The good old days ... will be back?!

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Lace, Jan 27, 2017.

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    I hear ya man I see your point. I play for fun and that's as far as it goes. But, I saw firefall elitist on all versions. if it doesn't show on their ranks it shows on their gear and the things they buy. Games are competitive in the end no matter what so I don't think there's ever going to be a time where there's no elitist or a competitive feel. Pff look at the forum and the tittles. It's always a secret competition on who paid the most or who's been here the longest. Do I care? no But, I see it in MMO's for the most part.
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    Yeah, i don't think you can ever fully eliminate it from on online game. There will always be elitism. But, imo, that's where the difference between diagonal progression and vertical progression is. I do not want to feel like a god, a demigod is good enough for me.

    Thor looks pretty badass to me, i don't have to be Odin.
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    I think Squad is the only game I've seen get very close to what you're talking about. Not a finished game and not so great either but, doesn't have ranks and never shows who you killed or who killed you. That's the first time I felt like no1 was trying to be elitists in a competition. The game is a competition between two teams, always is. But, since names are not shown nothing is remembered. Only you remember what you did. Of course the game is far from being perfect. There are a lot of irritating factors about it. But, I think that's the only game I've ever see where dev were going for what you exactly talked about.
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    Just going to do a little dance, you all know i'm weird by now.

    Ember, memeber.


    Just shy away from VP man. It's pretty much the kiss of death for any online game. Gating and progression can be done in so many more ways.

    Vertical progression is fine, only as a last option.
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    Grit those teeth Grummz.
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    As Ross Scott says:
    " I don't believe guns should respect levels"
    " I believe guns should blow holes in people "
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    Or disintegrate them.

    Also screw your sig.
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    I've at one point seen this monologue as a deeper analogy on the game design Firefall was inspired by. Opposing blatant operant conditioning techniques.

    I know i'm always the guy who sees weird connections everywhere but i felt it was pretty fitting. Especially going to 1.0, i felt it was relevant to what we were experiencing in the game. In the end the chosen won, i guess.
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    I'm going to have to disagree with you on F2P. I've seen it destroy good games, and none other than Yoshi P (Final Fantasy 14 head Dev) explains how and why subscriptions are still the way to go, in the age of F2P.

    I'd have NO problem paying a subscription for a game I enjoy.
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    100% Agreed.
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    Free too play can either kill a game or make it a huge success.

    Take path of exile for example, they did free to play the right way, and it shows as they are the most profitable arpg as of the last couple of years.

    Which begs the question what is the right way to do f2p?

    Simple, crowdfunding and cosmetics.

    The second you start gating things behind a paywall or providing things like "xp boosts" you start to create a divide in your community and making people feel like they have to spend money if they want to succeed, which can kill a good game because it comes across as a bad one.

    The other way to do it is of course pay to play where you buy the game then dont have to pay for a subscription ala guild wars, but that isnt as profitable.
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    I love you. The early feel is what we all committed to for years.

    This needs to come ASAP! Even if it's just thumping and crude crafting, much like FF for awhile. Totally in. Let me soar, let me thump, let me build a frame the way I want, let me find the sweet spot of mat use for crafted stuff (bastion 8?). Let me hunt good spots!

    Anything with levels needs to die.
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    Works great! i can actually see the webpage properly now, my portrait and half of others still blank though :eek:
  14. Does anyone else remember that cinematic explaining the origin of jumpjets? In hindsight, the music doesn't seem to fit well with the subject matter, but it was awesome the first time I saw it.
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    My favorite thing about the whole of firefall was the primordial feal of it all i loved to destroy massive space bugs and i ramber how we where going to fight the melding when i joined firefal back in 2014 i loved how the melding used to breath its way into the safe area and make all the player have to focus down on the feral attack of the enemys kill spawning local new players XD it was trully havok not to mention the beaches and the hawain theme was visually pleasing i still play firefall even now :D.. but i have more faith in this team dream than any game atm
  16. DARKB1KE

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    No other game has a concept like the Melding.
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  17. Gearjammer

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    Me and my wife would spend hours just running around killin shit for the hell of it. Really miss FF
  18. Alan Jones

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    I played for so many hours my "W" key became malformed due to heat from my finger lol. Still have that keyboard as well as my mouse I wore out. Did that the first month running about 12-16hrs daily, was awesome.

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