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Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Nunaden, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Nunaden

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    Hello? We'Re in the fucking future! We got better Ballistic-glass! And i want a big shield made of it! A BIG SHIELD!!!!!! WITH 10 TO 20cm THICK BALLISTIC GLASS!!!!! AND I WANT TAHT THE GLASS IS HARDER THAN THE NANO-FIBERS!!!!!! I WANT MY OP SHIELD!!!! *starts gunzerking with 2 bandit weapons :3*
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  2. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    *Looooong thinking breake* Now, after i had soem time to think i got the idea of use of different ammo for our normal ballistic weapons ('cause railguns ain't normal...):
    - FMJ, Full metal jacket, good against un- or light armored targets
    - HP, Hollow point, good for breaking armor, but does not pierce through tissue
    - Flechette, totally ignores every kind of armor, pierces targets, does low dmg against biological targets, is still effective in/-to water ('cause it's a dart that doesn't give a shit if there is water or not...)
  3. EvilKitten

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    Not sure I saw it answered here but weapons are handheld. I suggested them being integrated in the arm but got shot down by Grummz.
    I think that having us listing off long lists of named effects is somewhat pointless at this stage of the game,so all I am going to say is I will be happy with lots of customization with a minimal vertical footprint.

    Also remember that anything you want on your frame must be LIGHT, because your omniframe is intended for flight. The less material needed in its design the better. A large slab of solid anything is probably a bad idea if you ever want to get off the ground. I would rather suggest an energy based shield that is minimal mass and can be turned off for flight. A good example would be like the shields used in the Halo universe.

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  4. Terricon4

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    FMJ would be the armor piercing one, HP would be the soft target killer, and flechette/dart is... not going to do much better in water than others.
    Options for less conventional ammo would also be interesting.

    Like for explosive weapons.
    -High explosive ammo. Increases AOE, decreases damage.
    -Fragmentation type. Slight delay on explosion, lower AOE blast damage, but fires out a series of projectiles in all directions that can potentially hit stuff at triple the normal AOE range.
    -Incendiary. Produces 30% less initial damage on detonation, but deals 40% of that initial damage over five seconds (better against big enemies, less useful against smaller ones.
    -Shaped charge. Cuts the AOE to the far sides hemisphere only, but it now reaches out the distance from that point of it's original diameter and deals 20% more damage. Your misses are less forgiving and you can't bombard groups of enemies from above as easily, but with more ground level fire you can get a group of enemies good, and for larger types it does more damage.
    -Concussive warhead. It's less flashy and bright, and deals 40% less dmg. But it can send small enemies ragdolling through the air. So it's sort of a stun weapon, but also just hilarious to use from time to time even if not the most practical for serious fights.
  5. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    well, flechette (if right shaped) can be more effective in water (since the biggest trouble of bullets in water are that they leave vacuums through their shape and speed.

    And if we get railguns then the same can be done for the railgun ammo, since they are not much more than huuge iron sticks that can be filled with stuff, so filling them with explosives or something else that can help us fight enemies, like flour (trolololo, i know it won't work :D).
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    3. PROFITS.

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