Video-Games You're Playing (Re-Start)

Jul 26, 2016
Playing The Division 2. Taking my time and playing by myself. I figure after I experienced the story/setting once, I'll make a new toon and start again but with people.

for some reason, they changed sniper rifles such that it always goes into max zoom if you are using a #x scope instead of like how in Division 1 where you had more control. Thing is though, you don't really need a scope for most of the sniper rifles since iron sights is far superior. The only time I found a scope useful is for those sniper rifles that act more like an assault rifle. Then again those snipe rifles tend to put out far less damage per shot since their RPM is so high.

I also like that you aren't forced to stay with a team in this game. If player decides they want to partner up with people and do their own thing seperate from the group, the game doesn't forces you to stay with the group.

The story is just as interesting as the last one, though they have expanded it better than the first 1.


Omega Founder
Nov 13, 2018
Until we Get the Playable Mockup I am playing my standby games... Mostly old NES/SNES titles and sometimes an old PC game or browser game i.e. Limbo.. Pretty unimpressive stuff because I am partially boycotting AAA games. Absolutely disgusted with their greedy practices.