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PIghead Elderberry

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Jun 4, 2017
I am playing the Outriders demo while my pigs breed in Valheim. I can't believe my good fortune of getting 2 star boars right out of the gate. Now I have to sail everywhere with them to make them an invasive exotic on every island. That's not Outriders, however. It seems like it will tell a good story. It reminds me a tiny bit of Em8er story in that it is lost humanity out in the stars. I am hoping the demo is not as good as the release version will be as I am (so far only played a bit, however) not super impressed with the skills and combat. They are decent but not spectacular. I have no idea how open worldish it may become, as the demo is pretty short and I am only part way through. It looks linear, but with a good story.
Jul 26, 2016
I decided to buy Outriders after my geforce card 980ti died while re-playing Crysis 3 for the umpteenth time. Replaced it with a Radeon 5700xt since all the bitminers got everything else.

Been playing with it. The no hud problem though got me to stop playing it. Especially when I lost progress with it because the game crash when I exited from the program. Annoying.

Anyhow, it's less fun than the demo for some reason. I guess they decided to make the sniper and fire mage class more of paper tiger which is annoying to play. The fire mage would be nice if the cooldowns weren't so long. The tank and the kite class on the otherhand got higher survivability with faster cooldowns than the other classes especially since those two classes get health form killing stuff at close range.

The world tiers difficulites are pointless waste of time. It got 15 levels of difficulites and give you better chances of better loot. But until you hit endgame, you really don't need the best loot possible at low level. So I dunno why they got the world tiers set to automatically set to the highest one as you unlock them. It's better to just use what ever tier difficulty you find fun until you hit endgame.

oh and if you are running tank, just carry the auto shotgun and the assault rifle or LMG. LMG's first shot always goes straight, so you can time your button presses to make this more damaging than the assault rifle. And mod the auto shotgun to fire explosives, makes it faster to heal yourself and kill groups easily.


Kaiju Slayer
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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Here is the Clemjax 2000 :D it does look familiar like a DeWalt tool !
Here is my A.I crew they have a power ranger vibe!

Warframe again the railjack is fun my crew is quite good i have a new pilot/Gunner called Cekr egg she does pewpew animation with her fingers and my other 2 A.I crew members are combat Engineers, the yellow one does a kata and the green one just stretches his fingers. They waltz around fixing and clearing any damage inside and stop intruders damaging inside the spaceship.

Its also double credits weekend too, so had to get more credits because more is good for my collection!