Last Chance - FF Credit Program. Red 5 Studios Closing Firefall Tomorrow, July 7th

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Grummz, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. Brift

    Brift Scout

    I have to admit that I loved playing Firefall, started in beta and have seen the many changes the game went through. Once they started turning it into a World of Warcraft with shooting it went downhill from there. I really hope that we can keep the clueless corporate CEOs out of the picture here, and I really like that this is being done with crowdfunding. If there is anything you need to help this succeed please let us know.
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  2. TGVirus

    TGVirus Firstclaimer

    Unfortunately i deleted my account in the 1st day after 1.6 update fiasco :oops:

    Come to think of it, em8er should be a fresh start, so i am not gonna drag old FF stuff into the mix.
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  3. Rocket

    Rocket Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R. Max Kahina

    They announced the end soon after you started asking for available accounts to gauge game play feel by.
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  4. Duxcro

    Duxcro New Member

    I used to love Firefall. Too early to get excited about em8er since this game doesn't even exist yet. But i wish you all the best. Claimed my veteran award today.
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  5. TGVirus

    TGVirus Firstclaimer

    They messed with the old players in order to get new players comming in. But without offering a better gameplay, just an even buggier one. Sadly the playerbase inflow was not that great and the old ones started leaving for the reason mentioned above.
    My opinion is that FF was in coma since 1.6 and only now they decided to pull the plug. Im sad as well, but not as sad as when i was 2y ago when things started to get worse. Even if you love your pet, sometimes, if he is suffering too much, you have to put him down.

    Im glad to see that the legend of the pheonix also applies to FF in the form of Em8ER. Basicaly that why I joined.
  6. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    Did they even take the servers down today?
  7. Rvali

    Rvali New Member

    I have no idea. I haven't been able to log in.
  8. Rvali

    Rvali New Member

    They have shut down the website. Its gone.
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  9. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    Yes, saw that. The whole site is down. Just the Red 5 page is up.
  10. Rocket

    Rocket Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R. Max Kahina

    The forums are still up, and you can still log in, so people can still link Founder status. The MyAccount stuff is also still working. The game itself is not. You can login, but not enter the world. The instance servers are gone.
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  11. Petrified

    Petrified New Member Base Commander

    Sadly, while I picked the game up in Steam on release, I was unable to get credit as I never went to the forums.
  12. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite
    the forums are still up. And for some reason the lost password thingy still works. So perhaps you can make an account now, post and get credit.
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  13. Thunderstrike

    Thunderstrike Player One Omni Ace

    Forums are up, servers are down. If you haven't already signed up for the FF Credit program, please do it now.
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  14. Snow

    Snow New Member

    Just did mine. Would have missed it Phew.
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  15. Xeevis

    Xeevis Well-Known Member Max Kahuna Forum Tech

    He can't get the credit, players who started on steam are most certainly not owners of founder packs and if they create account now, their join date won't permit them to claim veteran reward because forum join date ≠ game join date. It's technical difficulty we couldn't overcome.
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  16. Rocket

    Rocket Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R. Max Kahina

    Since the9 promise rewards for Firefall Founders in the mobile game, is it possible people could receive credit that way?
  17. LupeFuentes

    LupeFuentes Active Member

    Rest in Pieces, FireFall. I Don't even remember when I started playing it, Never got to play it as much as I wanted, due to potato-computer-syndrome. *wipes tears*
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  18. Petrified

    Petrified New Member Base Commander

    Exactly. I only went to the forums after Firefall had started acting really wonky. That was after the cut off.

    There is a funny story to this in that I had been selected to do the beta for Firefall but it was just when a bunch of things blew up in life around me so I never had the opportunity to test it. When the game was released in Steam I smacked myself on the head a few times for missing out on a number of things. But life is life and here i am for this go at something that looks promising based on Firefall itself.
  19. Sekkerhund

    Sekkerhund New Member

    Actually the password recovery is, amazingly, working again. Thought I was hosed, but turns out I was able to get back in!

    On the downside of that... man, I was one of the first Alpha testers for that game, but somehow, I guess I missed the Founder's Packs. Thought for sure I'd had one, but I guess not, even though the Credit Program link page says: "CAUTION: Claiming Veteran reward on founder eligible account lowers your reward!"

    Activated Upgrades
    Firefall: All Beta Testers
    All participants during Firefall's open or closed beta cycles.
    Firefall: Open Beta Tester
    Thank you for your support!
    Launch: Digital Deluxe
    Firefall: Digital Deluxe Edition
    Launch: Digital Starter
    Firefall: Digital Starter Pack
    Launch: Preorder Bonus
    Firefall Preorder - Little Claw Cosmetic Pet
    Firefall: Earthbreaker Pet
    You've earned an Earthbreaker Holo-Pet by defending New Eden during the Chosen weekend events.

    So RIP! LOL All that work to recover my account (PW recovery was broken the last I checked, so I searched HDDs, old FF files, etc. then decided to check the PW recovery page just in case...) and it looks like I indeed do not have a Founder status. QQ Oh well.

    Sad to see them finally sunset it, but it was long past due. Firefall could have gone better, it should have gone better, but I still had fun with it over the last... wow, 7-8 years since we first got our tester invites? I saw it go through a lot of changes. A lot. This current iteration was nothing... NOTHING like what I logged into for the first time.

    Many other games have met the similar sad fate and more will come.
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  20. Budley

    Budley Member

    At least they had a legit reason, I got banned by a The9 employee for advertising Em8er on the FF Forums :p
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