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  1. Adamke_

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    Personally i'd love to see the cloaking that the recon had, how it would cloak and then a decoy would run out but without the decoy part...
    Found a video:
  2. zdoofop

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    how about without the running out instead?
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  3. Adamke_

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    Yes, that sounds great
  4. Clunker

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    Okay, found some Engineer-focused vids -
    Personally, I always enjoyed fighting 'indirectly' -
    not by having the biggest gun, but by smartly setting up a 'nest' of deployable items.

    Engineer Overview:
    Showcases general play, Heavy Turret, Deployable Shield and Supply Station abilities, along with Anti-Personnel Turret HKM:

    Bastion Overview:
    Showcases Advanced engineer focused on even more deployable items, even a Multi-Turret Ability allowing one
    to 'fire' deployable turrets to hang on any surface/angle:
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  5. Aureola

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    I remember my favorite ability being Decoy and Advanced Decoy from the Recon line. It cloaked the user and left behind a replica; regular decoy remained still, whereas the advanced version could move and shoot just like a real player. After around 5~ seconds, it would detonate and deal big damage to the surrounding area. The decoys were functionally immortal up till detonation.

    This could be fun for a more stealthy-type omniframe.
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  6. Gruff

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    Ater the n'th update on Firefall (the one where we went from find out if you survive an area by entering it and if you live the answer was "yes" to designated levelling zone's) the engineer turrets got duration timers. Ok, maybe the battery or something runs flat after a period of time, but I really preferred the turrets before that update (and no, I did not drop a thumper and go afk to watch p#rn or something, I just tried bigger thumpers if I had nothing to do) :)
  7. Taldrakkan

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    I think this was sometime back in like 2014. They nerfed recluse right after they nerfed bastion? I think they stopped poison from stacking, which I then saw similar with paladins trying to reduce the dot stacking. It just seems like a lot of games don't like heavy dot stacking and it will frequently take too long to do any reasonable amount of damage, or it's just a secondary part of someone's damage rather than their primary.
  8. Aphaz

    Aphaz Deepscanner

    this was a battleframe i "made" for FF, but i think that it would be a fun build to play in ember...what do you think?

    THE SHINOBI / Space Manipulation Frame

    -Weapon: Relocator Rifle > the Relocator Rifle works in a similar way to the Shock Rail (the rest is classified Accord Research Material and a higher Clearence Level Required to access database).

    -Primary Fire: fires a "Anchor shot" tagging an enemy or friendly model

    -Secondary Fire: fires a "Relocator shot" relocating tagged targets, like Chosen off a cliff, or downed teammates to a safer area for reviving

    -Ability 1: -Dimension Door- creates a shimering-vertical-oval-door at the point where The Shinobi is standing, and a second identical portal up to X meters away. Anything passing through the both directions...instantly travel from point A to B, that includes bullets, throwables (like grenades/multiturrets), and weapons like the Tesla rifle (in the case that the range of the portal is 50m the Tesla would have an effective range of 75m +/-)

    -Ability 2: -Wraithform- The Shinobi slips "into a ghost-like state" in which it can pass through verticall solid objects, like walls or enemies. if at the end of the duration of this ability the player is inside a solid object the player is automatically treated as if "having commited suicide". also, while in Wraithform state, The Shinobi recieves no damage from Physycal attacks, and half damage from energy attacks (treat poison/ice as a physycall attack for that purpose, while fire is treated as energy)

    -Ability 3: -Create Solid Object- The Shinobi creates "a piece of terrain" at a point a few meters in fron of him/her, and that can even be in mid-air...after having been created (if created in mid-air, the object fall to the ground, and stay there...or on the unfortunate enemy underneath, causing massive damage but also instantly shattering), the object will block line of sight, and provide cover as aplicable. in this fassion, the created object has a set ammount of HP, and can be broken by repeated damage beeing inflicted to it.

    -HKM: -Blink- upon activating this HKM, The Shinobi "enters into a state of extremly fast movement". the HKM works like this...for the duration of this hkm, The Shinobi "travels/teleports a set ammount of meters each second". if the direction of the travel/teleport is chosen with movement keys the movement is horizontal, while holding the key that is used for jumpjets + any movement key will result in diagonal, or even vertical movement. there are some restrictions to this movement however. the pilot may not pass through solid objects of any kind, and "bumping into such an object", both living and non-living/organic and inorganic will result in the pilot stoping short and in contact with the object.

    Using Wraithform at the same time as activating Blink allows the pilot to pass through living/organic objects, but the safety protocols built into the Blink HKM take precedence and the pilot is unable to pass through non-living/inorganic objects while Blinking
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  9. Aphaz

    Aphaz Deepscanner

    i made this frame at the request of a guy from the FF forums. there was another one (a time manipulation frame build) but i never got to finish that one (still W.i.P. :D )
  10. Auer

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  11. Drakin5

    Drakin5 Well-Known Member

    This is an expounded list of varied abilities that came from my post as an early attempt.

    The assault leaps into the air and slams onto the ground. Damage is based off by distance.

    'Asteroid' Crater
    -This Crater variant has an increased damage, knockback force and AOE but inflicts 10% frame damage from max hp upon ground impact.

    'Meteor' Crater
    -This Crater variant has an increased damage, knockback force and AOE but not by much compared to the 'Asteroid' variant. However, this ability has a longer cooldown.

    'Shower' Crater
    -This Crater variant has a huge AOE much larger than 'Asteroid' variant.

    'Velocity' Crater
    -This Crater variant has its maximum damage threshold increased and the impact time decreased.

    Legacy: 'Shielded' Crater
    -Protects the frame from enemy fire but has a slight decrease in AOE.
    The assault flies towards where the crosshairs are pointed at.

    'Large Thrusters' Afterburner
    -Afterburner with an increased velocity and range but has a decrease in cooldown.

    'Recharging Fuel' Afterburner
    -Afterburner with an increased charges and decreased cooldown but has less velocity.

    'Quick Dash' Afterburner
    -Afterburner with only one charge but has an increased velocity and a much longer ability duration

    Legacy: 'Cannonball' Afterburner
    -Afterburner with only one charge but can knock off foes back and deal damage.
    The assault hovers above while dealing fire damage below.

    'Passive' Burn Jets
    -Use your omniframe thrusters to deal fire damage below but the duration depends on your energy capacity.

    'Extra Crispy' Burn Jets
    -Burn Jets with an increased damage but has a shorter duration.

    'Lingering' Burn Jets
    -Burn Jets instead do fire damage over time

    'Scorched Earth' Burn Jets
    -Burn Jets can set the ground on fire.
    The Engineer places directional mines on the ground.

    'Outlawed' Claymore Mines
    -Claymore Mines deal poison damage over time.

    'Glass Casing' Claymore Mines
    -Claymore Mines are undetectable by enemy scanners.

    'Cluster Munitions' Claymore Mines
    -Claymore Mines releases small bomblets after detonation.

    'Fragmentation' Claymore Mines
    -Claymore Mines with an increased lethal blast range.

    'Musette Bag' Claymore Mines
    -Claymore Mines with more quantities.
    The Engineer places a supply station on the ground for replenishing health and ammunition.

    'Heavy Duty' Supply Station
    -Supply Station with an increased HP and damage resistances.

    'Fast Dispense' Supply Station
    -Supply Station with a faster time to dispense health and ammunition.

    'Mobile' Supply Station
    -The Engineer instead dispenses the supplies to anyone automatically within range.

    Legacy: 'HKM Recharge' Supply Station
    -Grants a partial charge to the HKM from using the station.
    The Engineer places an automated sentry turret on the ground.

    'Durable' Heavy Turret
    -Heavy Turret with an increased HP and damage resistances.

    'Cannon' Heavy Turret
    -Heavy Turret with a cannon modification; effective against armored targets.

    'Acid Sprayer' Heavy Turret
    -Heavy Turret that deals poison damage over time.

    'Smart Lock Optics' Heavy Turret
    -Heavy Turret with an enhanced targeting system that holds its fire when an enemy is taking cover.

    Legacy: 'Rocket' Heavy Turret
    -A heavy turret with a rocket launcher equipped.
    The Biotech leaves a trail of poisonous gasses while moving.

    'Infectious' Poison Trail
    -Poison Trail causes an chain infection that passes its damaging effect to nearby enemies.

    'Venomous' Poison Trail
    -Affected enemies take more damage when hit.

    'Breathe Deep' Poison Trail
    -Poison Trail becomes a hazard as damage increases with each tick the longer enemies linger inside.

    'Toxic Exhausts' Poison Trail
    -Movement speed is increased while Poison Trail is active.

    Legacy: 'Blinding' Poison Trail
    -Enemies have an accuracy penalty when affected by Poison Trail.
    The Biotech creates a healing energy in front that heals allies but damages enemies with a knockback force.

    'Metaphasic' Healing Wave
    -Healing Wave also repair omniframes.

    'Pulsating' Healing Wave
    -Healing Wave becomes a heal over time ability.

    'Persistent' Healing Wave
    -Healing Wave becomes a passive ability but heals at a much slower rate.

    'Shielding' Healing Wave
    -Healing Wave grants a 3 second invincibility to allies.
    The Biotech is equipped a chemical sprayer that heals allies and damages enemies.

    'Long Reach' Chemical Sprayer
    -The Sprayer has a longer range but has a narrower effect angle.

    'Twin' Chemical Sprayer
    -Grants two Sprayers for one in each hand but has a shorter duration.

    'Hallucinogenic' Chemical Sprayer
    -Affected enemies has a slower reaction time and movement.

    'High Potency' Chemical Sprayer
    -The Sprayer has an increase in heal and damage values.
    The Recon throws a cryo grenade out in front dealing ice damage and slows enemy movement.

    'Brittling' Cryo Grenade
    -Affected enemies become more vulnerable from damage

    'Frostbite Gangrene' Cryo Grenade
    -Inflicts poison damage at the end after the freeze effects has passed.

    'Cluster' Cryo Grenade
    -Removes all ability charges but throws a cluster of 3 grenades at a random trajectory.

    'Flash Freeze' Cryo Grenade
    -Creates a lingering ice damage over time on its impact location.

    Legacy: 'Burning' Cryo Grenade
    -Creates a lingering fire damage over time on its impact location.
    The Recon shoots out a deployable beacon that shows enemies into SIN; affected targets become vulnerable. Stores as many beacons as allowed.

    'Tracker' Sin Beacon
    -This Sin Beacon has only one charge but if managed to hit an enemy directly, this beacon will show more enemies into SIN as the affected begins to move.

    'Psychic' Sin Beacon
    -Shows a detailed enemy movement 5 seconds prior.

    'Virus' Sin Beacon
    -Affected enemies will have their scanners confused as to which is friend or foe.

    'Overclocked' Sin Beacon
    -The Sin Beacon becomes more aggressive in targeting and thus shows enemies more consistently and lasts longer. However, the immense signal would give off your location and would likely get you targeted first.
    The Recon emits an explosion outwards damaging and knocking back enemies as well as snaring them.

    'Hydrostasis' Proximity Response
    -Snaring effect lasts longer and slows even more.

    'Knockout' Proximity Response
    -Replaces the snaring effect with a 5 second stun.

    'Forceful' Proximity Response
    -Increases damage and knockback force but slows enemies less.
    Loads explosive rounds on the dreadnought's primary weapon causing AOE damage on impact.

    'Penetrator' Explosive Rounds
    -Inflicts additional piercing damage on direct hits.

    'Long Belt' Explosive Rounds
    -Increased ability duration.

    'Squash Head' Explosive Rounds
    -Explosive Rounds deal an increased damage as well as a slight critical chance against armored targets.

    'Thermobaric' Explosive Rounds
    -Increases damage by 20% and AOE by 80% but only on confined spaces.
    The Dreadnought braces for impact gaining extreme damage resistance then explodes outwards dealing the absorbed damage to surrounding enemies.

    'Black Hole' Absorption Bomb
    -All projectiles that pass through the AOE even that come from allies are redirected towards the Dreadnought.

    'Recycled Energy' Absorption Bomb
    -Allies who are within the AOE will have their HKM charged by 30% of its capacity.

    'Pseudo-fission' Absorption Bomb
    -Depletes the entire energy reserves of the Dreadnought and the surrounding enemies who are within the AOE for a massive increase in damage and AOE. This increase depends on the current quantity of the total reserve energy.

    'Manual Detonation' Absorption Bomb
    -The ability doesn't trigger at the end but rather 'stored'. Pressing the key that binds to this ability will activate the explosion.
    Toggled activation ability that locks the Dreadnought in place. While in turret mode, the Dreadnought gains an increase in rate of fire, damage and accuracy as well as a damage absorption shield that reapplies itself.

    '360 Degree' Turret Mode
    -Grants a 360 degree rotation while in Turret Mode.

    'Weakness Scanner' Turret Mode
    -Assists in looking for potential enemy weaknesses while in Turret Mode.

    'Kinetic Energy Recycler' Turret Mode
    -HKM charges faster while being hit during Turret Mode.

    'Fortified' Turret Mode
    -Increases the absorption shield HP while in Turret Mode.
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    I would love to see crater back, nothing was more satisftying than pulling off a stupid high drop and just nuking anything below.

    Video of crater near end of firefall

    Edit: Found another crater video
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  14. Rocketeer593

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    I like quite a bit of what I see here in this thread! Here's what i have to say on just a few of them.

    Turrets Galore! Even some deployable artillery turrets! I know someone said something about having them at bases, but I want some for on the go!
    Slow firing but somewhat durable turrets that launch powerful arcing large aoe explosives that have a high intercepting capability (not truly homing, but hit quite close to moving targets), and can fire both directly and indirectly at targets allowing you to simply mark or spot them (recon/marking abilities allow you to fire and forget completely) and then watch the fireworks as the turrets rain death from above on unsuspecting targets. You can also mark a spot for constant barrage Both user's and friendly rounds will also "spot" targets and refresh the "spotted" status of enemies.

    Various deployable shields (Curved? Self recharging?) and/or
    Much more health and are considered to be armor, but you can't shoot, see, or move through them
    for cover will most definitely be needed.

    Will most definitely need a Supply Station because you don't just find health and bullets lying around on the battlefield, but having them function like pack generators is problematic as it means you could be waiting ages for ammo when you have a large group of people who need some lead (Melding Nados ate ammo like crazy). If they also granted a steady supply of health and ammo to anyone nearby, but with the pickups having less of a burst, it would be amazing.

    Will also like mines cause I want an opportunity to force feed aliens pancakes, as well as replay various voice lines from TF2's demoman ("Couldn't ya see the bloody bombs?")

    DEATH FROM ABOVE!! I feel like rather than having crater being a pressed ability, it should be an in-expensive passive that greatly reduces fall damage and/or increases the height before you do take fall damage, and negates all fall damage if you fall directly or nearly so on an enemy, even from a great height. I want one or both in the game regardless.

    Turret mode should basically make you incredibly durable via a high amount of damage reduction, a large constant shield regen, and extra shield capacity. Heavier weapons should not need to have an increase in accuracy or stability to be used at longer ranges, so that's why I didn't include it. Having an extra custom set of power usage specifically for turret mode would also help so you don't have to worry about the power specifically routed for movement getting wasted while you're stationary.

    While having Heavy Armor is a must for the much moderate to high damage reduction on the go, it could be also achieved on a lesser scale without the ability/module simply by routing more power to shields and the frame's magnetic field in such a way that you have denser shields and more durable frames. So Heavy Armor has to have better bonuses, lesser penalties, and frequent usability or it will get out shined by the module-less alternative.

    Now as much as I'd like to feel like Iron Man once more in Ember due to Shoulder Rockets, I feel there should be an alternative that rapidly fires potent homing missiles at anything in your field of view that can track multiple targets so that you can focus on firing at the heavier targets while still mopping up the wounded and weaker targets. Perhaps the same ability could simply pressed again while ether active or on cooldown to switch between the two modes. Regardless I prefer to use a recharging ability to go longer before resupplying.
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