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    Eu tenho uma sugestão para um THMPR, mas estava com dificuldade em passar essa idéia para o fórum. Então fiz uma busca pela internet e encontrei algumas imagens que me ajudarão a explicar a minha sugestão.

    Em Firefall, tem um martelo que ajuda a descobrir recursos no solo. Para Ember, imagino algo bem diferente, mas que tenha o mesmo objetivo.

    Um robô (sem nome) fabricado na "Molecular Printer" com braços e quatro visores para fazer a busca de recursos no solo.


    Esse robô tem a capacidade de passar todas as informações para o personagem antes de chamar um THMPR.

    A minha idéia de um THMPR é bem diferente da proposta dos desenvolvedores de Ember. A imagem abaixo já descreve a idéia.


    O objeto em questão é uma esfera com um anel em sua volta, dando suporte a algumas plataformas. Essas plataformas ficariam mais próximas do anel. Antes de cair ao solo elas estaria juntas a esfera. Quando a esfera chega ao solo, essas plataformas se abrem como uma flor. Cada plataforma seria um slot para adicionar uma perfuratriz.

    A perfuratriz que imagino para ser adicionada à plataforma e parecida com as imagens abaixo. Ela também seria fabricada na "Molecular Printer" pelo personagem.



    Na verdade essa perfuratriz seria uma "Sugadora de Recursos". Podendo ser usada sobre a terra e sobre a água. A distância da perfuratriz sobre a da terra ou sobre a água seria (+/-) de um metro (1m).

    Cada slot da plataforma representa uma dificuldade.
    - Um jogador + uma perfuratriz = dificuldade 1x
    - Dois jogadores + duas perfuratrizes = dificuldade 2x
    - Três jogadores + três perfuratrizes = dificuldade 3x
    - Quatro jogadores + quatro perfuratrizes = dificuldade 4x

    O ganho de recursos seria por segundo. A cada 5 segundos (5 segs) seria adicionado uma quantidade de recursos no inventário do jogador. Quando um segundo jogador aparece para participar do evento, ele também passa a ganhar esses recursos. Se o segundo jogador adicionar uma segunda perfuratriz ao evento, a dificuldade passa para 2x e a quantidade de recursos também sobe para 2x. A dificuldade e o prêmio só aumentam quando é adicionada uma nova perfuratriz.

    Para terminar o evento, poderia escolher entre as duas opções abaixo ou escolher as duas:

    1o. - Pela quantidade de recursos recolhidos no solo;
    2o. - Pelo tempo de durabilidade de uma perfuratriz.

    Quando termina o evento, as perfuratrizes desaparecem, a esfera re-une as plataformas e sobe para o espaço com gravidade zero. Não há necessidade de um foguete de propulsão. Se os jogadores optarem por ter um foguete de propulsão, é só arrumar um local apropriado.

    É isso... eu espero ter ajudado.
    Obrigado por sua atenção.


    I have a suggestion for a THMPR, but it was hard to pass this idea to the forum. So I searched the Internet and found some images that will help me explain my suggestion.

    In Firefall, it has a hammer that helps to discover resources in the soil. To Ember, I imagine something quite different, but has the same objective.

    A robo (unnamed) manufactured in "Molecular Printer" with arms and four viewers to search for resources in the soil.


    This robot has the ability to pass all the information to the character before calling a THMPR.

    My idea of a THMPR is quite different from the proposal of Ember developers. The image below describing the idea.


    The object in question is a sphere with a ring around it, supporting some platforms. These platforms become closer to the ring. Before falling to the ground they would be together the sphere. When the sphere reaches the ground, these platforms open like a flower. Each platform would be a slot to add a drill.

    The drill I imagine to be added to the platform and like the images below. It will also be manufactured in "Molecular Printer" by the character.



    In fact this drill would be a "sucker Resources". It can be used on land and on water. The distance the drill on the land or on the water would be (+/-) one meter (1 m).

    Each platform slot represent a difficulty.
    - 1 player + 1 drill = difficulty 1x
    - 2 players + 2 drills = difficulty 2x
    - 3 players + 3 drills = difficulty 3x
    - 4 players + 4 drills = difficulty 4x

    The resource would gain per second. The Each 5 seconds (5 secs) would be added a amount of resources in the player's inventory. When a second player appears to attend the event, he also happens to make these resources. If the second player to add a second drilling event, the difficulty to pass 2x and the amount of resources also goes up to 2x. The difficulty and the award only increase when you add a new drill.

    To end the event, you can choose between the two options or choose the two below:

    1o. - The amount of resources collected in soil;
    2o. - By the time of durability of a drill.

    When the event ends, the drills disappear, the sphere reunite the platforms and rises into space with zero gravity. There is no need for a rocket engine. If players choose to have a rocket engine, just find a suitable location.

    That's it ... I hope have helped.
    Thanks for your attention.
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    Unlike thumpers from firefall i think a lot of people here are willing to agree that the thmpr should be very dynamic.

    In firefall thumping was a large part of getting resources, and often it felt..... lacking. Slow, uneventful, static. Thumping, per my opinion, should be dynamic. However, it should be dynamic based on how the user is modifying their personal thmpr.

    Here's some thoughts:

    (Most of this will be centered around how the user will be interacting with his or her personal thmpr. Modifying it, Repairing it, Moving with it.)

    Thmprs traverse the land with you after you finish mining. Either AI controlled while you attempt to defend them while moving, or player controlled (radio controlled) so incase the AI systems glitches out you don't lose your cargo. However this would leave you exposed. Meaning you may have to find a safe location away from your thmpr before you can start moving it. They can be called down, but after completing thumping need to be brought to a pickup location. When filled they cannot use the damping rockets that keep them from crashing into the planet at 200 mph as lift off rockets.

    Should your thmpr become incapacitated or god forbid destroyed during your thumping process you will suffer a huge loss. Losing a thmpr should, in no way, be miniscule. This item is how you get your materials and you should always fear it being destroyed. This will make the following mods far more risk reward.

    Phase 1: Incapacitation.
    Your thmpr is unique to you, no one else will know how to fix it. Even in a group the best you can do is have your friend defend you while you attempt to fix it. Fixing your thmpr will bring its health to a special state. Enough to allow it to move normally until it reaches the pickup zone. After extraction you will have to pay the bill to get it fixed or cough up the material to fix it.

    Phase 2: Destruction.
    Oh boy... you went and did it now. Thmprs are no easy thing to make, and you only get 1 for free. Should your thmpr be destroyed in battle you have to suffer a couple of things.

    1) Bringing back your thmpr
    That's right. Evac can't take a destroyed thmpr. You have to slowly, and painfully, bring back each part. Should you lose any parts (Can't be located after destruction) the price to repair it goes up. Because now they have to replace the missing part. So bring all of them home.

    In order of cost matrix:
    Most expensive - Replacing lost part
    Middle - paying to repair
    lowest - giving materials to repair and paying.

    Now, luckily for you, you don't lose your modifications you worked so hard to create. Your mods will always be repaired/included in the fixes. That being said however, fixing a heavily modified part is going to cost more. Both in materials and money sense.

    Upgrades :

    - Speed:
    When you want more, you better be skilled enough to do it. Mods to create a faster thmpr's WILL bring in bigger baddies, or... worse. We all know that thumping can be.. slow. There is nothing wrong with that, we have to be patient. If you really want to increase your thmprs speed, well, you better be able to handle it. The faster you dig the louder the thmpr will be. The louder it is the more animals will hear it, maybe even people. Enemies baddies will scale based on your thmprs speed. The higher the speed, the higher the level of the enemies and you risk spawning very large and daunting monsters. If worse comes to worse, you might find yourself surrounded by not only creatures but enemy AI working together to bring you down. Not only because of the resources you mined, but your thmpr ITSELF is more and more valuable. That's right, they know how much it costs to make it, and they don't like you having it.

    - Capacity:
    Sure, you don't need all those fancy extra ores in the ground that a faster unit might be able to dig up. Maybe you just need 1000 iron to bulk up your suit. Leading your thmpr back and forth 10 times is too much of a chore, i hear ya. So, let's beef this bad boy's capacity up. But be warned, you better have the ammo/health to last this fight. The longer you dig, the more enemies you disturb. It wont hit you like a wall like the speed thmprs do, oh no, this will just get worse and worse. Not only that, but your larger thmpr will now take more time to move back to the pickup location.

    The starter thmpr is the lightest, and fastest of them all. With no mods installed this guy can get from drop down to evac very quickly. Players will figure out the more the spec their thmpr the slower and heavier it will get, and have to find a balance between speed and effectiveness. Why is this important? Well when you are in the darkest/scariest part of the planet you don't want to be there too long. You want to dig (with as little impact to the planet as possible IE no speed here) and get out before anything or anyone sees you.

    - Intelligence:
    Ugh, 1000 uranium? We all know that feeling. Why can't my thmpr JUST mine uranium?! Oh wait, it can!
    The purer the elements in your thmpr, the more likely animals will attack. This combines the downfall for capacities dig speed(Slow), and speeds environmental impact. The higher you spec your thmprs selectiveness the more likely it will be to pull your specified ore. However, like mentioned before, the purer your thmprs cargo the more other things are going to want it. Not only that, but being selective means you have to wait longer for your thmpr to fill up as it will not pull other ore types.

    thmprs will not come in "party" sizes. No, you and your partner can either enjoy 1 thmpr and spilt the rewards 50/50 (if you want more, trade) or call down both of yours. Be Careful though, as harmony is important here. If you cannot handle the enemies that two top speed thumpers bring it then you should communicate and adjust your thmprs in town before setting out.

    This, this is the hardest thing to balance. You are between making it very hard but not impossible. However, when getting to the higher end of upgrades it should start to feel impossible. There are a lot of good players who min max their gear. They should reap the rewards and still be challenged. However, they should not become overpowering in the economy. Little guys need a chance to prosper as well.

    Emergency Signals:
    This is an mmo, and as an mmo should promote player to player interactions.
    As such, each thmpr is equipped with an emergency signal. The signal is sent out when 1 of 2 conditions are met:
    Condition 1:
    Below 15% health while digging || Below 10% health when in transport - orange distress
    Condition 2:
    Losing more than 10% of health per second. - orange distress
    However, should the thmpr become incapacitated a special red distress signal will go out.
    (Go out - Pop up on other users screen/Blaring siren/whatever you want)
    Emergency signals should invoke panic in users that hear them, and should invoke the thought "This person is seriously going to lose their thmpr if i don't go help" and no one wants to lose a thumper (See above)

    Obviously if you help then you get a cut of the rewards(These are not removed from the pool that goes to the owner.)
    Maybe even karma points or a system that rewards players for playing together. (Should have a SMALL but meaningful impact. IE: Special Cosmetics/ Items to help assist other people better)

    As you can tell, thmprs should be very important and interactive and impactful to the game. Sorry if i went on and on, but i hope you enjoyed the read.
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    Back when I was expecting something along the size of Firefall Battleframes I would be all for player mounted turret hardpoints.

    However, unless the thing was so massive it makes the Brontodon King look small there is no way that you can have turret systems that are omniframe manned turret mounts. It would have to be a THMPR in the ballpark of the one in Sertao for omniframe manned turret mounts.

    Only way it could have manned turret mounts instead of automated ones would be that it forces the player out of their omniframe to use them.

    Maybe if the omniframe had wound up being like Firefall battleframes, but not with its current design.
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    It looks pretty big to me in the promotional poster, obviously I realize that in the end it might not end up being the case but if it really was this massive monstrosity it would make for some serious epic battle possibilities.
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    In the poster its size is also compared to a human not in an omniframe, so about double the size of the person. Then throw in perspective into account (looking up at the THMPR from the ground behind the person).
  6. EvilKitten

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    Notice that the frame is actually floating up in the air, so you have to add that to the person's height as well. What isn't really shown very well is the distance. If in the picture that THMPR is only a few meters away then yeah it wouldn't be more than 6 or 7 meters tall, but it if was drawn being say 100-200m away then that thumper is actually fairly large. The fact that the foreground character is flying in the air leads me towards the 100-200m range.

    EDIT: Also no I would not use the omniframe, with the THMPR positions. Remember Mark said we would be getting in and out of our frames for various reasons, this would be one of them. The THMPR would in essence be a 5 person frame!
  7. TankHunter678

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    The foreground character is not flying, they are walking on solid terrain. You can tell because of the hip movement (note no thrusters of any kind on the legs or feet), complete lack of visual effect for any kind of hovering, the fact that the only things that could supply lift are completely out of position for it to be hovering, as well as the position of the feet.
  8. 13umbleBee

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    I literally let out a chuckle as I read about the THMPR concept. Love the escort idea!
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    Aight, I kinda revisited my concept and brought it closer to what the original T.H.M.P.R design,
    After reading more of the comments here I also started liking the Auger type drill and I feel like it's the choice that makes the most sense -
    nr.1 part drills,
    nr.2 part sucks it up and grinds it,
    nr.3 part is processing and sorting

    Looking forward to feedback!
  10. Mahdi

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    I like how you stayed with the original thumper design and found a way to put the auger on the arm. Way better than the land roving vehicle concept that has been thrown around.
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    Phenomenal job! I hope Mark really considers this design, as I feel the tech behind it is much more modern and suitable given the era. Now what about the other arm!? ;)

    Edit: 1 critique, I almost feel that the actual drill part should be a bit longer
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    thoughts on other Ways things can be broken down

    - Drilling - For deeper untouched resources specific location
    - Hacking/clawing the usual for wider area but not as deep.
    - Smashing for reinforced hardened layers
    - Extreme temperature Hot/cold depending on weather condition and material
    - Vibrations (Shockwave) Causes an earthquake at a smaller scale making multitudes of cracks
    - High pressure liquid hits seeping into the cracks and expands breaks into it further
    could be a corrosive acid.
  13. Grummz

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    I like this. Can we have it? While the TOS covers all idea submissions on the forums, I'd still like something publicly seen that says we can have the design for free and have an unlimited license to it. Tks!

    Now we just need a new claw/scoop arm.
  14. Grummz

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    I can give you an Ember Volunteer badge for it. :)
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  15. Dzzel

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    I vote for @Legend57 to get a Ember Volunteer badge!
    legend is know for yr's for he's art work with forums avatars
    great work btw @Legend57 :D
  16. Astro

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    Perhaps this newly designed arm outputs resources directly into the container while it's thumping (the magnetic attraction essentially sucks it down into the container after the processing/sorting section pumps it out above the container?), and the other arm can be used primarily for defense and ground pounding any creatures/entities that dare come close to the MEK-A while it's in the process of thumping?

    Edit: Oh oh, this would allow us the option of customizing our MEK-A defense arm for its weaponry ability :)
    1. Ground pounding
    2. Incendiary torching
    3. etc..
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  17. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    I still want the other hand to look "construction vehicle" in nature. I don't want the THMPR to be confused for a combat vehicle. It is not. We have other stuff for that.
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  18. EvilKitten

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    One thing I might suggest adding, the arm itself doesn't seem like the proper place to store the ore you gather, but there does not seem to be any means of getting from the arm into the body of the THMPR, perhaps a tube or other mechanism should be added into the non armored section of the arm to show that.
  19. Astro

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    Fair enough, and good point.

    Then perhaps the other arm be a "vacuum" of sorts that sucks up the extracted resources, compresses them (if the other arm didn't already do it), and dumps them into the container.
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  20. Grummz

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    The ore get stored in a floating magnetic basket that is made up of the re-entry shell that it lands in. Hovers along behind it. Resources are not stored in THMPR.
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