It's here ladies! Show your magnificient voices!

Discussion in 'Notice Me Senpai!' started by Terib.Shadow, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Torgue_Joey

    Torgue_Joey Emberite -Death Reaper KAIJU 'SPLODER

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  2. Shadow

    Shadow New Member

    here are some i thought of. not sure if i should keep doing these lines xD

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  3. Are these recordings going to be implemented in the game?
  4. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    It's possible. A bunch of people requested Kern if it's okay and Kern's response was like, "We'll see, drop some samples."

    So this thread is supposed to be just a mega-thread of that.
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  5. Rvali

    Rvali New Member

    Let me get a list and I'll post some soundbits of my voice :D

    I'm having trouble saving it to soundcloud
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  6. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

    I could only say "Hans get the Flammenwerfer!!!!" because I'm german xD
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  7. Rvali

    Rvali New Member

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  8. Juggernaught

    Juggernaught New Member

    Did a quick one of the requested line in the first post. If you want more, give me some lines to read.

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  9. Rvali

    Rvali New Member

  10. Terib.Shadow

    Terib.Shadow Well-Known Member Greeter Omni Ace

    I don't know if this was your normal voice or not, but this voice would PERFECTLY fit a recon specialist. I may try to come up with some fitting line for that. Nice job

    Thanks for the contribution, you have a really nice voice but I find it a bit too cheerfull for the setting. I'm sure it's a safe bet to say that our Omniframe pilots aren't the happiest persons in the universe, having no homeworld or place to call home and being forced to fight some monstruous aliens for the sake of mere survival. I'm sure your voice could fit somewhere though.
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  11. Terib.Shadow

    Terib.Shadow Well-Known Member Greeter Omni Ace

    Some funny voice lines, and I see you're really experienced with this, nice! In my opinion your voice would really fit a Field soldier who uses a medium Omniframe, but it probably could fit another class better, i'm not sure. Thanks for contributing to the thread!
  12. Rvali

    Rvali New Member

    The first one was actually my normal voice actually! =D The second one was a bit later on. What's a line you want me to read for a bit more of this recon specialist thing?

    I'll do more lines in my normal voice.
  13. Rvali

    Rvali New Member

    I did one in a more of a somber voice but I can't control my voice. This is all new to me so its going to take a bit of practice.
  14. Terib.Shadow

    Terib.Shadow Well-Known Member Greeter Omni Ace

    Now this is awkward, I actually replied to juggernaught first and then you.
    On another note, I prefered the first recording you made compared to the second one you just posted, first one seems to have been removed tho.
    Thanks a ton for contributing though!
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