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  1. Nunaden

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    Well, Hi! I got some questions 'bout customisation of the MEK, the arsenal that we are going to have and some suggestion.

    Let's start with CUSTOMISATION:
    How deep will it be? What will we probably be able to replace and modify on the MEK?
    I would really like to see huge customisation (BTW i'm hoping that the budget will be enough :L). Back in FF we had, in my opinion, not enough options to customise the frame. Only the abilities and a core is kinda lame and after the 1.4 disaster on the PTS i just quit it (just knowing that boots, helmets, OS chips, cores etc. were there...). So i'm hoping also for some customisation options that will have a pretty big impact on what we will be able to do, here some
    Jets/Boosters: (IF we get thrusters etc.)
    - Jump thrusters
    increasing jump height and time till we drop down again
    - Speed-boosters
    increases running speed when activated
    - Hover-jets
    giving the player the ability to hover in the air

    - Stock legs
    no pros
    no cons
    - Stompers
    high HP, high carry capacity
    slow, high weight
    - Sprinters
    pretty fast, low weight
    low hp, low carry capacity

    Feet: (yep... no joke!)
    - Stock feet
    no pros
    no cons
    - Crushers
    high carry capacity, high hp
    high weight, pretty slow
    - Jumpers
    low weight, pretty fast
    low carry capacity, low hp
    - Sliders (basically skis/skates)
    low weight, very fast (and even faster with the speed-boosters) very good on flat surfaces
    low hp, low carry capacity, bad on rough surfaces

    Now the ARSENAL:
    Well... first of all, will the weapons be build into the fist/wrist of the MEK or do we get Titanfall-style guns (for instance oversized pistol using 18x38mm rounds xD wow... i wonder how big the holes of this gun would be xDDD) or even whole fist turned into guns? I would like to have both. A 18x38mm/18x36mm pistol and the left hand replaced with a CWA sprayer? YESHH PLEASHEEE!!! *Evil laugh* And i think i don't got to bring 2 sites of suggestions here, do I?

    Let's discuss 'bout it.
    (And maybe make some speculations and more suggestion xD)
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  2. DoomMeister

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    @Nunaden Can you clarify or point me towards the notes regarding the MEK-A? I saw in another thread that the Mek-A was the T.H.M.P.R.? Just new and confused here.
  3. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

  4. DoomMeister

    DoomMeister New Member

    Thanks for the quick info! So upon reading it over, this is my take on it:

    The MEK omniframe would look good with any variety of weaponry, and so I think the titanfall-style weapons would be more closely classified as a slow-fire AOE type weapon/augment. I also like the concept of them, with colored fins. I can see those colors (if they also glow in the dark) as being really cool, and potentially useful in large scale battles (i.e. RED = Heavy Weaponry, YELLOW = Support/Healer, Blue = Mobile Class/Agility) Just to name a few ideas.

    And continuing on the large weaponry idea, it depends on the user i'd say. If I were to have types of guns, I'd have:
    >>Auto-Class: Automatic Pistols, small bullet size, wide spread, largest magazine capacity of the three.
    >>Rev-Class: Revolver Pistols (manual trigger), medium bullet size, high accuracy, medium/low magazine size.
    >>Titan-Class: As a tribute to @Nunaden for his titanfall reference, large bullet size, LOW fire rate, low mag size, high damage/aoe and high bullet-drop
    >>ARR-Class: Regular assault rifle mechanics, medium fire rate, medium magazine size, etc... standard all-around
    >>BRST-Class: Burst fire, high recoil + Accuracy
    >>RCN-Class: High scope, manual trigger, high acc, medium damage
    >>CMB-Class: Combat class, less powerful scope, high damage low crit multiplier, medium/high mag size
    >>HH-Class: Head-Hunter Class, Powerful scope, medium damage, extreme crit multiplier, low mag size
    >>RAIL-Class: It's a railgun, medium scope, medium/high damage, bullet+armor penetration, magsize TBD
    >>Standard: High fire rate, your standard idea of an machine gun
    >>HMG: Heavy Machine Gun, revolving barrel, high fire rate, high weight factor/slowness effect
    >>LMG: Much lighter than the standard, low damage quick reload
    >>SPIKER: Crowd Control weapon, fires spikes that either slow or knockback enemies, useful tactically

    So here's the weird one, I've been having odd thoughts about how the engineer/medic class would works, so I meshed the spoilers together.
    >>Battle Wrench: A tool outfitted with the latest technology optimized to repair deployables and MEK omniframes OUT OF COMBAT. In essence if they have deployables, they can repair them at a nice rate. They can ALSO repair MEK frames out of combat at a high instant-rate (meaning each 'hit' if that was the method of repair) in-combat MEKs don't get repaired as much as the next class.

    >>Nano-Repair Ray-Gun: Simple, it's a healing ray/tether Possible LINKING capacities (for lowered heal rate) Good for in-combat healing.
    >>Repair mine Launcher: Fires 'Sticky Grenades' that are actually loaded with nanites that can repair suits at a certain rate before deteriorating after a set time.
    >>SPIKER: Unique weapon, can place down spikes that constantly emit waves of repair nanites in a certain radius, Alt fire places a spike that increases jetpack/energy regeneration.

    Not sure about the DoT Attack/Support classes similar to the recluse... The point for the medic/support though is that engineers can still be supports, but medics do the job a lot better since they're dedicated for it. Because what good is an engineer if it can't work with omniframes on some level?

    That was a lot of info, hope ya'll don't mine!
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  5. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    Well... its already stated that we aint got classes and that the colours are jsut for optical purposes. And i don't think that the normal 9x19mm/9x18mm pistol ammo would help against our enemies in beast mode (the tsihu wont be that easy).
    And with TTF-style guns i mean really oversized guns.

    and since i got to feed you with some more info, here: how teh tsihu and their best mode look like how the xenos will look like...
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  6. Torgue_Joey

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  7. Krhys

    Krhys Player One

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  8. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    I want that with 60 ammo and 4 rounds/second :D
  9. Krhys

    Krhys Player One

    Here's four 'customisable' areas on the Omniframe/mek I would like to see in game:

    Armour Repair System: Enhancements to the existing nanobot repair systems improves the rate at which the suit plating is regenerated.
    Composite Plating: Improved designs in the layering of specific armour types add significant increases in damage mitigation from all types of sources, with no impact to overall suit weight.
    Explosive Force Dampening Layer: A variety of energy absorption gel, foam and polymer layers improves the armour's ability to absorb some incoming explosive damage.
    Heat Resistant Composite Layer: Primarily composed of ceramic cells, the heat resistant layer improves the armour's ability to resist damage from incoming thermal sources.
    Kinetic Resistance Layer: Features tightly packed layers of high tensile steel, titanium and kevlar layers designed to increase the armour's ability to resist incoming projectiles dealing kinetic damage.

    Hydraulic System: Improved designs employed in the construction of hydraulic systems enhances their ability to hold the frame steady under heavy loads, thus improving weapon accuracy.
    Jump Jet Vents: Design and material improvements in jump jet vents improve the air movement speed of the suit.
    Servo Array: Higher grade servos allow greater speed and agility, even under extreme load.
    Shock Absorption System: Improved dampening systems enhance the suit's ability to absorb the large amounts of force generated by weapons fire with minimal chassis movement displacement, thus reducing weapon fire recoil.
    Support Frame: Replacement of support struts with stronger but lighter materials improves the suit carriage capacity to overall weight ratio.

    Command and Information Array: An enhanced C&I array enhances the local tactical picture of the battlefield out to further ranges.
    CPU Array: Greater computing power on suits allow more engineering modules to be integrated into the system.
    Heat Dissipation System: Enhanced cooling techniques on high performance electronic devices reduces the time taken for manually activated engineering modules to recharge between uses.
    Medical System: Advancements to the on-board medical system improves the rate of cell regeneration, improving the pilot's ability to get back into the fight after being revived by an ally or following repatriation.
    Module Computational Algorithms: Improvements in the computational circuitry of on-board engineering modules boosts their overall performance.

    Capacitor Array: Efficiencies in engineering module capacitor design have led to lower power requirements without a loss in performance of the devices.
    Jump Jet Engine: Design improvements in jump jet technology reduces the amount of plasma fuel required to generate the same amount of thrust.
    Plasma Conversion System: As efficiencies within the conversion process improve, the rate at which plasma fuel is generated is increased without the requirement for additional power.
    Reactor: Improvements in reactor construction and cooling systems provides a boost to overall power generation.
    Weapon Linking System: Improved conduits between reactor and energy weapon reduce the amount of power lost during the transfer process.
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  10. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    Well.. its sounds kinda vertical O.O (how you want things to be replaceable)
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  11. Krhys

    Krhys Player One

    True but say if you wanted to boost a specific aspect, you will have to compensate for it in another...
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  12. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    hm... that aint a bad idea....
    but i would also say that we can have to give some things up for others... you cant have an effective explosion gel layer, kinetic plating and heat plating at the same time... how about sacrificing for example one for two with 50% effectivity (max 2 at a time) or the other 2 for one at full effectivity.

    also how 'bout this idea: we can have mounted weapons that need signals to be fired(normal guns), handed guns (human like) or energy guns that need energy (a kind of mounted guns). Each would come with some pros and cons, mounted guns need very small power to be used, but are harder (slower) to reload. Handed guns don't need any energy, are easier to be reloaded but you can be disarmed. Energy weapons don't need to be reloaded but have a huge energy usage.

    Also some ideas for more "user" related things:
    - The player has "separate" health from the mecha, so he can be killed without destroying teh MEK (through falling down, gas, temperature etc.)
    - gas filter system with different effectivities: 50% (still leaves much place in the air conditioning/cooling systems) 75% (leaves still space for other things in teh system) and 100% (leaves just a little space, but nullifies the gas damage, nice for players with CWA sprayers).
    - air cooling/heating (for places with very low or high temperatures)
    and some other things (air cleaning? so the meks inside doesn't need to be cleaned and the screens stay clean xD)
    jsut some random ideas... 'cause i don't think that is very comfortable in a volcanic region in a mech
  13. Rocket

    Rocket Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R. Max Kahina

    That's his thermite launcher, and the visual result he got from that shot was due to the pile of fireworks he was shooting at.
  14. Krhys

    Krhys Player One

    Indeed, when it comes to weapons your standard projectile types weigh quite a bit but don't require additional energy to run, plus they fire out to longer ranges and have decent damage. Tanks these days simply fire a huge metal dart at other tanks and the sheer speed at which it travels is generally enough to defeat modern armour, no need really for fancy high explosive rounds anymore.

    Energy based weapons should (in theory, that is) be made of lighter polymers and other sciency-type sh1t so should be lighter in weight but ranges are generally shorter than their projectile counterparts and they require loads of power but the damage output is high.

    Then you get the anomalies in between, like laser weapons. A laser gun itself will be light and although it will consume a lot of power, it won't be as much as say a plasma based weapon. It can fire out to really long ranges but to compensate, it will probably cause the least amount of damage.

    Then there are rail weapons, they're heavy, they use a lot of energy but boy do they cause some damage and can cut through multiple targets! However, wielding one of these means not much power and room left for other stuff on your rig.

    So you can mix it up with your weapon load-out depending on your available power and carriage capacity. OB FF was all about this sort of thing, which was brilliant.
  15. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    I also think it would be nice to have overheating, look at the fucking rail guns... hell you need much electricity to create such a magnetic field to accelerate an iron stick fast enough to fly ... um... 1-2km? And then there is the friction... which can generate massive heat too... soo... if we shoot 10 shots the result will be massive heat from the power and from the friction.
    Also the energy weapons and the normal ballistic weapons should overheat (even when the "some time" 'cause the bullets ain't got too much friction there"). Energy weapons use pure energy, so... somehow we got to turn it something that can damage things, heat! And BTW that will also generate light. And the heat will also affect the weapon.

    And laser weapons shouldn't over heat... 'cause all it is is an "high"-energetic light beam... thats why it shouldn't shoot like ballistic weapons 'Cause it wouldn't generate enough heat to cut through steel.
  16. Krhys

    Krhys Player One

    Indeed yes, while projectile weapons suffer from reload times, energy based weapons suffer from overheating instead and will end up with either a very low RoF or some sort of venting system, which again will reduce firing time between max heat buildups.

    All good stuff!
  17. Ghost_King

    Ghost_King New Member

    You may use a shield ,but that does not mean your a tank, as you could also specialize your Frame for straight cc and as a result you are very destructible. Maybe you prefer to rush between enemies with your centipede-esque body and leaving grenades every where.

    Has there been any confirms on exactly how much customization will be given? Will there even be this level of customization? I personally like the idea of having non-humanoid frame options, but i know not everyone agrees with that thought.

    Hope this helped give people ideas.
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  18. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    WEll... since we're talking about shields.. why not a shield with 4-5cm thick ballistic glass, like the Ballistic-Shields in reallife just far more thicker. xD i Think that even a tsihu in beastmode would need a while to break one of those... :3
  19. Torgue_Joey

    Torgue_Joey Emberite -Death Reaper KAIJU 'SPLODER

    Omniframe are built from some sort of nano-fiber-mumbo-jumbo. A material capable to break through walls without a scratch.

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