Gatestriders started looting and sent out researchers on whatever the remains of the Ruins and Vindrax wants all of that pie. Vindrax briefed you that the Ruins holds some of the most advanced kaiju breeds the Tsi-hu use and he wants to use the same against them. He asks you to get kaiju DNA samples and if any, some construction blueprints for making and housing the Kaiju. Bear in mind, many Gatestrider researchers there aren’t alone and they have backup in case something goes wrong.

Vindrax also mentions that The Alfadiel mainframe is underground and may hold some of the untapped information about the Kaiju and Tsi-hu and he does not want to share any of it to the Gatestriders. As of now, the mainframe remains undamaged but the power to it is offline so use your omniframe reactor for the juice.

Mission objectives:
-Acquire samples of Kaiju DNA
-Hack into and download construction files and alien information from the Ruins’ mainframe.
-Do not let the researchers find the mainframe.
-Scare away the researchers by leading a kaiju towards them.
-Be warned though as this is a stealth mission since you are still a wanted Gatestrider criminal. If your omniframe somehow get spotted, your presence will undoubtedly attract bounty hunters. Also, your omniframe servos, abilities and shields are disabled as power from your reactor is diverted to the mainframe while you’re downloading the files. You can reenable your servos, abilities and shields to defend yourself at any time but the download progress will pause.

Rewards received:

Base amenity blueprint piece:
Genesis Machine (5/100) - The Genesis Machine is capable for the creation of the Kaiju and its development from zygote to adult. With the plans modified for use on your base, yours can breed and control your kaiju as well as giving them abilities, shields, roles and constraints similar to omniframes. There are no rules that forbids fighting fire with fire.

Being in exile sure has some benefits. On one hand, you don’t have the full privileges of being a Gatestrider well...for now but on the other, you are not confined by the society’s standards. That’s when you get unpredictable.
News received from the Gatestriders has announced that Charles Mason, arkship captain of Goldhammer has been relegated as Bounty Head Officer but Vindrax knew who he was at the back of his hand. Charles Mason was the most corrupt hall monitor during Vindrax’s childhood and he would accept gifts from the bullies just to remain in office back then. Charles even had the bullies pick on those who opposed him and confiscated the proof of his misdeeds and even destroy all evidence of his bad behavior. If he is truly the same person as Vindrax thought, Charles could be just usurping power at any opportunity and repeating the same MO as he did before...while hiding behind a badge. At the same time, Charles has around 40% support from the people and he treats his entire guild as a militant order and Charles as the grand master. All the while, the rumors about his opponents and whistleblowers being silenced are denied.

While listening to the radio, Vindrax, you and several other exiled reapers and the Tsi-hu on your side around are discussing whether they are first on Charles Mason’s chopping block as all of you are considered as criminals on exile except for the Tsi-hu of course. After several tense minutes of brainstorming with his companions, Vindrax has a way to do it. He plans to collect Charles Mason’s financial transactions, connections and his opponents’ claims and analyze them for proof. Then once the data has been compiled into a ‘permanent record’ as Vindrax described, he wants it to be simultaneously distributed to the media and the magistrates. If this plan works, all of you could have your names cleared of all pending criminal charges.

Mission objectives:
-Hack into the Gatestrider Constable Database for every connection related to Charles Mason.
-Await for Vindrax’s further instructions.

It was never easy doing something like this. Some had the charisma to lead while others succeed because they had help. I had neither before I was put into exile.
You were thrown into jail for hacking into the database. Vindrax however knew this not because he planned it to happen but rather he expected it as a worst case scenario and Vindrax is crazy prepared for that. While you were looking through the files and once you hit one of Charles’ close connection, the alarms triggered. Charles had his entire ring of cronies with counter breaches to prevent unwanted ‘dumpster diving’. So much for plan A. The good news is that Vindrax has already sent a code word to the outpost for a jailbreak by kaiju attack. All you have to do is wait for it.

Mission objectives:
-Wait for the jailbreak.
-Escape the compound.
-Be warned, you can’t call your omniframe and are not wearing any armor while escaping. Or weapons. Don’t eat the yellow snow either.
Once you are out of the compound, Vindrax advises all of you who are involved to split up and get to the nearest reaper base to call down your omniframes then retreat back to the hideout. The Kaiju attack on the prison will provide the much needed time to get to one. Better hurry though as the timeframe is limited.

Mission objectives:
-Call down your omniframe.
-Category 2 Kaiju health (0%————100%)
-Category 2 Kaiju health (0%————100%)
-Category 1 Kaiju health (0%————100%)

Anticlimactic isn’t it? Just so you know, I’m not letting some cosmic filmmakers and producers write any award winning drama on their terms about how I face the conflicts of my life.
*You must wait for 10 in-game days to start this mission*
*This mission is extremely difficult. It is recommended that you have a high quality Monarch, Immortal or Avatar omniframe.*

While the jailbreak is under investigation, Charles Mason is enraged; he now knows that Vindrax and several of your exiled reapers including you are behind the hacking of the Gatestrider Constabulary Database. He also suspects that the Kaiju attack on the prison compound wasn’t Tsi-hu controlled. Charles now demands the death of all who are involved and sends his most hardened bounty hunters and his entire guild after you. Vindrax knows that Charles is just trying hard to cover up his past murders against the critics and the media. Vindrax isn’t going to stand by and take it so he plans to have the fight against him.

Vindrax is like a file cabinet full of plans, backup plans and counter backup plans. Not only Vindrax wants to reinvestigate and dig up dirt on Charles Mason, he wants the fight to take place in Almazhein Crater. The geological landscape is perfect for an ambush as its large rock spike formations and are capable of many hiding places. With the crater floor wide enough for Charles army’s mass grave, Almazhein Crater carries its significant history; it also the site where the Tsi-hu sends the condemned criminals for execution thousands of years ago.

Mission objectives:
-(Optional) Control several Kaiju under you.
-Meet up with Vindrax at the floor of Almazhein Crater.
-Hide behind the rock formations and wait for Vindrax’s signal.
As soon as you hid behind the rocks, most of your fellow exiles were in their prized omniframes. They knew that this is the day of their reckoning and so might as well go out with a bang. While waiting for Charles Mason, Vindrax is being encircled by some of his guild members. Minute by minute, more and more of the Goldhammer Reapers and bounty hunters arrive until Charles Mason himself shows up. You listened in to their conversation to hear if Vindrax gives the signal.

Charles: “Vinewhip. I’ve come to take you in.”
Vindrax: “Well, Charlie the Masonry, a blast from the past. I didn’t knew you’d still call me that. Heh, it’s been a long time since we’ve met.”
Charles: “You know why I’m here. Now get off your frame and come with me if you want to live.”
Vindrax: “Nah, I feel like I don’t want to, officer. Besides shouldn’t you have an arrest warrant for that?”
Charles: “I don’t need a warrant for your arrest. This is your final warning, Vinewhip!”
Vindrax: “Tsk tsk, poor poor Charlie. You think you are above the law just because you have a badge and a boat captain now don’t you? That’s three strikes right there; no warrant of arrest, grave threat and use of excessive force. It’s no wonder you’re a rockstar in the eyes of the journalists.”
Charles: “Those journalists doesn’t have any idea how to be an upstanding citizen. All they do is complain and show to the people the worse parts of the society. They never see and thank us performing our duties!”
Vindrax: “What duty? All you do is take bribes and usurp power! The people trusted you! Now you’re telling me that it’s the media’s fault that they complain a lot? What kind of logic is that? You clearly are blind! You never see the error in your wrongdoings!”
Charles: “I don’t want to play games anymore here. Hunters! Reapers! Restrain him!”

Charles now holds Vindrax at gunpoint.

Charles: “On charges of treason, mass robbery, resisting arrest, destruction of public property and possession of illegal alien research, I find you guilty and hereby sentenced to death. Any last words?
Vindrax: “Yes: Charles, you’re a frickin’ dunderhead!”

Vindrax gave the signal and suddenly, all of the exiles and their controlled kaijus charge in and attack from all directions. Charles’ army just stood there paralyzed from fear and bewilderment though they did warned themselves of an ambush, just not this kind. Those reapers and bounty hunter who restrained Vindrax quickly dropped their guard and defended themselves thus the restraints were released. Vindrax flew away quickly and left the area. As soon as he returns, he will come back manually controlling a category 3 kaiju as planned earlier.

Mission objectives:
-Fend off Charles Mason’s combined army.
-Survive until Vindrax arrive with the Kaiju.
The cavalry has arrived or in this case, Vindrax came back with the Kaiju. It was a towering giant with many weapons strapped to it. These were so hard to take down, it takes a coordinated effort of many reapers. You are fortunate that this one is on your side. When Vindrax’s kaiju attacks in its first move, a good number of Charles Mason’s force were completely wiped out.

Mission objectives:
-Do not let Charles Mason escape from his judgment.
-Report back to the hideout for debrief.

Rewards received:
-Charles Mason’s “dirty permanent record”
This dossier contains most of the immoral and unethical actions made by Charles Mason during his stay in office as well as being the arkship captain of The Goldhammer. Not only from Charles’ current position, but this spans his entire political career from school hall monitor all the way to Bounty Head Officer.

You see me as a villain in your story. Guess what? The villain wins. But the gods find you guilty on charges of mass murdering those who criticize you as well as coercion and unlawful indoctrination of your way of life to everyone. How do you plea?
With Charles Mason out of the way, Vindrax can now let go of his past now that the closure has been done. However, he is invited to face trial due to his actions too as well as you and all of the exiled reapers with Vindrax. Might as well come clean and remove that stint. Vindrax also plans to have two representatives; one exile witness and one Tsi-hu refugee who can understand human language. This will even up the score and possibly scare off the pants of those in the courtroom.

Mission objectives:
-Win Vindrax’s trial.

After Mission Completion:
-You can now fully access Guild, Friends, Voice Chat and Private Messages. Your in-game name tag is now visible to everyone and will show up on searches. Chat restrictions are also lifted.
-Genesis Machine blueprint pieces are now included as possible rewards from difficult raids and invasions with a Category 3 Kaiju.

I’d never thought I’d go this far in life. With so many struggles I have been through, I wasn’t even scared or feared for my life. Every time I go back to my home in the outpost from where I have lived the most, I always recall that I wished to have someone to comfort me. Though my prayers were answered, it got me Tsi-hus instead.
Well, I guess that’s for about 12 hours or so of writing. But yeah, I ain’t finished yet so gonna edit later. Also, some of the objectives are subject to changes depending on actual gameplay.

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Well, more incoming:
*You must complete ‘The Closing of the Wounds’ as prerequisite for this.*
*You must have all the pieces of the Genesis Machine to be able to complete the mission series.*
A few months later after Vindrax Jethir’s slam dunked trial which was televised on national TV, many marginalized arkship captains, base commanders and independent miners and traders are now looking to Vindrax for assistance. No points as to why since Vindrax is able to command a Category 3 Kaiju with his omniframe, Demigod. Though they are not here ask for mercenary assistance from him but rather from his firsthand knowledge about the Kaiju. One of those who approached Vindrax was Elle Jethir, his father side cousin. Elle’s career as an omniframe pilot runs mostly on being a privateer; harassing alien convoys for materials and supplies then selling them on auctions for her salary.

Many noble families and upper class reapers refuse to lend assistance to those below them because of status and cultural differences. The Jethir Family is more of a rebellious noble family since its members doesn’t follow the mannerisms, precepts and doctrines of the majority but they do give assistance and aid to those below the social ladder. Vindrax doesn’t really care about his social standing despite technically he is part of the upper class.
Vindrax discussed that the Genesis Machine while still in its infancy is inefficient of truly defending a base since any good old automated turrets and omniframe weapons can do the job. Therefore, his first step in improving the Machine is its adaptability. But first, he needs the smackers for his research.

Mission objectives:
-Find anyone who can give a research grant to Vindrax.
Since nobody wants to give any grant, Vindrax decides to ask for assistance from the Tsi-hu.

Mission objectives:
-Travel back to Vindrax’s base.
-Discuss with the Tsi-hu refugees about the Machine’s efficiency.

Is having kaijus as security guards illegal? Well as long as there are no rules against it, it’s allowed for now at least.
Li’virah, one of the Tsi-hu mediators told Vindrax that while the Genesis Machine is modified for human use, its original purpose based from its creators is purely an instrument of war. It’s kind of like the Genesis Machine is analogous to the nuclear missile silo of the human technology. Vindrax wants to make the Machine more versatile by incorporating other uses to it. Despite not a scientist in any field, Vindrax has an open mind to anything. Vindrax will find a way to make the Genesis Machine more appealing to anyone interested.

A few hours later, Elle announced to you that there is a juicy Tsi-hu ‘train’ coming from the western mountains. Rumor has it that it carries a highly classified information about Vindrax’s ‘toy’. Check it out to prove it yourself.

Mission objectives:
-Intercept the Tsi-hu convoy.

Arrgh! Thar be a good booty o’er the hills, matey. Me first mate, Vindey’ll lo’e it. Them’s scurvy rabbits has no chance o’ scratchn’ me all-frame, Bloodsteel.
You, along with Elle and her ‘sulfur snow dogs’ found what you’re looking for. A Tsi-hu convoy with several kaiju escorting it. More of Elle’s scanning reveals that the convoy is carrying canisters of kaiju DNA as well as weapon grafting technology. Basically, the ‘ropes and sails’ needed for Vindrax’s Genesis Machine. Elle also found a hardened black box, possibly what Vindrax needed.

Mission objectives:
-Pillage the convoy and acquire at least 70% of the plunder.
-Return to base with the plunder.

-Be warned though as the convoy is carrying high tech alien equipment; if they’re under attack, you’ll likely to attract death squads. Do no linger for too long in the same area.

After mission completion:
You can now visit Elle repeatedly for Piracy Misions. These missions are typically have harder enemies compared to normal ones but the rewards depend on the amount of plunder you stole.

Avast ye! Thar be shiny treasures bein’ guarded by them giant rabbits. The box must be needed fo’ me scaly boy, Vindey. Crack open them sardine cans an’ get ye share o’ the plunder. Steal not the black box fo’ that ones a mine.
Since many weapon manufacturers from turret guns, ammunition to omniframe weapons have a solid market share, Vindrax has none if not very small people who are interested in the Genesis Machine. However, those who cannot afford or maintain a solid base defense may opt to using the Machine. One of these is CEO of Ion Tusk Corporation, Gerald Livingstone IV. Gerald has kept a close eye on the Jethir Family since Vindrax became an exile and he sees the possible bright future about selling the Machine to the other human colonies out there.

Knowing the selfish nature of humankind, Vindrax intentionally put numerous restraints on the Genesis Machine such as limiting it to only creating and sustaining category 3 Kaijus as well as its population capacity. This is to prevent any disastrous consequences of having a runaway category 4 or 5 kaiju as well as the unethical and immoral use should anyone decides to make one.

Mission objectives:
-Construct the Genesis Machine in your base.

-While the Genesis Machine’s power consumption is low on paper, it gets higher the more kaijus it controls and the higher kaiju categories it needs to sustain. You may have to disassemble your base turrets or even remove your Orbital Comm Tower to have an all-kaiju defense.

Having this kind of power to make an unlimited and endless army of giant monsters is going to have unimaginable consequences. I am not here to repeat the same mistakes in the foreseeable generations to come.
With the word out about the Genesis Machine’ first customers, several speculations arise if the Vindrax’s invention would be reverse engineered or even have its limitations removed. Vindrax told many times before even in front of the media that the Machine is safe to use as long as the user read and understood the instruction manual. The only thing the people have to worry is that if someone is irresponsible and foolish enough to remove or tamper with the built in restraints.

Li’virah warned those users that while the Machine is merely a watered down version of the original, it is still an instrument of death and destruction. They must not play around with what it could do and must handle it with extreme care.

Later, Elle gave you some bad news; some unidentifed saboteurs are prying on your built Machine on your base. They could be planning to remove its restraints. You quickly rushed outside and called your omniframe.

Mission objectives:
-Go back to your base and find out who is responsible for tampering with your Machine.

Arrgh, thar be some bilge rats tryin’ ta pry open yo’ fancy gadget. Ye betta git thar fast ar’ else ther’ll some bilgestorm brewin’ fo’ ya, ‘Ere, take me fancy all-frame trailwake scannr’. Me’s Davy-sure ye’d needed fo’ it as a last time me got ther’, them giant rabbits an’ their masters were not there since sunrise.
Elle was right; the trail wake scanner confirms several omniframe glider use and jet emissions. Some leftover broken tools were scattered around. Clearly, someone or some people doesn’t want to see the success of the Genesis Machine as some panels of it were bent over and wires were left hanging or abruptly yanked out.

Vindrax and Li’virah are on the way to your base. They were worried that your Machine could spell disaster but luckily, yours detected some outside attempts so it initiated its safety shut down. As soon as Vindrax and Li’virah arrived, they noticed the same observations as you did. Upon closer inspections, Vindrax noticed that the power distributor was disabled and the rest of the panels were smashed as if a THMPR used its drill to destroy it.

Mission objectives:
-Scan for any other recent omniframe flight path with the wake scanner.
-Look for more clues outside your base perimeters.
-Follow any trail patterns to its source.
You found several sources leading out but one was the nearest. Once you found the source, it led to one of the Goldhammer guild bases. You quickly knew that it belonged to Sigress “Skinblister” Yorkshire, one of Charles Mason’s connections.

Mission objectives:
-Report back to Vindrax with your findings.

This is clearly an attempt to destroy my work. Someone is a rival who wants me out of the picture. Whoever he or she is, that person isn’t going to escape from consequences.
With the discussion as to what should you do next, all four of you are in a meeting, but your solutions lead to nowhere. Vindrax suspects that Sigress wanted revenge as to what happened to Charles Mason. Li’virah thinks that it was just a big misunderstanding since the Genesis Machine is a big Tsi-hu base target from its looks. Elle however doubted Li’virah’s claim since the rest of your base such as <amenity1>, <amenity2> and <amenity3> remained untouched. Elle thinks this is out of jealousy since the Machine has found a seller and will make a fortune from Gerald Livingstone IV.

Whatever the results, you needed proof of motive. Vindrax goes first; he wants to set up some controlled category 0 kaijus as hidden cameras to record evindence. If this is truly a motive of revenge, Sigress would send her pilots to destroy it again after you repair your Machine. Li’virah recommends you to talk to Sigress about what happened. If this is just a misunderstanding, then Sigress should apologize. Elle however, wants you to use your Machine as a business as kaijus for hire. If this is out of pride and jealousy, then Sigress would demand you to shut down your operations.

Mission objectives: (Fulfill 1 of 3)
-Help with Vindrax to set up surveillance after you fix your Machine.
-Talk to Sigress about the incident.
-Set up a business model of kaijus for hire after you fix your Machine.

-Note: whatever you choose will have an impact as well as your rewards towards and on the ending of this mission series.

The Goldhammer guild is still alive and kicking even after to what we did to Charles Mason. I don’t like the future if Sigress just wanted me to get off the big picture like that.

Then what should you do? The courts had already made the decision of stripping Charles Mason of all previous titles even after the execution. I don’t believe this is revenge. If Sigress is true to her heart, then she would admit this all.

Arrgh. Me don’t thinks both o’ ye arr right. Remember kids; gold can buy ye anythin’ from good ol’ bottle o’ rum to ye title o’ the land. That lass, Sigress is just a wee bit antsy an’ insecure o’ her: she doesn’t wanna rival ‘cuz Sigress wants it all ta herself.
If you chose to go with Vindrax:
You felt that justice needs to be done and the horrifying past caused by these people just simply won’t change or stop. With your Genesis Machine still needs repairs and some components not possible for the Gatestriders to produce, you’ll need to steal those from the enemy.

Mission objectives:
-Repair your Genesis Machine (0%————100%)
-Let Vindrax set up surveillance kaijus around your base.
-Lie in and wait until someone is caught red handed.

There is no way the Goldhammer guild has changed. Even if I could be wrong, a lot of Charles Mason’s cronies wouldn’t repent. If Sigress truly has changed, then her reapers wouldn’t be the one disabling the machine again.
A few hours after Vindrax set up the surveillance kaijus around your base, a squad of omniframe pilots go in and checked out your Machine in close inspection. However, these pilots belong to another guild not from the Goldhammer. You suspect that the rabbit hole has been dug deeper than you expected. A few moments after the suspects have finished examining your Machine, they called their THMPRs and started whacking the panels. Vindrax however knew this would happen so the alarms blared and all of your controlled kaijus started coming back to defend your base.

Mission objectives:
-Observe your ongoing defense.
-Interrogate the suspects.

Rewards Received:

Omniframe Ability Blueprints:
Overloader Cells (passive) - Energy type weapons striking the enemy’s shield is capable of damaging its shield generator. Continuous attacks will destroy the generator itself rendering the target incapable of shield regeneration. Larger enemies such as certain kaiju categories or certain bosses may be irresistible to this attack.

Well well well, look what the rabbits dragged in. I guess everyone of you is guilty of sabotage...attempted sabotage. I’m pretty sure this banner of yours will let me know who is behind all of this.
Vindrax did knew himself that someone or many groups of people doesn’t want to see the success of the Genesis Machine. However, what that doesn’t say is what flavors are there. First, it was Charles Mason and his usurpers. Now, a bunch of religious crusaders gets the flavor of the month. Vindrax shook his head why a lot of human colonies would have this much infighting going on even for the coming decades.

The Bloodhands were a radicalized crusaders bent on xenophobia and threatened to accuse Vindrax on many charges. Once the Machine was fully constructed, the Bloodhands thought that someone was going to turn to the other side.

Mission Objectives:
-Assist with Vindrax in finding the Bloodhands’ hideout.

-Be warned though, even outside of mission The Bloodhands can tag anyone they see as a threat and send their brand of Death Squads. However, you’ll be fighting against omniframe reapers.

Rewards received:

Omniframe Ability Blueprints:
Destructive Electromagnetic Cells (passive) - Your energy type weapons are infused with destructive electromagnetism and are capable of bypassing shields. Successful energy type attacks against the enemy will have its abilities disabled for 10 seconds. Can only be applied once per 30 seconds.

Deja vu anyone? The inquisition happened many centuries ago and I’m the heretic. Does that make me the bad guy of the story?
With the hideout now revealed, Vindrax thinks for the worst. Vindrax believes that there are more hideouts not just this one or there could be more in Gatestrider bases. If you attacked just one of them, all the others may be alerted or know. After so many plans analyzed and eliminated, Vindrax plans to set up a legal ambush with the help of Gerald Livingstone IV and the local authorities.

Mission objectives:
-Let the undercover agents hide in your base.
-Defend a nearby base with your controlled kaijus.
-Spring the trap and capture the Bloodhands.
After Gerald saw everything, he prioritized first the legal proceedings against the Bloodhands. With the reputation tarnished, the Bloodhands will have nowhere to lie to once they face the court.

Rewards received:

Omniframe Reactor Blueprint:
Steel Wall Power Manager - This power manager for an omniframe reactor prioritizes raw defense and regeneration over everything else; its default configuration is 50% on defensive systems. Allocating 80% power to defense grants 30% absolute damage reduction and shields recharge faster the closer they are to depletion.

Calling the cops on a bunch of cultists. Huh...maybe I should become a screenwriter someday.
If you chose to go with Li’virah:
If Sigress was the one behind of it, she would admit. Li’virah once met with Sigress before. Sigress was impressed that Vindrax could control a kaiju with his omniframe. Even if Sigress is one of Charles Mason’s friends, she has to set some lines not to cross over.

Mission objectives:
-Talk to and get Sigress’ side of the story
-Report back to Li’virah

If we are to have closure of the past, we shouldn’t repeat those mistakes even if they were your enemies. I believe that Sigress is innocent and just happened to be on the wrong time and place.
Something doesn’t add up. Sigress is true to her words and while she is an officer of the Goldhammer guild, she doesn’t have the motive or the intent to send out errands to destroy your Genesis Machine. Sigress however gave you a list and the incident report of what happened during the time when your Machine is being disabled. You quickly read through the pages and found out that the Goldhammer guild is not the one responsible but it was a group of fanatics called the Bloodhands. These fanatics labelled Vindrax and the Jethir Family as traitors of the human race as soon as Vindrax started reverse engineering the Tsi-hu technology and started creating and controlling kaijus.

Mission objectives:
-Bring the news back to Vindrax.
-Ask Vindrax if he knows something about the Bloodhands.

Rewards received:

Omniframe Ability Blueprints:
Corrosive Ammunition (passive) - Kinetic type weapons you have equipped is infused with corrosive material. Strikes to the enemy will gradually wear down its armor and eventually becomes vulnerable. Also, successful strikes against the enemy’s health will deal 1.5x the critical damage.

Wait, your race has these kind of religious zealots? I guess we’re not so different at all.
After a few hours of discussion about the Bloodhands and their recent actions, Vindrax now thought that the Genesis Machine became infamous for its existence to others since it is a blend of both human and alien technology. The problem however is why there are people who categorically oppose the alien tech and their use. Li’virah doesn’t see the big picture or the logic behind why the Bloodhands thinks like that and their sudden and deliberate destruction of your Machine before.

A few moments later, the Bloodhands visited your base. With some unhealthy dose of brash word exchange, one of the Bloodhands reapers shot and wounded Li’virah. Vindrax responded back by calling your kaijus on the Bloodhands. Li'virah suddenly got up to her feet and changed to her beast form then started retaliating on her attackers.

Mission objectives:
-Fend off the Bloodhands’ assault.
-Do not let Li’virah pass out from blood loss. (50%————100%)

-Be warned though, even outside of mission The Bloodhands can tag anyone they see as a threat and send their brand of Death Squads. However, you’ll be fighting against omniframe reapers.

Rewards received:
Omniframe Ability Blueprints:
Heavy Impact Ammunition (passive) - Kinetic ammunition capable of staggering an enemy. Strikes to armor will likely cause the enemy to lose balance. However, this is less effective against large and monstrous enemies.

I...I never thought...why? Did I do something wrong? All I want for my kin is to stop the bloodshed. When will this ever end?
With Li’virah wounded and needing medical attention, all of the Tsi-hus present now becomes enraged against the Bloodhands like a vendetta. All of them left Vindrax’s hideout and started hunting the Bloodhands one by one until none of them are spared on this planet.

Mission objectives:
-Call a doctor for Li’virah.

Rewards received:

Omniframe Sensors Blueprint:
Time Breach Stabilizer - Sensors made from Tsi-hu technology. Mineral veins with the highest peak are now displayed automatically and phased ores now drop 20% more abundant. Also, with this equipped, Tsi-hus are likely to talk to you and lower their weapons provided you can understand them.

The Time Breach Stabilizer if equipped, provides a quick mission, “Wound Healer” seldom you mine for phased ores with your THMPR once per mining run. This mission allows you to rescue trapped Tsi-hus in their time prison and lead them to safety to one of your bases provided they don’t get killed. Rewards of the mission are mostly Artifacts and sometimes kaiju parts but the more successful you are in leading them out, the more likely they are to help you and your crafting and research. If you somehow became ‘friendly’ with the Tsi-hus, bases you construct are less likely to be invaded.

I for one do not know how long will this war will ever end. With the rest of my kin still trapped, their memories are frozen in time but some are not. If you see them, please don’t shed their blood.
If you chose to go with Elle:
Elle believes that anyone has a price no matter how high. The attack on your Machine clearly had Sigress worried of her expectations to be crushed. Assuming that Sigress did it, she is not the only connection to Charles or the only one against the prospect of the Machine’s success. Remember in business, everyone is a rival even to those who you don’t know.

Mission objectives:
-Repair your Genesis Machine (0%————100%)
-Use your controlled kaijus to defend a nearby base.
-Wait for Elle’s instructions.

‘Tis be a game o’ gold, matey. Them rules are simple: outclass, outsmart an’ outbid any rats ya come across. Trust be the rarest but most fragile. Wit’ it, ya can do anythin’ but break it lest ya wants ta be left and betrayed by anyone.
A few times after successful base defense assistances with your controlled kaijus, a squad of reapers flew by and landed on your base. They were the Bloodhands and they demanded that you stop with the Kaiju nonsense and dismantle your ‘heretical contraption’. Elle however backsassed the oppressive reapers and threatened to destroy their omniframes with your kaijus. Elle may not know much about anything about the law but she invokes the ‘castle law’ to great advantage.

Mission objectives:
-Destroy the Bloodhands’ omniframes
-Collect evidence of connection from the Bloodhands.

Rewards received:

Omniframe Ability Blueprints:
Earthshaker Explosives (passive) - Explosives launched from weapons are capable of burying themselves beneath the ground. Health and armor of large and monstrous enemies will be affected greatly by your explosive type weapons thus, bypassing their shields entirely, However, explosives have a time delay of 4 to 5 seconds before detonating.

Arrgh! I be a rebel to some but I know what it like ta’ be demanded wit’ dat’ tone of your tongue by someone. Ya needs ta’ be taught a lesson with one o’ me doctrines in life: castle doctrine.
After the defense, Elle and all four of you inside the discussion room talked about the Bloodhands and their intents. While Elle never met or knew the Bloodhands from experience, the are not so easy to be reasoned out. According to some acquaintances of Elle, the Bloodhands were one of the most xenophobic guilds out there and they could have other chapters in other colonies besides here on EM-8ER. Elle feared that the Bloodhands are a bigger threat and reach compared to Charles Mason.

Elle has many contacts among the Gatestriders; so many that no arkship is able to arrive or leave EM-8ER without her knowing. Elle plans to know all of the Bloodhands’ connections and cause chaos among the ranks.

Mission objectives:
-Find out the web of connections related to the Bloodhands. (0/30)

-Be warned though, even outside of mission The Bloodhands can tag anyone they see as a threat and send their brand of Death Squads. However, you’ll be fighting against omniframe reapers.

Rewards received:

Omniframe Ability Blueprints:
Cluster Munitions (passive) - Explosive weapons have a tendency to have their shells split into smaller bomblets while in flight increasing the area of damage.

I sense me old hair on me back tinglin’. Them Bloodhands ar’ tougher than them nails o’ the rabbits. Me plans to ha’e no bloodshed on this land o’ you’s but I can make them break under them weight o’ their stones.
With all the Bloodhands’ list of contacts in her hands, Elle can ruin the reputation of the Bloodhands as well as eroding their will. In the coming weeks, the Bloodhands will have nowhere else to expand their influence and have no choice but to leave EM-8ER.

Mission objectives:
-Distribute the list to the magistrates.

Rewards received:

Omniframe Shoulder Mount Weapon Blueprints:
Titan C-500 TBM Launcher - This missile launcher was originally capable of delivering a massive payload onto the enemy fortifications or formations from the safety of one’s territory. With some recent changes, the Titan C-500 is a tactical ballistic missile now designed for striking the shield generators on the back of many massive kaijus.

Available payloads:
“Virilox-7” Bio-chemical Warhead
“Firestorm” 7 kT Nuclear Warhead
“Lawn Dart” Bunker Buster

Aye, look ‘ere, matey. ‘Dis is a fancy all-frame parrot fo’ you. Last time me know aboot’ it, they could fly up into them clouds an’ crash down wit’ the wrath of the gods.
Wooo there she blows!
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Many noble families and upper class reapers refuse to lend assistance to those below them because of status and cultural differences.
damn those classes and their butlers go forth my rebels :D

Is having kaijus as security guards illegal? Well as long as there are no rules against it, it’s allowed for now at least.
I will take a dozen with hats

Arrgh! Thar be a good booty o’er the hills, matey. Me first mate, Vindey’ll lo’e it. Them’s scurvy rabbits has no chance o’ scratchn’ me all-frame, Bloodsteel.
i feel this to be a space western with some tumble weed going past :D

if not very small people who are interested in the Genesis Machine.
That could be true its one way to be heard!

Mission objectives:
-Go back to your base and find out who is responsible for tampering with your Machine.
flips out my the detective magnifying glass and looks for foot prints,.... release the hounds!

You quickly knew that it belonged to Sigress “Skinblister” Yorkshire, one of Charles Mason’s connections.

Help with Vindrax to set up surveillance after you fix your Machine.
hands everyone free gifts but is a bug mwah ah ha!

-Interrogate the suspects.
Tickle there belly button and show them pictures of omnifriends for hours!
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I have been hoping to write something on this thread and today i finally came up with something at random on Discord ^^
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A team of omniframes.....this is Torgue we are talking about. Looooots of TNT.

And molotov cocktails.....

That he keeps forgetting to light and throw because he drinks them instead. Belching flame thrower to roast the little ones.


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Couldn't be any worse than a drunk Santa Claus, but then that was kind of fun. I remember something was for Halloween. Does anyone remember more?


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The long weight/wait joke.

'Back in the day' I remember some Sergeants used to tell a new recruit to go to the Quarter Masters and ask for a long weight - when they did the QM told them to go stand in a corner and promptly ignored them for ages.

Some twigged quickly, others were standing there for a loooooong time...


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And Pez, do whatever it takes to catch him and digitise him, then use him as a thumperskin for anyone that wins anything in a twitch giveaway,

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