Official Firefall-Esque ability requests Thread

Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Ronyn, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. BunnyHunny

    BunnyHunny Member

    In these cases, the official ability desctiptions are correct and mostly sufficient, so not too much to say about them.

    Remote Explosive

    The Remote Explosive sticks to surfaces.
    The Location it lands is then marked with a circle, indicating the area covered by the explosion, when detonated.

    The detonation is a simple (infernal) explosion.

    Resonating Bolts

    The ability has multiple charges (up to 10+) of bolts, which can be fired in rapid succession.
    The bolts leave behind a shiny trace and emit light when stuck to something, allowing players to spot them easily.
    They get a visual indication to roughly show the remaining time until explosion (basically "light pulse version" of the beeping with increasing rate that is being used in movies, or in CounterStrike, when a time bomb is about to blow up).

    The detonations are simple (smokey) explosions.

    Resonating Bolts are not included in the video posted by Tragedy, so here is one:


    Artillery Strike

    The targeted area is being marked by a vertical laser beam/hologram above, and a circle on the ground.

    The attack itself is made up of a bunch of explosions hitting different places within the targeted area (all of them covering the entire area with damage, independent on where their animation shows them to take place).
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  2. I loved the remote explosive!

    In spite of bugs where they would not stick properly to the target, I also like Resonating bolts a lot. They were fun to have the slight delay and to use them as a kind of room clearing (or a head start on it) AOE if one min/maxed to be able to shoot a lot of them in sequence.
  3. Terricon4

    Terricon4 Well-Known Member

    How has crater not been mentioned yet?


    Crater allowed the player to come crashing down from the heavens onto the players foes in an explosive blast full of giblets and glee. Crater was probably my overall favorite ability from Firefall, from it's first version to it's last it always held a special place. That said, some versions were definitely better than others. I was not as big of a fan of the later ones that let you "steer" your character, not because it was steerable so much as the controls made it really easy to miss and felt very laggy.
    I'd probably recommend referencing the version from around 2013, this was after crater was altered to first toss the character up into the air so it could even be used at ground level (though for limited results, it mostly helped get that extra height when you just used your jump jets off the ground level of the enemies). The versions before then that just turned into instant falling and only worked while in the air were also fun, though I feel they were a bit less energetic in nature and vibe, while also being less friendly to newer/less mobile players. That said the original did feel better for finer accuracy since the players movement didn't largely get reset on starting it but built off of their current movement.

    Heavy Armor!

    I also liked heavy armor in some of its forms. My favorite was probably the version where upon activation you got a massive dmg resistance buff for the first second, and then it shifted into the normal damage resistance buff meaning that it was less of something you spam or just click before running into a dangerous area, but something you'd try to time just right to counter enemy attacks. But if you failed or weren't skilled, it still had the duration of a few seconds at the lower but still good defense levels to be useful.
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  4. BunnyHunny

    BunnyHunny Member

    Are you sure you are not talking about Rapid Armor?
  5. AdmiralStryker

    AdmiralStryker Active Member

    He's talking about Heavy Armor. Rapid Armor, if my memory is correct, was short duration(with charges) and high resistance. This was decent duration, high then low resistance with a decent cool down.
  6. Serevn

    Serevn New Member

    TURRETS! Lots of turrets. Bwhahahaha
    I mean, say what you want of afk thumping, lets admit it, those were the best days. (and it really wasn't that bad) My best memories of Firefall constitute my friends and I laying down a killing field of turrets for the swarms to crash against.
  7. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    Ghostly Triage + Blinding Poisontrail
    (Ghostly) Triage:
    Triage speedboosts the player and allows him to revive ppl faster, and when a player was revived the triage was extended by +3 seconds and granted a +10% dmg recuction.
    Ghostly version does the same thing, just allows you to run through enemies and friends.
    The leaves a poisonous cloud as trail which damages enemies and cuts off sight (kinda).
    Blinding version stunned enemies caught in the AoE.
    both were for the biotech, and i used them to build my high damage-high speed biotech build
  8. Nalessa

    Nalessa Member

    Awsenal rocket barrage and the LMG it carried around.

    Pretty straightforward, just a swarm of rockets to bombard enemies with, always fun to watch!

    And the LMG having good range, large magazine, medium damage but fairly accurate and a cool sound to boot ^^
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  9. notHunky

    notHunky New Member

    I just want my arsenal back, complete with the interchangeable abilities it had with the default dreadnaught (turret mode etc...). The LMG it had was also perfect. The greatest strength of the Arsenal was its versatility.
  10. Shuriko

    Shuriko New Member

    Id like something similar to Pharahs Rocket barrage, that you can aim with for a certain time.
  11. Sennen

    Sennen New Member

    While not specifically from Firefall, unless you count smokescreen and remote explosive, I'd like to see some stealth/subtle abilities to help flesh out something more akin to an assassin/sharpshooter class built for harassment and strategy rather then raw firepower or buffs which dominated the nighthawk/raptor gameplay.

    Things like short term stealth fields, remote/proximity mines, maybe even a large area 'mini-nuke' with a long activation time for area denial or removing entrenched/slow enemies.

    If picking up your own loot is a thing, please have some pity on the long range snipers and give us a way to pick up at least some loot (not necessarily all) from range. Maybe a little mech that you can call in that will temporarily scrounge around the battlefield to retrieve stuff far away from you if you laser paint the item/area or something. Bonus points if its weaponized, with a small explosion at the end of its life, that you can use as either AoE or kamikaze fashion by painting an enemy target instead of an item ^_^

    Also, yes, turrets were fun thumping, but way OP. Early on, In most areas, you could literally solo a P3 thumper completely afk and no where near the area with little loss on your turrets.
  12. echo1

    echo1 New Member

    I'd like to see some of the Raptor support skills in Ember.

    1. Sin Target Beacon- fired from your weapon (like a rifle grenade) that can stick to terrain and environment objects like trees. It scans an area for targets and debuffs them making them take more damage. You have 2 charges, replenishes 1 every 30 secs; 3 secs to load into weapon; does not stack debuffs; 1 beacon should have pretty good AOE size. Beacon last 20 secs, debuff lingers for 5 secs more.

    I hope the AOE size and debuff strength are moddable.

    2. Cryo grenades - minimal damage but slows affected targets for decent duration. Also debuffs targets making them more susceptible to elemental damage (ie. 1.5x or 2x from a flamethrower but 1.1x damage from physical sources like bullets). Moddable for AOE size, slow modifier and duration. You can't upgrade the damage.
  13. zdoofop

    zdoofop Active Member

    I see stealth as something for a recon/scout frame that gathers intel and reports back. But then what do I know about sniping?
  14. AdmiralStryker

    AdmiralStryker Active Member

    Spotting enemies or scouting a Tsi-Hu base to reveal structures and enemies on our map for a few minutes is something that could be made into some nice gameplay.
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  15. Drakin5

    Drakin5 Active Member


    I just like aiming these at high angles. In fact, why not make this one deal bonus damage or wider AOE the longer the projectile hits the ground?
  16. AdmiralStryker

    AdmiralStryker Active Member

    I'd like to see base-mounted artillery with that mechanic.
  17. Rvali

    Rvali New Member

    My request: Fire. Lots of Fire. Firecats were awesome. I love to burn things. Everything must burn. :)

    Immolate was not particularly useful with the range it had, because assaults are suppose to be kinda hit and run. But I did like being able to throw down fuel and have it just there until I needed to ignite it. That, and I liked being able to sprout flames from my hand Fire Wave I think it was called, where I could literally shoot flames at a long distance and set them on fire for quite a bit of damage.
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  18. Mahdi

    Mahdi Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R.

    Sounds like you must really enjoy Dilandau from Escaflowne then!
  19. Cepheus Antollare

    Cepheus Antollare New Member

    Multi and Heavy Turrets

    Just like in Firefall with the same ammo charge mechanic for deploying them but without the very short duration timers and the self-inflicted damage over time

    Heavy-Turret: After a brief setup period, the turret will automatically attack any nearby enemies. After dealing enough damage or surviving for enough time, the turret will automatically upgrade, changing its appearance and significantly increasing its rate of fire. Though I feel like being able to deploy more than one is unnecessary for this game so one should be enough

    Multi-Turret: They automatically attack all hostile entities within its range. When deployed the omniframe shoots out a projectile that will attach to any solid surface they hit and spawn a turret upon hitting the terrain/wall/Ciel/building etc. The max amount of turrets that can be deployed can be increased via crafting like other stats such as damage, rate of fire, range, Health.

    Sentinel Pod
    It lobs a spherical deployable that can attach to any surface. Once attached, it heals any friendly deployables and damages and snares any enemies in a sphere around it.

    Combat Drones (something I wish FF had)

    I'm thinking along the line of how Drones work in EVE Online
    Small Light drones are very fast and accurate against all targets but deal the lest amount of damage overall
    Heavy Drones are slower but deal a lot of damage
    Medium drones filling a middle ground between light and heavy drones

    Small drones are best used against small targets, medium against medium targets and heavy against large targets
    Heavy drones have a hard time hitting small targets which are very fast while small drones don't deal enough damage fast enough against larger targets

    As for deploying them I think making it the same as multi-turrets will be fine
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  20. AdmiralStryker

    AdmiralStryker Active Member

    While I'm not against anything here, something needs saying-you can go all turrets or what not, but you should never be able to get to the point at which you're afk thumping. This is supposed to be a skill based game. While the AI in your turrets should be able to help you, it should not do all of your work for you.

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