The good old days ... will be back?!

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Lace, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Lace

    Lace New Member

    I had tons of fun during beta and the early days of release. My fondest memory was to join what could have been tens and hundreds of fellow players to fight the Incursion. Sure, the lag could at times be overwhelming. But that was epic. Wow. Is it true that the good old days ... will be back?!

    New Eden :)

  2. Dark

    Dark New Member

    Can only hope. Lets hope the same mistakes don't come back. My faith is in the Em8er team though.
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  3. Devalfa

    Devalfa New Member

    I have faith.
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  4. D7Sledge

    D7Sledge Terraformer

    Best FireFall was 0.9v FireFall. Hard to believe it's nearly 4 years ago. Would love to see this renewal project succeed.
  5. KyRoS

    KyRoS New Member

    I had the most fun in the early beta. I didn't care for the game once they added in leveling and zone restrictions and I'm not sure who's idea it was to make gear decay/break, but I just had no interest after that. Hopefully Em8er will be much closer to what Firefall was in the early days of beta, only better.
  6. Carter154

    Carter154 Member

    "Is it true that the good old days ... will be back?!"

    I really hope so.

    Everytime I see a vid or screenshot from the old beta days of FF like the one you posted I get this homesick feeling. So much potential thrown into the trash. Its almost criminal.
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  7. Wyntyr

    Wyntyr Firstclaimer

    Hope so...
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  8. KitsuFox

    KitsuFox New Member

    The good old days I feel would have to involve the return of "XP Valley" heheheh...
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  9. Krhys

    Krhys Player One

    Holy s***, my wife was close to divorcing me at that time, I could not stop playing! Then, FF 1.0 hit and my marriage was all good again...

    I think I rejoined at 1.6 because of all the freebies they threw at me in a last ditch attempt to save FF, probably shouldn't have bothered really.

    Please Ember team, return us to the glory days!
  10. g0rki

    g0rki New Member

    Yeah, the game was best prior to 1.0

    I loved all the action, fellow players, flourishing Army, thumping... I hope EM-8ER team don't neglect two things I loved the most, something I could never again recreate in any other game.... Thumping (and searching for best spots) and movement freedom!

    The way I could fly around with my Firecat with custom crafted Soaring Afterburners was... simply the best :) I really hope they make something similar..

    Also probably the worst moment in FF history was when they removed all the "complicated" resources (all 12 I think?) and introduced 4 new... I hated it. I personally love diversity and hate dumbing things down... Oh well.. I could only look for one "random" purple which you could TBH find almost anywhere in higher lvl zones.. SO the thrill of the hunt was gone.

    Also I loved how I could log in during afternoons when there was less players online, check out good old RAWR, see theres X and Y blue resource in NEW EDEN (yes, the "noob" zone, dear god), sit on my bike, pinpoint the zone, find that baby and drop P3 on it, thump out for half an hour while drinking my coffee.... In the evening team up with guys and hit Antartica when that sweet 950ish copper appeared, drop 3x S3 and enjoy the madness! :D

    I'm telling ya, those were the days, I never enjoyed any game so much since...

    Also the sad moment was around 1.0 when all my top army guys left. Think it was then, when they dumbed down resources... Was very depressive.. Some of you may remember my old army, LOOT. Guys like Anthokio, CookieMonztr, Saky, Heartbeer, Carlos.. HaveFun rolled with us.. Later what remained of us, got merged into ONLY, with Snede, Kemo, Hoka, crazy german guys... If any of you are here, PM me guys!!

    Anyway, sorry for my little rant here, just wanted to get this of my chest :)

    Bless you all, and I wish all the luck to our only hope for a good game to come, EM-8ER :) Cheers!!
  11. Silv3r Shadow

    Silv3r Shadow Gatestrider Max Kahuna Kaiju Slayer

    I liked the end of both open and closed beta, they were both getting almost polished enough till they both got scraped. Its hard to say that the marketing side of things was there too, all of the founder packs and launch pack were great selling points, but after 1.0 release it was too money grabing behind the veil, there wasn't enough endorsements or incentives to buy beans, too many basic head gear and warpaints. Not trying to promote warframe but warframe has an exelent example how to sell their game. There is always a pack out with multiple items with platnium.

    I have confidence in ember, I'm hoping that it will be one othose unique indie games that take off through the roof like Minecraft, ark survival, rust etc
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  12. Siguza

    Siguza Terraformer

    I too loved Firefall first and foremost for the insane freedom of movement and the unique way of gathering resources... pre-1.0, obviously.

    Flying around with a soaring afterburner whose cooldown is lower than it's duration...
    Dropping an S3 on a purple node in Antarctica and defending it with only a Bastion and a Raptor...

    I hadn't realised how much I truly loved that game, up until Red5 fell apart completely. I so hope that EM8ER becomes what Firefall should have been. And if it truly does, it's simply bound to "take off through the roof".
  13. Wraithbane

    Wraithbane Terraformer

    No. The good old days are gone. But we always have the future to look forward to. The more you focus on the past, the more you limit the future. I spent more than four (going on five) wonderful years in Firefall. I have many great memories, and lots of screen shots.

    But that was then. This is now. The best we can do is to encourage Grummz and his team to follow his Vision™, and see where it takes us this time. I have much more faith in him, than I do with just about any other Dev I have experience with.
  14. Silv3r Shadow

    Silv3r Shadow Gatestrider Max Kahuna Kaiju Slayer

    Oh yeah, side note I did like thumping in the first month before the thumping Nerf hammer dropped with less locations, 3x less collection, instead of 93% node it was pulled down to 30%? I think. recluse was lyfe, I could solo a S3 thumper ^.^

    My favorite event was the hazardous research event, so many players worked together and it was so much fun blasting all those bugs and creatures (the sound and special effects was awesome too)
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  15. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    so you want to go back to the state of near divorce over an addiction?
    Might I suggest alcohol?

    /sarcasm or /dark humor.
  16. Sempo!

    Sempo! New Member

    The first time I boosted up the beta and found myself in the middle of an incursion with 30+ other players I thought I would never stop playing. I'm so glad we get a second chance.
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  17. Lace

    Lace New Member

    Haha I hope you are joking. In any case, please remember to devote some time to your family, however great a game is :)
  18. Lace

    Lace New Member

    Thanks for sharing your good old day. This comment has brought back good memory. Bits and pieces I have totally forgotten :)
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  19. Lace

    Lace New Member

    I did buy a bike because it was rather a necessity to run around. For Em-8er, I don't mind paying upfront for a well made game. They could finance on-going cost with DLC or in-game cosmetic items. The free-to-play market is maturing now compares to before. So I think Em-8er has a good shot :)
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  20. Lace

    Lace New Member

    Those were my favorite time in the game :)

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