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    i agree with this i would like to see the environment affect you in varying ways for instance make the water cold in the arctic and capable of giving you hypothermia of varying degrees if your on a mountain or close to one making loud noises like explosions could make an avalanche i would go with spawned snowballs rolling down for ease in the deep jungle we could find pools of acid or quick sand perhaps some plant life could be aggressive and try to eat you in the desert you could require water to stay alive and that could carry over into volcanic zones you could have a mod you could put on armor to help resist certain environmental hazards that could be changed on the fly depending on were your going for instance some secret stuff could be found in the caldera of an active volcano and you cant get there without dieing unless you have high enough heat resistance lightning storms could bring lightning that could strike your mech snowstorms that make it hard to see or navigate heck it could even block out your map because your having trouble getting a signal from the satellites or home base i want to be out thumping one day and have chosen invade my thumping area in force trying to kill me then it could become a public event were people could help also i liked how destiny 2 did there events the more people who join in the harder it gets and the better rewards anyway this was just a few thoughts ill go back to my corner of the internet
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    The idea of environmental hazards would really give a different dynamic to the game, especially as it will require the player to keep aware of his surroundings so he does not get de-buffed in someway, and if there is stuff like falling lava/lightning, it will cause the player to have to move around and not just attack stationary from some safe point. I agree also that the more people completing an event the better the rewards, either based on time to complete/total dmg/repairing (repairing scenario idea, attack on a friendly base, one group repels enemies another uses thumpers to mine resources to repair bases/structures), or players need to reach a certain limit to activate the next phase of the event to get even better rewards.
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    How about Easter eggs for Firefall? Y’know maybe bases or outposts named after them and anagrams of company names like “Astrek” to form “Katres” or “Kisuton” to “Ion Tusk”.
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