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Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Nakiato, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Skerrick

    Skerrick Deepscanner

    G'day, Skerrick here. Aussie. Old enough to remember playing Pong, playing E.T. on the Atari 2600, and not learning to touchtype. *sigh*

    I'm an introvert and shy, but mom says I'll grow out of it one day ... ONE DAY!

    Looking forward to being killed by stuff randomly falling from the sky. ;)
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  2. Skube

    Skube Tsi-Hu Hunter

    I'm Skube on the 29th it'll be 5 years since I joined Firefall, I've been playing Firefall through all the patches and wiered reworks. my nick name there was TinyHands. Right now I play a lot of Overwatch!
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  3. Makovich

    Makovich Scout

    Hello, my name is Max, I'm from Mexico but I go by Makovich.
    I'm an architect and lately I have been doing 3D modelling and CGI rendering.
    I'm an old gamer, I have been playing mainly FPS games like the COD games, Rainbow Six Vegas (a TPS) and Battlefield 4, but Firefall is the game i have enjoyed the most and the best memories are from open beta.
    I hope Ember happens and takes the road Firefall initially did.
    I liked playing support (healer) and I'm looking forward to team up and play again!
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  4. Fooni

    Fooni T.H.M.P.R.

    Fooni here! I'm late, but thats my game and you know it!
    I'm a simple person, You be nice to me and i be nice to you.
    Thats all there is to it, there isn't any BS things to this.
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  5. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

    The name's Uwe, 25 years old until tomorrow and from Germany. I'm a physiotherapist who loves to play all kinds of games in his spare time.

    I didnt even know about Ember or Firefall until I saw and backed the campaign. Therefore I'm just a Newbie ;)

    That's all folks
  6. AgentSmith5150

    AgentSmith5150 Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R.

    Agent Smith here. I used to hang around the old Firefall forums, spent a little time there over the years.

    Glads to see this glimmer of hope, I want to be along for the ride!
  7. Joe Solo

    Joe Solo Well-Known Member Ember Dev

    Joe Solo here. I am a developer on Ember. :)
  8. Nakiato

    Nakiato Moderator Ember Moderator

    Welcome to the community, and happy birthday.
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  9. Nizuul

    Nizuul Player One

    Guilty as charged :)
  10. LupeFuentes

    LupeFuentes Active Member

    Hi, Im Lupe and im an alcoholic... er.. I mean.. hi.
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  11. Nakiato

    Nakiato Moderator Ember Moderator

    That's awesome. Good to see you here. :)
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  12. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

    Well tomorrow :)but Thanks in advance
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  13. Earth_Soldier

    Earth_Soldier Deepscanner

    Well here I am, a kitty lord. Let's make a cat gun for Ember!!

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  14. Shivaji

    Shivaji New Member

    shouldnt this topic be a sticky?
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  15. Sik San

    Sik San Deepscanner

    Hi! I never played FF (I don't count a couple of days of embarrasing "wow with guns" experience), but Mark's recent legacy wow activity made me his "makegamesgreatagain" crusade follower. So after his article about FF true concept I was pretty excited despite I don't rly like fully PvE games. So I decided it's worth to jump the hype train.
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  16. crazeOne

    crazeOne New Member

    Real name is Joe. FF founder blah blah blah. Glad to be here for the second round ::ding ding::
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  17. Red

    Red New Member

    Real name is Tyler i played firefall up to around the time warfront came out i payed quite a bit of attention to the community and made it a habbit to watch the dev streams.

    Loved the game but after 1.6 came out and removed alt fires it ruined a lot of the classes for me especially my beloved recluse all hail the A.O.E meta lol.

    I like MMOS and love farming games things i can put a lot of time into and see my character gradually become really strong hope to see this game succeed but im also cautious because atm this is just a glimmer of hope we dont know what will happen yet
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  18. Nakiato

    Nakiato Moderator Ember Moderator

    I'm just a regular forum user. If only I had the super powers to make things sticky... Wait, that came out wrong.
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  19. EvilKitten

    EvilKitten Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    *waves* I was a Firefall junkie from the first closed beta weekend (09/2011) all the way up to 6 months before launch when I quit in disgust. Played a mean Dragonfly and Nighthawk. Was taking to an old FF friend of mine and he mentioned Ember, so here I am. I raved about Firefall when I started playing, got the biggest Founder package I could get and tried to get everyone I knew to play with me (still have the beanie). Would really love to have that feeling once again.
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  20. doty

    doty Well-Known Member

    My name is dot/doty, just your avg 18 year old.
    Currently I play BLR, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, CSGO, Paladins and some mmos.
    Hope we get along ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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