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  1. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    Hello Reapers,
    This is a new section of the forums devoted to the sharing our times in firefall.

    We feel there is a lot to be learned from the experiences everyone had in that beloved game, but over the years there were quite a few different iterations of that game that different people called home. So this will be a particularly organized forum.

    Topics will be set up in a fashion that the Em-8ER team can quickly and easily look through the information and gain valuable information. This thread is for suggestions on what kind of topics you would like to see here. We have some of our own ideas about what we want to know, but we also want to hear from you!

    So give us your ideas below, We will be considering what is suggested and post topics accordingly.
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  2. Mahdi

    Mahdi THMPR Inbound - Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    I don't want to over step any boundaries and speak for other people, considering I don't personally feel this way, but with the high influx of people for the last milestone there have been more people bringing up the mistakes of Firefalls many core changes. Having a section that a couple people from the dev team could start in regards to helping ease those trust issues and concerns by answering straight forward questions would be nice. No flame wars, we have a section for that, but honest questions that people feel betrayed or let down on. Then show the difference between Firefall then and Em-8ER's much more successful design and direction.

    Other than that, my personal thoughts go to the dynamics of events. The crashed thumpers and repairing them, bikes with the mines and bandits jumping us, chosen death squads etc. When you can play the game and have that much fun just riding around the world and not even have to be focused on a task is something I would look for.
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  3. Terib.Shadow

    Terib.Shadow Well-Known Member Greeter Omni Ace

    I'd suggest a topic for "Battleframes" themselves, we could talk about what classes were better at what, their specialisations and such, it could bring ideas and filter stuff that could work in EM-8ER, I heavily suggest giving a quick summary on how specialisations and "classes" work in EM-8ER, Along with a link to the Omniframe's in-game designs for the full info. (here it is : https://em8er.com/omniframe-gameplay-systems/ ) (smaller rundown : https://em8er.com/omniframes/ )
  4. Dracomon

    Dracomon Player One Base Commander

    I suggest Firefall monster inspired Kaiju! Like the sandshark or nautiluses (nautili?)
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  5. Faeryl

    Faeryl Firstclaimer Base Commander Greeter

    I've actually been wondering if there will be any weather storms in Em-8ER. I had a good time with some of those tornadoes from Firefall. Even if there was no instance to go into afterwards, fighting off adverse weather of some kind might make for an interesting random encounter in the open world.

    This is something I wouldn't expect to see right away, but maybe in an update further down the road after the game releases. I know @Grummz mentioned he writes design docs, so ... ;):D
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  6. PIghead Elderberry

    PIghead Elderberry Active Member JUMBO KAIJU SLAYER

    I enjoyed many of the frames. What kept me was the dynamic events (even if not perfect). From the most simple Hisser Mound to the base Invasions, I always liked a great deal the content that might pop up anywhere as I wandered around the world from one place to another. Needless to say, being able to pop down a Thumper and create one's own dynamic event at any time was the icing on the cake.

    Having dynamic events that would scale and/or appear during another event already taking place was great.

    I know some feel/felt that after doing one Wounded Bandit it was merely a chore to do another one, for myself, I enjoyed repeating all of the dynamic events not matter how simple.

    Of course, I am the sort who played Diablo and had to smash every crate and kill every enemy on every map before I felt like I deserved to move on. The point for me then and in FF was that it was just fun to do that sort of thing, so doing it repeatedly was still fun - just fun for a longer time!
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  7. Mahdi

    Mahdi THMPR Inbound - Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    Easy approach to this could be after repelling an attack, since they pop in and out of time, have it get distorted and maybe some sort of energy pillars to replace the floating stones of the tornados. Based on the size of the distortion perhaps have another stage of dynamics where we could portal into it and see some if their world in the time lapse.
  8. Daynen

    Daynen Active Member

    I'm just glad we're not getting literal classes like FF. I hated that we had frames that excelled in both mobility in firepower, like the Firecat, and then frames that sorely lacked in both, like the mammoth. It made no sense that speed and/or firepower were literally the name of the game in every single encounter, yet we had frames that were lagging behind in both aspects. I just hope to see real cause and effect changes for every piece of gear and every tuning option; no single stat that buffs everything, no "DPS" calculation--just real choices with real consequences.

    There are some great lessons to take away from FF; I'm just keen on them knowing what NOT to do.
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  9. GrandMasterV

    GrandMasterV Deepscanner

    Miss those thumping adventures with my Bastion, spamming those turrets and racing to the next spot.
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  10. Aphaz

    Aphaz Deepscanner

    this is what i'd like to see... :D

    The (Daily) Job(s) Board

    First fo all i want to say that I'm not familiar with computer programing and thus not shure that what i've come up with could be a viable option. That said I like the idea of job(s) boards and believe they could be creatively used to add content that coud be interesting (the job board in FF was a fail because of how it was done, imo).

    This is (i believe) how it could be dun to provide fun and not be repetitive. what is needed, are 3 random tables and some guide lines. This type of job board is "tied" to the player's account (each player gets his/her own daily job doard every day).

    1. Random table - Number of Jobs:

    Description: Every POI/Player built Outpost will have a number of NPCs proportionate to it's size or other factors. Those NPCs will ofteh be either base personel, or common "citizens". they are the ones who provide jobs.

    Function: Every day the game rolls a random number from 1 to (max.) number of NPCs. This is the "ammount of work" that the player gets in that specific POI for that day. The name of the NPC offering the job and type (name only) are displayed on the job board (for reasons that will be explained later). If players decide to take the job, then they are given "waypoint/coordinates" to the NPC in question.

    2. & 3. Random table - Type of job & Job Variations:

    Type of Job - Description: Every NPC will post a random type of job every day, so even if the same NPC keeps giving out jobs, the jobs themselves will almost always be different ones.

    Type of Job - Function: Every day the game rolls a random type of job for each NPC separatly in any given Poi/Job board. The type rolled (and Job variation) determine the "job riquested" (to cut costs of voice overs, you could make that all in written text, and then maybe some day add voice overs)

    Possible types of jobs qould include (but not be limited to):

    - Fetch - The player is tasked with traveling to a certain location and returning with the object of the job back to the job giver for reward.

    - Kill/Exterminate - The player is tasked with terminating a target/targets to complete the job. There is no need for the player to return to the job giver for reward.

    - Guard - The player is tasked with guarding a specific person/object from attackers. The person/object is static in nature and will remain in place untill job completion/failure. There is no need for the player to return to the job giver for reward.

    - Escort - The player is tasked with guarding a specific person/object from attackers. The person/object is not static in nature and will require that the player guards the person/object for the whole trip to complete the job. There is no need for the player to return to the job giver for reward.

    - Deliver - The player is tasked with delivering an object/item to a specific location to complete the job. There is no need for the player to return to the job giver for reward.

    - Repair - The player is tasked with transporting a specific object/item to a set location (or number of locations) and perform some kind of restoring job to earn reward. There is no need for the player to return to the job giver for reward.

    - Recon - The player is tasked with traveling to a specific location and observe/spy (only, no engagement!) at the target(s) enemy/location. Depending on the job, the player may be required to return to job giver for a reward.

    - NPC Specific - This could be multy purpose jobs that are specific to the NPC occupation. For exapmle, an engineer could ask the player for a Fetch & Repair sort of job where the player would have to travel to a speific location to obtain a certain item that would be then used o repair something somewhere else. This types of jobs could be only allowed for NPCs with specific jobs (such as: engineer, medic, trader, security officer...etc.), thus limiting thier max. number as those would be jobs that are worth a bit more than normal types as more effort is involved.

    The Circle Area(s) - This literally represents the "required distance that the player has to travel to reach the job's destination". It is divided into 3 categories:

    - Inner Circle - The inner circle represents a random location wihin 500m radius of the citty/outpost, including the citty/outpost.

    - Outer Circle - The outer circle is a random location 501m - 1500/2000m radius around the citty/outpost.

    - Long Haul - The long haul is a random location 2001m - "anywhere on map" radius around the citty/outpost (or something along those lines... XD).
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  11. Aphaz

    Aphaz Deepscanner

    Job Variation - Description: The nature of the job may vary depending upon The Circle Area that the job requires the player to travel to.

    Job Variation - Function: When the game rolls which type ob job an NPC is going to give, it then rolls in which circle area the job will take place thus further defining the job required. Some (not all!) of the possible variations could be:

    - Fetch -

    Inner circle: collect a set number of objects/items within the citty/outpost (or a random location just

    outside outer walls).

    Outer circle: scavenge around a set number of ruins at different locations 400m apart each

    within outer circle.

    Long haul: procure item(s) from a random citty/outpost within long haul area.

    - Kill/Exterminate -

    Inner circle: dispose of suspicious human/humanoid within the citty/outpost (coud be made to have

    the player use his/her pilot avatar as the mek is "undriveable inside citty limits" XD ).

    Outer circle: hunt down enemy unit/bio menace (cute animals and stuff XD) at specific (random)

    location within outer circle area.

    Long haul: similar to outer circle but with a longer distance to travel... :D

    - Guard -

    Inner circle: guard a specific Npc/location within citty/outpost (or a random location just outside

    outer walls).

    Outer circle: guard a THMPR drill site at a random location within outer circle area.

    Long haul: guard a THMPR site/Watchtower at a random/specific location within long haul area.

    - Escort -

    Inner circle: guard an NPC within the citty/outpost (or a random location just outside outer walls)

    from point A to B, alive ofc.

    Outer circle: Guard a THMPR as it travels to and/or from a dig site. Point A and B may differ acording

    to type of escort. One point is a random location within the outer circle area while the other is at

    the nearest point possible to the inner circle's outer edge, thus usually forming a bee-line the

    player must travel while doing guard duty.

    Long haul: Similar to outer circle jobs this may include longer THMPR escort or caravan escort jobs.

    as with outer circle area, long haul area escorts also have point A and B (which may change

    depending on escort To or From), but differently from outer circle, both are randomly determined.

    One point is within a random location in the long haul area, while the other point is at a randon

    location in the outer circle area (a "max distance allowed sub rule" could be added to prevent

    unlogical solutions like going from 1 place to the other side of the map (through the citty) type of


    - Deliver -

    Inner circle: deliver item/object from 1 NPC to another NPC within the citty/outpost (or a random

    location just outside of the outer walls).

    Outer circle: deliver item/object from NPC to target NPC/location within a random location inside the

    outer circle area.

    Long haul: deliver item/object from NPC to target NPC/location within a random location inside the

    long haul area.

    - Repair -

    Inner circle: repair equipment/instalation(s) within the citty/outpost (or a random location just

    outside outer walls).

    Outer circle: repair equipment/instalations/defences at a random location within outer circle area.

    Long haul: repair equipment/instalations/defences/caravan at a random location within outer circle


    - Recon -

    Inner circle: travel to random location(s) at the outer edge of of inner circle area and observe

    location(s)/spy on enemy(ies). Report back or not as per job description.

    Outer Circle: travel to random location(s) at the outer edge of the outer circle area and observe

    location(s)/spy on enemy(ies). Report back or not as per job description.

    Long haul: travel to random location(s) in the long haul area and observe location(s)/spy on

    enemy(ies). Report back or not as per job description.

    - NPC Specific - As these jobs usually combine the attributes of 2 different job types, target

    location(s) may be chosen from 2 different circle areas (within reasonable distance...).

    (The Big One: The only big problem I see is in how to make the game "NOT send players into IMPASSABLE TERRAIN or INACCESSIBLE BUILDINGS".)

    Job Dificoulty Tier - A job dificoulty Tier refers to the number of players inside the squad/platoon that are attempting the job and increase the dificoulty in some (logical) way like increase number of enemies or/and increase their (the enemies') Tier. A +1 Tier/player in squad (platoon) modifier could be applied in some way if possible.

    Note however that only the player that accepts/starts the job will be given a waypoint in the jobs/assignments window, by the job's "name". Players in the same squad/platoon will only have job name in the job window. even if the player that accepted/started the job posts a (;loc) in chat (so to speak), unless the starting player arrives within a certain distance, or brings the required item/object or something, the job will not start even if all other players from the squad/platoon gather at the specified location (to prevent "faster players" from abusing squad/platoon jobs)

    "Harvesting Friendship" - I find that "Harvesting Friendship" is often misused to pigeonhole players into "forced farming", and with an illogical reason to boot..."The Purple Items". Often players get access to better quality items only if they have reached a specific "friendship level" which is totally illogical, as any merchant "worth his/her salt" will tell you that "u don't survive by choosing customers on ember". Thus my take on "friendship farming" would go along these lines:

    - Any and All Tiers of items/goods/services are available to Any player that can afford to pay for


    - Farming friendship gives the player a small %/Tier discount on all purchased goods/services.

    - Farming friendship gives the player a small %/Tier increase on all goods sold

    - Farming friendship gives the player a +1/Tier to the MINIMUM number of jobs per day (The "Hero of the town" gets more work than a total stranger). All player start at Tier 0 friendship, so a player with Tier 3 friendship in a city/outpost with 10 NPCs would get from 4 - 10 jobs per day on the job board of that POI.

    IMO, this way friendship harvesting could be used to give players more to do but without forcing them to do so.
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  12. Aphaz

    Aphaz Deepscanner

    Last but not least important...Event Jobs. These are special types of jobs that are tied to specific events (such as hollyday events or stuff like the devs using player testing for upcoming new skills/equipment). Event Jobs are given to the player in addition to the daily jobs that the player gets (maybe make a 2-part-job board). Some event jobs will be re-doable a set amount of times, or for the duration of the event...or something.
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  13. Lomgren

    Lomgren New Member Omni Ace

    A thread regarding the still-functional Astrek Association website would be useful: http://astrekassociation.com/ We could use it to fuel Em-8er design discussion.
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  14. Drakin5

    Drakin5 Active Member

    I like that part about summoning baneclaw. It’s unique in such a way that it reverses the expectation; instead of going to a dungeon raid with everyone, you call the raid to you at your leisure.
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  15. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Kaiju Slayer

    I like bikes in firefall they made the journey so much fun and the lgv, wanted to craft as many as i could to add to my collection. Also loved those race quests and delivering things before a time ran out using my thrusters at the straights or near a jump!
    My faves were the red akira looking bike, chosen lgv, and my classic locurst bike it sounded so nice too.

    My main fun items was the tiki torch and the pumpkin those 2 were my fave items to use because it made people
    dance and the pumpkin made everyone look scared :D plus great party items to use!!!!
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  16. MiFiR

    MiFiR New Member

    I really liked the fact that the game has no level system! At least at the beginning of the beta test, this system was not.
    But it would be nice if the game was a clear ranking system! And more content for guilds, that was the meaning of them to join! But not in FF.
    In FF very much liked the original PvP mode, even they were few and little they differed, but the game was fun and I was expecting that she would enter into the cyber discipline! JB is a very fun mode, I like to see in Em8er there were more competitive modes, racing, capture the flags(territories), dm, survival, team and solo! And as often as possible would be carried out on Championships or Olympics!
    In the game the FF was an open PvP area and the city, there hung a large screen and initially I thought that the fight at the next stage. will be broadcast on this screen... But alas)
    I apologize for my clumsy English! :)
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