Last Chance - FF Credit Program. Red 5 Studios Closing Firefall Tomorrow, July 7th

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. Sennen

    Sennen New Member

    Can confirm it still works as of 30 seconds ago. It is easy enough to log into the forums by taking a cached page or direct link, with everything except some icons an avatars working right down to the account info/upgrades/purchase history (Holy shit.. has it really been that long since the invitation only closed beta? I'm getting old.)

    Heard about Firefall randomly today, and although it is sad to see it go, it should have been given an honorable death long ago rather then being kept alive like some reanimated zombie trying to stand up without any legs.

    Course all that sadness went quickly flying out the windows today when I learned Ember was actually becoming a thing (honestly, I kinda lost track after that initial interest petition). I am super ecstatic to see this is starting to come to life, although a little bummed to have apparently missed all the indegogo fun by two days, and can't wait for a return to the original firefall vision. This is the first game in many years I will be legitimately looking forward to.

    Must go now... I am late to the party and it seems i have a LOT of catching up to do.

    *edit* While totally pointless and uncessesary, as long as we are 'proving' identities for fun, here is a bit of nostalgia for you. I still got my poster from the founders' packs unopened in the mailing tube :D (Bonus shot of Phobos being a nice guy several months later when I casually mentioned in a post that I never got the beanie after a package upgrade)
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  2. Masterofm

    Masterofm New Member

    I got banned for leaving detailed feedback on why the game was bad during beta testing. Putting pages of effort into saying why various systems were not working well. From why the crafting was problematic, to problems in skill selection/combat, to why item breakage was bad and alternative ways to mitigate the problem of resource collection/hoarding. Do you believe that to be a legitimate reason?

    Granted that same "community manager" that sent me that shitty message also told a ton of other players to go F*** themselves for wanting to talk about the problems with the game.
  3. Ebany

    Ebany New Member

    Thank you! I've been watching Ember for a while, but life took me away. Now I come back to find I've missed the kickstart & (or so I thought) missed the chance to put in my Commander founder status. Uploading my info now :)
  4. NitroMidgets

    NitroMidgets Tsi-Hu Hunter

    Masterofm text me about the shut down. We responded the same way by saying it was about time.

    I can confirm the way their past CM's behaved and even to making empty threats.
  5. StormSpiritGB

    StormSpiritGB New Member

    this is still working just used it and was really helpful also want thank people that help me under stand how set this up to work cause i was really kinda lost on how to's xD i only just learned this was going on yesterday i was really out of the loop
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  6. Ranualf

    Ranualf New Member

    Hmm it is not working for my, but i have a commanders pack as i received my in game name tag, poster & hat..
    I tried copy & paste, but it does not work :/

    Edit- it is doing something now...
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  7. Raiden_Antioch

    Raiden_Antioch New Member

    It appears that if you didn't have any forum posts but have an account your SOL as your email address is taken yet it won't allow you to create a Username on the forums. Happened to me as I can't prove I have been a FF player since 2012 because of that screen.
  8. Stryker8

    Stryker8 New Member

    Joined FF in Aug. of 2014, but am not eligible for rewards. Did not post on FF forums until Jan. 2016, same as my niece and nephew.
  9. TheReaperKing

    TheReaperKing New Member

    Thank you for doing this credit program, that is awesomeeee. I'm really glad I found out about it today and didn't miss out. I loved FF back in the day as an engineer defending bases from invasion, especially that one to the north near the melding. I hope you bring the gameplay of the engineer back :) And also thanks for not letting this awesome gameplay die!! I checked out Firefall when it went to Steam and I was very surprised at how much it had changed, and unfortunately not in a good way. Will an idea similar to the melding exist? Aka a toxic encroaching area. So much I want to say!!!
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  10. Terib.Shadow

    Terib.Shadow Well-Known Member Greeter Omni Ace
    this should help you get up to date on most of the stuff, you can find out more about EM-8ER's gameplay by reading the lore. which helps a lot!
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  11. TheReaperKing

    TheReaperKing New Member

    Thank you so much kind sir!

    EDIT - You know I never realized how much I missed the original Firefall gameplay until finding out about Ember today :) Soooo much excitement especially taking back those bases, soooo much!!! Does any other game even have an experience close to that? It was pretty cool too just banding together with random people to fight the invasion!
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  12. Lucik

    Lucik New Member

    Tell me please more than 10 days Account validation tried and gives an error message of Only accounts created in year 2015 and earlier are eligible. Thus that I am registered Prescription of the account about 4 years
    (it is created on July 10, 2013, 12:04) If it is necessary I can apply screens from the websites, and from mail when it was registered, I have won back in a game more than 2 years
  13. Decker

    Decker New Member

    The unforgivable thing 1.6 did was the removal of alt-fires.
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  14. TheReaperKing

    TheReaperKing New Member

    Why would they do that xD Was there any reasoning given at all?
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  15. Shuriko

    Shuriko Deepscanner

    Had redeemed via the bot and all but decided to put the old pic here aswell
  16. HarvOnyx

    HarvOnyx New Member

    I missed this. Any chance I can get an exception to the deadline?
  17. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

  18. luigisnipes

    luigisnipes Emberite - Firstclaimer

    I feel your pain bro i feel your pain... *lots of tears*
  19. pinkish

    pinkish Member

    I can't say I'm surprised. With the direction the game took, players regarded this as a bad move and many weren't so happy about that and left, myself included (they retired one of my maxed out frames :<). But I am happy that Em-8er is now in the works and you bet your behind that I'll be playing it when the game is finalized and released.
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  20. Lucik

    Lucik New Member

    Here pancake nonsense. what difference I was at a forum or not if in a game I have won back 2 years, + I have spent $
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