The good old days ... will be back?!

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Lace, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    Since I was active in leading the design back in those days, the feel of Em-8ER will be back. Expect fluid movement, gliding, jump-jets...but this time our servers are going to be very responsive and allow us to do things with melee..THMPR grappling with Kaiju, and also Tsi-Hu in beast mode melee'ing your frame. It's my aim to capture that original feel.
  2. Wyntyr

    Wyntyr Firstclaimer

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  3. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    Man that opening cinematic brings back the chills. The feels!
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  4. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    Remember this?

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  5. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

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  6. NanoTechnician

    NanoTechnician Emberite - THMPR - Deepscanner

    One of the key things I was fond of FF was the ability to socialise with people you didn't know, and over time, enjoyed playing with. Good squad mechanics, reviving benefits and storyline.
  7. NightStroke

    NightStroke Deepscanner Base Commander

    Any chance we can throw wall-riding into the mix? I have to say, its super-intuitive and after playing lucio and titanfall 2 a bunch base movement in other games doesn't feel the same without it.
  8. g0rki

    g0rki New Member

    Don't know if this game will have F2P aspect or not, but IMO it shouldn't be neglected. It kinda sounds stupid when you say it like this, but F2P is HUGE these days, and often games who aren't F2P die out due to low player base...
  9. zdoofop

    zdoofop Terraformer

    There were a few things I loved about Firefall, both BT and AT (Before The9 and After The9)

    1. Giant mechs (of course, i mean that goes without saying.)

    2. i liked riding around in my lgvs and just feeling the breeze

    3. You only had to create one character. Changing character customizations was free, you could access all frames on the same character, and you could do whatever you wanted, then switch to doing something else, all on a single character.

    4. BT, there was no fussing about balancing skills for pvp, which left a lot of room for creative weapons and abilities.

    5. Unlike most mainstream mmos, you could get npcs of different factions to fight each other. Not only is it a neat way to shake off enemies, it just made sense that warrinng factions hated each other enough that they would be at each other's throats, unlike games like SWTOR where (for the most part) npcs simply don't aggro each other.
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  10. Valaetoshiru

    Valaetoshiru Scout

    There were some days I would log into FF and do nothing except drive around on my LGV. Maybe I'd stop to help someone with a Thumper, maybe I'd come across a Chosen patrol - and I mean a *real* Chosen patrol - like they start at one point and actually wander across the map. That was awesome. But just watching the scenery blur by as I jump the over uneven terrain - that. was. awesome.
  11. NitroMidgets

    NitroMidgets Tsi-Hu Hunter

    My inner child is likely something like 11yrs old because all it knows is boobies are awesome, not sure I fully understood what you said and yet it made me smile.
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  12. Silv3r Shadow

    Silv3r Shadow Gatestrider Max Kahuna Kaiju Slayer

    @Grummz , were you a lead designer or 'the' lead designer of wow? Out of interest, hopefully well have good fights like blackwater
  13. DiBBz

    DiBBz Member

    but can we all agree what got most of us into firefall in the first place... i can guarantee you it was most likely this for quite alot of people

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  14. Valaetoshiru

    Valaetoshiru Scout

    Yes! I remember when I first played FF I sucked. I mean really sucked. But over time I got better. I don't mean my frame got some power-ups or a new super-duper weapon, I mean I got better at hitting things, and I got better at not getting hit. That is such a great feeling to know my playing was me, not some artificial game construct designed to provide me with the illusion that I was more powerful.
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  15. Silv3r Shadow

    Silv3r Shadow Gatestrider Max Kahuna Kaiju Slayer

    I managed to rip this off the website back when it was functional, i've dug it up from my storage in my pc to share ;)

    - note, one reason why I dont use the FF forums anymore cause its functionality is cooked also, cant see anyone's portraits and a blank background D:
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  16. Siguza

    Siguza Terraformer

    That can be worked around by adding an entry to your hosts file like so:
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  17. Biz

    Biz Member Kaiju Slayer

    The old chosen voice has to be the most nostalgic thing for me. It was commanding yet ethereal, at the time when you had what amounted to peashooters against juggernauts that killed you in a few good hits, unless you learned to jump over their projectiles, trash-talking you all the way through the fight. I never heard any enemy grunt "Shoot me while I reload" at me in any game.

    @2:34: "I will collect the jawbones of your loved ones!"
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  18. OnyxWolf

    OnyxWolf New Member

    Nice find Silv3r. Thanks for keeping the video and sharing it that was a pretty awesome.

    FF forums are the same for me too.
  19. 0V3RKILL

    0V3RKILL Terraformer

    I love early firefall to death and have tons of good memories in there. But I am going to be honest. My favorite times were in v1.3 Ranking up my last frames to level 40 grinding at the beach in devils tusk. Also love that part of grinding on sertao with our motorcycles on the desert and going to OCT ones it was being attacked. But, the best was doing devils tusk joboards, warfront, kanaloa, amazon and all that. I hated it after 1.6 That last change was horrible for me. But, I got zero complains about 1.3 even tho that's after The9 took over.

    About Em-83r....I have no doubt it is going to be better than firefall and I rather have new unique experiences. I am personally not looking for the same experience. I saw and played firefall through all the changes and I had enough of that. I want this. Which to me seams like a new thing. Has potential to have even more interesting gameplay.
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  20. Sn0wfIak3

    Sn0wfIak3 Active Member


    IMO, just remember what makes the game. It's the community. The problem with vertical progression is that it leads to elitism. Elitism on itself isn't a bad thing but if i'm allowed to be honest, vertical progression just makes it too easy. Spoon fed. The treadmill. Gating isn't a bad thing on itself eater, imo it's a good thing to gate new players from new content but VP just makes it feel cheap, i guess.

    It's just a game, not an ego trip.
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