Update: Geesuit/Character Concept Art Poster. 3D Prints in Production


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Mar 16, 2017
Have you not seen the old Military posters with women draped on soldiers or in Full uniform.... Remember the Military movies with the Svelte women in uniform....... This type pf Promo aing new to the world, Em8er or Real.

I mean when I saw it, I saw hot chick on a THMPR saying "Come n get your THMP on. Join the Gatestrider THMPR Corps and claim your fortune and glory today!"
Those are OLD.
I don't think it fits into todays culture, boys have a bit more access to those kind of things than the boys in 1942. It's also a much different societal culture now.

But sure, I guess the team/artist is somewhat fond of it, and thought it'd be fun to make one.
Which is fine, but this kind of art teases is probably not the best way to go if they want to speak to a full audience, and keep away from confusion.

Any smart person or critical thinker would already know that there is NO WAY that she was nothing more than eye candy for the young dumb full of testosterone boys who are glory seekers.

Again, you people are taking this far too seriously for what is simply an Advertisement poster
I don't think it's unrealistic to believe a game will break it's art style to go full porno on the female characters.

Nobody was "taking it far too seriously", it was people starting to get overly defensive, and talking about that it's a pin-up "gift to us"... that is just making the whole thing worse, as then there's an expressed exclusion of "outliners".


Jul 29, 2016
Not to be harsh...... but DAYUMN!!!!! The hair is great but the Eyes are out of proportion to the head and same with the smile. She looks like she is on the drug of choice and bout to go raise holy hell. Almost looks like a Tom Cruise movie poster lol.
Actually, I haven't changed the size of the mouth or the size of the eyes, from the original, so... *shrug*
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Jul 25, 2016
Most of you know I'm not into politically correct culture. The art is pin-up for pin-ups sake. The details we're taking into 3D modeling will be her geesuit, which is normally zipped up. Also, I like navel. Expect cheesecake here and there. Guys will get equal exposure. And, before you try, this isn't something you'll ever change my mind on :) For the navel!

BTW, to work in 3D, expect a different face and different body shape. We are stylizing the male and female characters. You can chalk it up to the differences growing up on a different planet.