The Omniframe Revealed

Discussion in 'Ember Art & Design Updates' started by Grummz, Aug 9, 2016.

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    Edit: Sorry, I was excited to be first on something. Time to add a real comment. The Omniframe looks pretty sick. I see that the color can be customized, but what about the actual frame itself? Will we have different arms, heads, etc to put on it?
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    And it had to be a gif, Oooo i love it.
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    That looks really good~! It has the mobile-feel of agility to it

    P.S: How do you draw good-art this quickly?
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    Totally going to design a tiki skin
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    It looks sick! I want it like yesterday!
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    The legs seem too short and too fat in the upper part and that breaks the proportions for me. Especially noticible from the back.
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    @Grummz these look AWESOME. Any chance of some high res versions of these images?
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    Badass... I love the write up Grummz! This explains and defines it, which is utterly amazing. The thought of upgrading my Frame as well as myself is an exceptional idea!! I love the thought and detail you put into everything!
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    Pretty impressive. The exposed pilot for sure adds to the style. If Ripley can beat down a Queen with her menacing dock loader, then these suits truly look like they can fight a war across a planets surface.
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    Looks good <3
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    I like it. I also approve of the "design conceit". Normally these things annoy me if they are not done for a proper reason, but I do see your point. It always did feel limiting to me that you only had a head to play with do define "you" in FF. Of course the frame is a show of your personality as well to some extend, but having both to play around with should really allow for much more range in making a unique apperence for "you".
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    So it's not a frame or even a suit, it's actually a mecha.

    Not a big fan of exposed pilot, this might work for moving cargo around in a safety of a base, but not exploring hostile territory and fighting.

    Things don't have to be realistic in video games, but the feeling of immersion into the world comes from believing that this might work. And I would expose my arms and legs before my chest and head with all the vitals .

    I doubt it will happen, but it's never too late to put some armor around the pilot, if you want to make a game with mechas, might as well make mechas look like mechas. Just allow (or require) players to walk around the base without the mecha, so character customization would still be important (and that actually would make sense, soldiers don't walk around safe bases in full battle great ;) )
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  19. DeyjaVou

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    As someone who loved the sort of nimbleness of the Firefall battleframes, I'm a little concerned about the perceived bulkiness of the Omniframe A M.E.K., but only a little. I hope deep down inside that we get mini jets on our legs for in-base freedom of movement, or freedom of movement when switching vehicles.

    Aside from that, the Omniframe M.E.K. will open a lot of weapons options, and the recoil debate is over this thing will absorb whatever recoil the weapons can dish out. It's up to the designers how much to put in, the framework is there, and it's a videogame. I would like a rotary railgun on the left arm, and a rotary grenade launcher on the right.

    The even compromise between these two is to have retractable front armor that slides away to the sides and then does that future-mask piece-by-piece melting fold behind the player. Sort of like being able to take your hood off and put it back on with the press of a button in certain MMOs. When it folds back a very translucent energy shield could materialize briefly in front of the player to remind them what's keeping them safe.
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