I'm offended!

Discussion in 'Flamewars, Gripes and Complaints' started by DARKB1KE, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Pandagnome

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    uneven sized melons
  2. Nubilus

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  3. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

  4. Wyntyr

    Wyntyr Firstclaimer

    I'm offended that someone's offended...
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    DARKB1KE Well-Known Member

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  6. Wyntyr

    Wyntyr Firstclaimer

  7. Btabc

    Btabc Active Member

    LOL! I like this and it's true!
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  8. Bl4ckhunter

    Bl4ckhunter Active Member

    That's not a good sign, I'd go see a doctor asap.
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  9. Btabc

    Btabc Active Member

    Sometimes when I get up EARLY in the morning half asleep and go to the restroom... finish and then *ZIIIIIIIIIP*.......
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  10. Btabc

    Btabc Active Member

    I can only like this comment once?!?!?!?! WHY!!!!!!!!????????? This literally made me roll laughing... literally it did.... people in the library are looking at me weird.
  11. Fryepod

    Fryepod Active Member

    LOL that guy is on a free speech power trip, good for him.
  12. DARKB1KE

    DARKB1KE Well-Known Member

    Wow, just found the full video:

    *grabs popcorn*

    real life trolling at its best. this is gold.
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  13. NitroMidgets

    NitroMidgets Tsi-Hu Hunter

    I was offended once. No wait, I was offensive. Yeah, that was it. It was so hard to tell what the person was saying because they were screaming it at me and what not. Man, that son of a bitch needed either a drink or a blow job in the worst way. Talk about high strung.
  14. PlzBanMe

    PlzBanMe Gatestrider Ember Moderator

    As my mother always say "I am offended that you are offended so you can go fuck yourself"
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  15. SomeUnregPunk

    SomeUnregPunk Emberite

    what if the person already did?
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  16. Kouyioue

    Kouyioue Active Member

    lol, seriously!

    They can nuke us, and all we'll do is whine about it instead of you know........ FIGHTING BACK. The world is full of crybabies, let natural selection run its course ^_^
  17. Sandsnake

    Sandsnake Deepscanner

    My usual response t the rather trite and common statement of "X Offends me" is always "congratulations, you have just proved you have serious need of a sense of humour transplant, now please go fuck a cactus." Puce, purple and pink are such *pretty* colours
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