Update: Geesuit/Character Concept Art Poster. 3D Prints in Production

Discussion in 'Ember Art & Design Updates' started by Grummz, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. MattHunX

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    @Grummz Working on an alteration of the art, making the femme look more to my taste. Will upload it to my DeviantArt page, giving info on the project and the original art, plus the original artist, when finished. Maybe I can get a few people interested. *shrug*
  2. Mallot

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    Lets be realistic here.

    There's probably bots to do make up, shower, brush your teeth, etc, at the technological age of that poster... So it's not unrealistic that she could look like that while working in the business.

    ... It's just unlikely that a girly girl would decide to work in mining. On the other hand, if the make up and everything is done in a minute by bots, then it'd be hard to tell who is a girly girl and who's not. In that field of work, you'd probably skip the makeup bot, to have a more respectable look...
  3. Terricon4

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    Societal views on everything from "girly girl" to skinny and well endowed being attractive to the middle finger being an insult and not a friendly greeting could easily have changed over that time period, especially with everything else that went on. So I wouldn't make any assumptions about how she "should" look for mining on the social end.
    I'd expect them to, given their history, be more favorable towards more muscular and possibly stockier women after being on a high G planet for so long, not being so is a sign of someone who couldn't pull their own weight as well (literally) and also of someone who may be dying more quickly do to health issues like their heart. Also if you've been in particularly cold areas then a slightly fatter person who has some meat on their bones is often considered more appealing, but not so in an overly hot area, which their home planet was kind of split between.
    All sorts of interesting things to think about how living in space and on other planets over such long periods could have affected them.
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  4. Nunaden

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    still, if some1 is mining, you would rather expect a dirty/dusty face since they are always near a THMPR and will probably not take a shower too soon, they got to grind some more after one THMP. And in a society that is build around mining those that don't have dirty/dusty faces could be seen as the ones too weak to get shit done, since the ones that faces are covert in dirt are usually the ones that stand the most in "the dust cloud". (could even be there the phrase for some1 who is letting his THMPR drill verryyyy long and then manages to get him back to get all his loot :D - "Boy, isn't that the dude that is standing in the dust cloud?" "yeah, i wish i could do that shit too, but ain't good enough for that." lel)
  5. Astro

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    This ^

    This art isn't supposed to represent a hot female who was pulled aside for a picture in the middle of a mining mission.....
    and just happened to have her suit unzipped so her tits would bounce around more while she fought off the Tsi-hu....

    YEESH people!
  6. MattHunX

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    Aaaaaalmost done with my version.
  7. MattHunX

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    Linked from my DA account.

    Changed the hair, 'cause long and blonde is terribly boring. Changed face. Nose. Jawline. Added some muscle. Reduced bust. Removed most of the make-up. Honeycomb pattern paint-job on both the weapon and the thumper mech.

  8. Terricon4

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    I spit out my imaginary food when I saw that face...
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  9. Pandagnome

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  10. MattHunX

    MattHunX Deepscanner

    Well, it's supposed to be wicked...ish. Crazy about that thumping.

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  11. Pandagnome

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    happiness and craziness expressed particularly those eyes & brows :D
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  12. Mallot

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    So what? You think we should go into immersion and pretend that this is an ad for people in this world... an ad for what? To get into mining?

    Why would an ad with a hot female be getting people into the work line?

    Doesn't make sense.
    This is a poster FOR the game, it was simply a bad move from the PR side or whatever. Hopefully they gather what they learned from it, and make a better poster for the game the next time.

    it's not THAT bad of a poster... but it does look a bit weird, maybe it's just her face. Though, she doesn't fit in with the rest of the drawings, of the males. Making her give a bad representation of what the games art direction is.
  13. Astro

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    No! Did I say anything about immersion?
    It's a PIN-UP.
    It's for US.
    Nothing more, nothing less.
    See definition of "pin-up" (aka: "pin-up girl", "pin-up model")

    Edit - But, on the topic of it being an unrealistic ad for recruiting, have you never seen posters back in WWII days of recruitment advertisement done with pin-up girls?
    Do some googling and you'll find them.
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  14. Mallot

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    Who is this _US_?
    Because I didn't want that.

    The audience for the game isn't only 16 year old boys.

    There's also this

    So it is concept art, not just pin up.
    Though, I guess it was more about concept art for the mech... With an added pin-up character?

    If that's correct, then it was just an artist that made something they wanted to make.
    It'd even be ok if the game had characters like that, but then I'd hope for a consistent art style, where the men would be equally as good looking (instead of something that looks edgy).
  15. Astro

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    How does the word "us" = "we asked for it"?
    When someone gives you a gift they think you'd like, it's not because you directly asked for it.

    Um, and 16 year old boys were not the only people fighting in wars.
    Here's a 1942 pin up recruitment poster for you:
    Were they targeting 16 year old boys for the war? No.

    Literally the second line in Mark's update:
    Edit - It seems to me this art was largely to get the scaling right for the humans alongside the THMPR. So when modeling the omniframe, all proportions and sizes can be accounted for. The "pin-up" aspect of it was to add some flavor and fun to it perhaps.
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  16. DropnLock

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    Not to be harsh...... but DAYUMN!!!!! The hair is great but the Eyes are out of proportion to the head and same with the smile. She looks like she is on the drug of choice and bout to go raise holy hell. Almost looks like a Tom Cruise movie poster lol.

    Other than that, the Outfit is dang good looking SPOT ON there. Though... you took away my Navel.. @Grummz said we would have Navel. The tone of the body shows that she is in the THMPR business and knows how to handle herself.

    GREAT job with the art as a whole though. I like the Honeycomb pattern on the Gun n THMPR. IF I had the skills for this type of art, I would love to go with Stripes.
  17. DropnLock

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    Have you not seen the old Military posters with women draped on soldiers or in Full uniform.... Remember the Military movies with the Svelte women in uniform....... This type pf Promo aing new to the world, Em8er or Real.

    I mean when I saw it, I saw hot chick on a THMPR saying "Come n get your THMP on. Join the Gatestrider THMPR Corps and claim your fortune and glory today!"

    Any smart person or critical thinker would already know that there is NO WAY that she was nothing more than eye candy for the young dumb full of testosterone boys who are glory seekers.

    Again, you people are taking this far too seriously for what is simply an Advertisement poster
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  18. Mahdi

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    Tom Cruise poster? BUAHAHAHA! Nice
  19. DropnLock

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    Concept are is always subject to change. It is a Base model of the art. They gave this to us to show just where they are in terms of art style and direction.
  20. Torgue_Joey

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