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    the duchess stops sipping from the wrapped reindeer, holds her straw with her palp, and vigorously cleans all her eyes multiple times with the plumose antennae - repurposed legs, really - attached to the top plate of her torso. maybe you accidentally blew blood into her eyes? but that'd only be the front pairs. the hairs are mostly teal, with a couple purple on her right antenna.

    you consider apologizing, for whatever you did wrong. she seems more relaxed, though, and her antennae return to resting-position without flicking off moisture. her lower mandibles descend slightly, and her upper right leg pushes against a large rock two meters behind her. she turns cross-legged, her lower body facing you at a PI/3 rad angle. her armoured skirt got pulled somewhat down by the sliding, revealing the upper part of her right hip. you consult your cultural handbook, and blush. both antennae twitch low to the back of her head.
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    English words of Nahuatl origin include "avocado", "mulligatawny, "chayote", "chili", "crab", "chocolate", "atlatl", "wiggle", "coyote", "peyote", "axolotl", "tomato" and "toothpaste".
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    Join Yoga-Bear today and finally have a reason to be bear arsed.
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    I’m in a weird mood today.

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    To translate it poorly, parliament is having talks off giving district judge rights to police officers. In Finland, old news but that Judge Dredd thing x)

    Such drama... *snickers*
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    does having the phrase "can i do this, would it even be good?" in your GD notes mean that you've strayed or that you're finally doing something right?

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