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    Equal parts secret service, special forces and urban administrators, Rome’s Praetorian Guard was one of the ancient world’s most prestigious military units. These handpicked soldiers are most famous for serving as the sworn bodyguard of the Roman ruler, but they were also used as a Jack-of-all-trades force in the service of the Empire. Guardsmen fought alongside the legions on campaign, put down uprisings, pacified rioters and served as security at gladiator shows and chariot races. As their influence grew, they also played a pivotal role in the intrigue and double-crossing that blighted imperial Rome. Explore eight facts about the men-at-arms who protected—and sometimes murdered—the Roman emperor.

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    we have a flies problem. i asked the internet and it suggested apple-cider vinegar mixed with soap. that's worked, but only until around 10-20 flies have died to it, then a lot were just hanging out nearby. i'm thinking either flies have a death-pheromone, or the vinegar just gets less tempting from being exposed to air. i poured out the mix, cleaned the jar and refilled it earlier and then they started dying again.
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    The tiny flies are attracted to light just as much as the sweet scents. Also they tend to lay eggs in all types of planting pots so put those traps near the plants so you can break the endless cycle where they keep on breeding and then finding a source of food. Most effective way i had was using the blue led light combo that with the sweet scent trap and a electrified grill on the light or around the light. Problem solved. (Other way is to solve it ofc is to figure out what damn critter is obiously dying or crapping inside the walls attracting those flies in the first place)
    Picture is unrelated.

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    yes, they were clustered on a white wall near an UV-lamp. also near biological garbage and the traps. there's like one succulent in the house, but it would be annoying if they found a safe place to breed there so i'll check. the rest don't really apply where we live, but thanks for the tips.

    death pheromone was the most important part of the post, though. i searched a bit, but with flies people mostly care about mating-pheromones for lures. ants definitely have a pheromone that makes other ants remove their dead.
    also honey bees have a lot of interesting pheromones.
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    I once wore a fly outfit and buzzed around in a restaurant wanted to know how a fly felt

    Usually humans they wave their hands around still and blurt out profanities,
    No one dared swat the big fly since there was no extra large fly swatter, however a chair could of been thrown
    would of caused furniture damage mostly!

    Most times they would call the staff /manager or even the police!

    Equality matters flies lives matters

    Make a home for flies in the skies then no problemo
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    diminuitive welsh dog, therefore i am brent
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    No logic.png
    This thread
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    I have been in the shoes of this kid so many times. Instead of reinforcing their argument they keep raising their voice and start repeating the same thing like a broken record. You would think people would grow out of this childishness, raising their voice and repeating the same thing over and over again.

    This is not how you have a civil argument, but that student completly pawned that teacher.

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