Spam Thread - Madness revised


Kaiju Slayer
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
That lady saying that the other person was threatening her life & dog Emphasizing his race

That lady took down her mask down to speak now she can be identified and have a nice dose of corona oops

That lady doesn't seem to know how to handle or care for her dog she seems to be the one theatening the dogs life!

That lady exaggerates the situation on the phone the damsel in distress aaaaaa helps i am a woman

That lady did ask not to be filmed perhaps she could of moved to another area but it does seem suspicious when you see a camera pointed in your direction

The Man could of explained why he was using his camera for!

The man could of moved but then again perhaps that particular area was where the birds are located

The man encourage for her to call the police

The man kept filming adding to the fuel but also as evidence


Lady needs to learn how to look after dog and do more important things

Man needs to have a bird watcher sign on his head this is the wrong bird that was filmed !
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