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Jul 27, 2016
Vermont Demands Supreme Court ‘Correct’ Brett Kavanaugh’s ‘Erroneous Claim’ in Voting Rights Case

Brett Kavanaugh Concedes Error, Corrects False Claim About Vermont … Vermont Still Not Happy

"Let me be clear: the larger problem with the Justice’s concurring opinion, and the majority opinion largely, is not the absence of the word “deadline,” it is the total lack of regard for the voting rights of American citizens.
This Supreme Court decision repeats the misinformation we, as Chief Elections Officials, have been fighting against all election season: that votes cast on election day and arriving afterward are somehow not valid or are lesser than votes cast in person. That is simply not true.
This is how elections have worked for decades. In many states, it is normal for absentee votes to arrive after election day. This is particularly common for our overseas and military voters.
Red states and blue state across this country allow it so that every vote can be counted, within reason.
In a democracy, we count every single legitimate vote cast by an eligible voter. Period."