Wacky quests, in-jokes and more


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Jul 25, 2016
Over the course of Em8ER's development, a lot of fans have proposed in-jokes, quests and Em8ER memes as content. I promised a thread where you can post all of that, so here it is.

We lead off with:

The "Anrothan Title" :: The one you get from doing a Printer quest where you pick up a rock the size of a printer and break your character's back ...

History: I threw out my back trying to move a industrial color printer at the start of dev. I was laid out for days and it caused some delays back when we were printing posters.


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Jul 26, 2016
45 minutes: SoonTM, only Grummzified.

Quest where NPC asks you to wait 45 minutes for a response, and doesn't respond until several days later. The bug reports shall be glorious.

History: Grummz stated on Discord he was gonna get back in 45 minutes. Those 45 minutes lasted several days.

45 minutes.JPG
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Jan 7, 2018
Hi All!

In order to keep the good memory of Maven's 1$ packs, I propose an NPC named Maven Claus (like Santa Claus and Maven) in the game that gives away different packs for the people and they need to do something with these packs to gain something bigger; AND/OR he could give you a quest, where you would be sent with a dropship to a mysterious, unknown area "M3", where would be really a 80 feet tall milestone with a text like "Milestone 3", and a bunch of monsters, (maybe some puzzles,) and the task would be to reach the Milestone 3.

And Maven Claus says:
"Use my pack in whatever form you please..." :-D

Cheers: DoktOrk :-D
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Jul 26, 2016
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I have a few ideas. A few old and one new.

I like the idea of having something that resembles "Spicy Al's Tuna" Restaurant in-game. Sometime down the road it could even be interactive in some way. Possibly use as another way to get some lore into the game? But, it doesn't open until much later in the permanent common area; once the Reapers establish some sort of base on the surface of Em-8ER.

Here are a few oldies but goodies:
Petrol Slick = Oil Spill
Airowe = Aero

I think @Ars Nova had proposed this one: La Terramatã = a relative of El Terremoto
If it's possible somewhere in the game, to have Laura Post say, "Boss Boss".

Hope it's okay if we continue to add to our posts as we think of more ideas.

Cool Quotes for Battle:
"(high beep) Base is under attack."


I thought of you, @Torgue_Joey when I heard this one:

"(high beep) Nuclear missile ready."

Cool Quotes for Dropship AI or Pilot
"In the pipe, five by five."
"Hang on, we're in for some chop."

Cool Random Quotes
"We sense a soul in search of answers."
"I find your lack of control disturbing."

Okay, as silly as it may be, I think these songs might be worth a look for "Musical Easter Eggs".

Possible location for # 1: Where ever it is that our "starting" area/city/zone is
Possible location for # 2: An area that is a pirate hideout. :):):)

# 1 Barry Manilow - Copacabana (At the Copa):

# 2 "Rupert Holmes - Escape (The Piña Colada Song)":

Stay tuned for MORE EDITS!

:cool::cool::cool: 8 FOR EM-8ER
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Jul 26, 2016
If we are gonna dip into Firefall for the memes:

I'm not sure if I remember this correctly, but pretty sure there was a meme on the forums about 'Big Red'.

A member had put up a post with reference to something, apparently he wasn't really good at English, and he kept referring to 'Big Red' (or something along those lines). If somebody does remember what it was all about, please do put it up. I remember it was a source of hilarity for a very long time on the forums.
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