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    Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I did put quite a bit of effort into. These types of upgrades are linear with a vertical tree. You can select which is best for the moment or area you are in.

    The module system i present would allow the user to upgrade into a defensive/offensive mods.

    However, Weapon module system could be a side upgrade to the original system i presented. Which means you can upgrade the system (How well it preforms tasks) or the chassis (How well it can defend itself) This system would act the same. The size of the weapons would impact its mobility. Slow heavier firepower, quicker lighter weapons. You could then upgrade your weapon systems to allow:

    Heavier Weapons. Max 2 slots with heavy weapons. or 1 slot with AOE weapon. (Cannon)

    More Weapons. Max 3 slots with light weapons

    Special: Replace weapon with more defensive item such as a shield, emp pulse or other special equipment that would prove more useful to one type of enemy than another.

    Heavy weapons could have longer fire times between shots, or a delay in switching between targets that would represent moving from one target to the next. While lighter weapons can rapidly switch between targets but does noticeably less damage.

    This is the import part:
    This system would allow creation of specialized items.

    Much like in firefall you would be able to create special items that you wouldn't have access to normally.


    Achievements for skill should unlock higher tier items for the operator. You managed to fend off a huge special onslaught in XYZ district? Damn, that's impressive. You should have access to XYZ module.

    This would be more community drive.

    "Hey, can someone help me do XYZ achievement?"

    Increasing the interaction between players is always good. AS LONG AS these items are not Overpowered but still very useful. They shouldn't feel like a necessity to use. More like an extra player helping out.
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    I can get behind this idea :D However on that note id also suggest a few module slots on the weapons as well to change their behavior on how they deliver the DPS, FPS, Range, ETC... one example on a cannon if you wanted more reload speed you could get that at the sacrifice of range per say Or want more Dps or AoE but with a cost of more recoil and accruacy.
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    I like the idea but, with my system too, there is caveats.

    1) It would "feel" very repeated. Meaning the systems between each item would feel the same and... well very vanilla.
    Each system would need its own special twist to keep it from looking too much like the previous one.

    For instance:
    Modules for the systems(Weapon, System, Internal Weapon system) could be present in a physical way. When loading up the replacement system parts you wouldn't get a bland UI with an item you put into a slot. No, you would physically SEE the motherboard for the system. How each item is different in color or design, where they fit on the board ect. You could present this system in a way that would allow more than 1 module at a time. Different variation of thumps may have different amount of system slots. Weaponless thmprs might have 3 system slots. Weaponized thumpers may only have 1. This way, essentially, the systems are the same but presented in a fashion that feels unique and fun to work with.

    For weapons you could physically put them onto slots on the thmpr. Rear weapon would work best for faster movement thmprs. Heavily weaponized thmprs may have no system slots to use. Your basic dumb but powerful system. Best used for general thmping in places with high level mobs. You won't be able to get specific ores but you will be able to walk out of the situation alive.

    A new System. Separating the thmpr and p0-tcr(Prototype 0, Terrain Combat Robot AKA Protector).

    po-tcr would be a new introduction into the game. Specifically a weaponized companion. I cannot tell you how many games i have played where the "mounts" did jack shit. It's one of my dreams to travel with a companion that can actually assist me or my friends in combat.

    This would remove the thmprs weapon capabilities bring it back to what it originally was. Your p0-tcr would be module as well and come in Different version.

    p0-tcr Version H
    Primary Function: Healing
    Best Designed For: Skirmish players. Hit quick and hard and retreat to regain health.

    Health: 1/3
    Healing: 3/3 (Can heal even in combat)
    Movement: 3/3 (moves faster than operator to keep up or close gap between them)
    Combat: 0-1/3 (Requires Offensive OS to engage in self protection combat.)
    OS: Protection. Primary objectives: Heal, Move to operator, Flee Combat.
    Self Special:
    Self Heal to Max.
    p0-Splash: Releases bacteria that increases cell regeneration rate when being healed. (Effects Group)

    p0-tcr Version D
    Primary Function: Distraction
    Best Designed For: Stealth players. p0-tcr will engaged designed targets or areas allowing operator to oversee and engage VIP targets.

    Health: 3/3
    Healing: 0-1/3 (Requires Health Module to heal operator, can not function in combat)
    Movement: 1/3
    Combat 2/3 (Designed to damage many targets at once, but not well)
    OS: Distraction. Primary objectives: Remove attention drawn to operator, Move to target, Never Disengage unless instructed.
    Self Special:
    Thmp, Draws attention to self similar to thmpr by impacting ground. Will not introduce more targets.
    Burn Cannon: Fires incredibly hot round at any target engaging operator to increase aggro to p0-tcr.

    p0-tcr Version U
    Primary Function: Universal
    Best Designed For: Explorers. p0-tcr will follow operator unless told otherwise, engaging in combat along side him/her and healing when not under fire.

    Health: 2/3
    Healing: 1/3
    Movement: 2/3 (Matches operator)
    Combat 3/3 (Single Target high damage. Module to allow multi target low damage)
    OS: Companion. Primary Objectives: Return fire against enemies engaging operator, Move to operator or target (Risky due to health), Disengage when operator or self is low health.
    Self Special:
    Self Heal to closest 25%. (25/50/75/100)
    p0-Opt(imization): Increases effects of attached weapon. (Better Damage, Increase Splash Range)

    Though p0-tcr's will make soloing more enjoyable and dynamic they can never replace the functions of another player who is specialized in their class.
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    been trying to remember what this thing looked like and only now(ish) I realize it looks like the AIM Drillbot from Marvel Heroes.

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