Update: Geesuit/Character Concept Art Poster. 3D Prints in Production

Discussion in 'Ember Art & Design Updates' started by Grummz, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Torgue_Joey

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    More like an poster "we are at war. Uncle Sam need you f*cking guts. Join now and kill rabbits" :)
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  3. DiBBz

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    i was honestly expecting the gee suit to be a little more bulky in certain area's / the back to have a somewhat noticeable hump that could show signs of it being life support / reactors to power the suit.

    but hey its a concept after all and a very spectacular looking one if i do say so :)
  4. Terricon4

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    I'll just guess it's the basic under suit. Low power, basic performance. The lack of pockets, belts, zippers, hooks, or anything else to attach stuff onto really makes it feel more like an under suit than the actual gear you'd normally wear. Depending on the design doesn't need a lot of stuff to help control pressure as a G suit, and with some super tech method of thermal exchange then it also might be able to manage basic heat ranges without a giant power pack for okay durations.

    Now it just needs a vest with pockets over it, some belts for food and tools and ammo, a small computer pouch to link up to your headset/cam and to give you a nice signal to anyone else on the planet/in orbit, some cat ears because, and a set of clips on the boot parts so you can lock snow shoes onto them for when you are in less dense areas of the terrain.

    If you're going out in an Omniframe and not just as a light personnel like she appeared to be, then you could drop some of the tools, pockets, food, and probably snow shoes since those can be carried on the frame in case they are needed (frames need little pouches/trunks) and having those and the extra pouches on your person might get in the way of piloting. Still need to keep a personal communications unit, emergency rations pack, and probably sidearm on you though in case you lose the frame and need to contact others or survive a short bit on your own.

    Now I'm getting an urge to go modify that poster so she's got that type of gear on her... but that'll take time and I've already got piles of Ember related things I'm working on so who knows if I'll actually get around to that.
  5. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    it feels like the navel is missing lel
  6. ObsoleteVodka

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    She's outside his frame and she's holding a gun.

    Combat on foot confirmed, yup.
  7. EvilKitten

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    Abdomen and arms could use a clear nano polymer mesh which is just as strong as the rest of the suit.
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  8. Nunaden

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    welp, i still prefer the first concept art of the player. There are enough mecha games with bitches is leotards lel (pls don't take that bitches serious though)
  9. Terricon4

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    Ya, not a fan of the see through clothing in most areas (ok for a few where it's practical though). I'm often more about practicality, and character, so keeping with that (and also keeping with the fan service apeal part) I edited it to this.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Some belts are very obviously just the rough sketch in position part, but I'm out of time to mess with this for now so figured I'd post it since who knows when I'll pick it back up again. Lots of little bits of dirt and grime on parts of the suit, though still kept overall shiny, a few little personal additions like some lettering on the leg or the smiley sticker on the chest, some actual clothing under it, a must if you are leaving your chest open IMO, and some packs and stuff so you can carry needed supplies with you. I mean who brings a gun but no extra ammo, grenades, snacks, or water? Hell, an emergency breather/power pack given the planet is also kinda important I'd say.

    EDIT: Picked the wrong one to link to, the snow one looked better since it brought the environment into it more.
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  10. EvilKitten

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    I am giggling over the fact that you said you disliked see through clothing but extended the slit down the front of the geesuit even further. As for the see through clothing, I think when done right it can work out really well. The key is to make it an accent or integral design of the outfit without making it gratuitous. I think the issue I have with extra "stuff" hanging on the outside is that the suit is obviously designed to snap into the omniframe, most like there will by electrical connections between the two etc. I'd be worried about belts and tools and such causing problems with quickly getting into the frame. Any items fitted outside of the suit will probably need to be very slim conforming or fitted specifically for the omniframe design.

    Oh also one other thing, you do NOT put clothing under a geesuit that is designed to be skin tight, bad bad idea.

    As long as they have some hot guys in leotards as well I think it's all good :)
  11. Terricon4

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    Ya, but if you're wearing it on a planet where you don't need it, just because it's the normal clothing you have, and leaving said suit open otherwise... I'd put something else on. Especially around the chest, main areas of concern are limbs and the waist normally. Ribcage tends to limit their effectiveness on the chest beyond helping with breathing, but under clothing shouldn't be an issue if it's relatively thin and

    As for the lower slit, yes lower slit, slightly closer to navel, but overall less skin.

    For wearing if you are using a frame, agreed you don't want this type of gear, I figure just a basic pouch/pocket setup and small computer link if needed, other stuff you can store in/on the frame. But since she's just out in her suit here it seems a better fit.

    First good male art piece we get, you know what I'll do XD
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  12. Silv3r Shadow

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    Pistol holster on the leg?
    Keeping things on the waist or lower :p
  13. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    welp, just:
    we wear an exoskeleton for control anyways... (like HELLO? soem of these guys rand around with ballistic armor, thats awesome!
    *cough cough*
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  14. EvilKitten

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    I think the big question will be is the geesuit actually required on Ember or is it a cultural thing now. Their home planet was 1.8g and then they spent 200 years in space so prior it would have been a necessity. Depending on the answer to that question, the next question is whether the geesuit is intended to simply be one "clothing" option that Mark decided to use for the poster, or whether the art direction is changing so that everyone has different flavors of geesuits instead of civilian clothing.

    I am not so sure about that, look at the pictures of the omniframe again. Best place to hold a bulkyish item would be the upper arms or the waist.
  15. Terricon4

    Terricon4 Well-Known Member Base Commander

    If you're wearing a frame, all extras should go on the waist, front chest, and head. You miight get away with small accesories on the arms in some parts but in general you don't want to get in the way of the control areas of the omniframe. That said, specially made pouches/armor for the body to be worn while in an omniframe should be ok. I'd still stick to a chest/waist holster in frame though.
  16. Silv3r Shadow

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    Maybe both standard clothing and uniform, like start trek military, kind lol. Different suits for different rates or regiment. Guess we'll find out.
    It will save more game budget if everyone wears the same or similar dress.
    Could have insignias (decal) on the back like attack on titan 'scout Regiment' for differentiation
  17. Torgue_Joey

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  18. DropnLock

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    That GeeSuit looks fraking AMAZING!!! And the Gun is a nice touch too. I would not mind sporting that around while not in mah Mech.

    AWESOME job to ALL Developers of everything thus far. The progress has been wonderful to watch!!! Keep up the good work. And Good luck to all who will be part of the Server Testing.

    As the song says
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  19. DropnLock

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    WOW....... You guys are REALLY taking this poster far too out of context. It is a Marketing poster to show interest in the Mech and attract new prospects or whatever. Is she going to be like this ALL the time HELL no.......

    Like Grmmz said, would you not be happy to be sporting this Nice Shiny Powerful Omniframe into the unknown ready to take on anything that comes at you BRO!!!!! Hell is has a Zipper for full body coverage, let her show some skin. It aint ALL work and no play ya know......
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    I see NAVEL!!!!! We have NAVEL!!!! Keep that tummy area just as it is... I want my NAVEL!!!!
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