I'm offended!

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    its just some feminists who got butthurt asking around why isn't it named no woman's sky and the admin of 8gaming was tired of their shit.
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    What the.... I am offended that this thread made it to page 3! Offended I tell you. It isn't the most offended I have ever been but you can bet your jiggling ass it's on the list.
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    The reason so many feminists are butthurt is because you guys are just not gentle enough! #uselube
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    The offended level is too damn high!

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    Feeling less offended today. At least I still likely offended somebody else.
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    i'm a white heterosexual male. i'm being offended all day everyday by this pc liberal queer society we live in.
    but meh, whatever.
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    dat sexism xO #OffendersGetOffended
  13. DARKB1KE

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    No no... Equality! If they can punch men in the balls, we can punch them in the ovaries.
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